I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Sunday, January 31, 2016

There is Music in the Night

Nights always arrive with a depth. An aura which becomes visible only when you walk with the darkness, hand in hand.
Night is a story in itself. A destiny which unfolds. A life within life.
In such depth there is so much to understand and hear. 
Darkness presents itself in rhythms. 
There is a strange sort of divine music sung by the night. 

As the sun sets and dusk breaks, the hues of earth's layer begin to change. Enveloping in darkness. A deep one.
As time passes, these hues yearn to be unfolded.
The tunes yearn to to be played.

Music is a divine thing. And silence is sacred. When music and silence combine, you are bestowed with the gift of night. 

There are innumerable mysteries waiting to be solved. So many questions waiting to be answered. So many turmoils waiting to be detangled. The chaos waiting to subside. 
Every such feeling awaits the calmness and songs of the dusk. 

"As I stand facing the dark
Chaos unclogs slowly
In the stillness of night
I bare my self and soul

Creatures hide in depths
An owl with a bright eye
Whisperings of nothing
Silence speaks slowly

Listening to the music
Rhythms joyful and tragic
Aura and mysterious voices
Night leaps ahead and afar

Voices of my soul speak
To fears crept in 
and uncertainties swinging
Giving me respite, solace

Soon night hurries up
Entwining destiny's games
Preparing for a new day
I am left dumbstruck

I wish to say to the songs
Don't leave so early
Leaving me confused
In the hands of a cruel day

Stubborn it is,listens never
Dawn begins to fall
Tired I lay in a slumber
Dreaming of another night".

For majority of the world, the rising sun brings in positive energy and hopefulness. 
They feel that after the dark times there is a brighter and new day to look forward to. 

However night lovers prefer to differ. 
For those who adore and admire night, the beginning of dawn seems a cruel sight.
They feel that the sun rise has crushed their dreams with the brightness of reality. 
The real world which is rude and emotionless. 
The real world which is shallow and selfish. 
The very thought of parting with the night and its music is painful to them, every single morning. 
That is why, they make an effort to be with it as much as they can because once sleep seeps in, night will slowly creep out.

The profoundness and calm of a night is indeed addictive. 
Once your soul gets used to the music and divinity of the night, your heart will compel you to stay awake even though the world peacefully dreams away.

If at times you are not able to do it, your heart will ache for it like lovers in distance ache for each other. And your soul will yearn for it like the souls yearns for his beloved soulmate. 

Such is the power of night. Its music. Its silence. Its calm. Its depth. Its aura.

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