I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A letter to my Physiology book!

Dear Physiology book,

Its exam time again and you of all people are in the most cheerful of spirits seeing me shower unadulterated attention on you. What care you of my 'necrotic' spirit? Unabashedly grinning and 'expanding' each day.

Now don't make that innocent face and blame anatomy for it, you are no less! An equal partner in crime, horrendously murdering my pink winter days with your glands and hormones. Were you so interested in copying (coz I know originality isn't your forte baby) who had stopped you from burrowing the lyrics of latest 'kolaveri di'? At least we poor student would have managed to pass in glee!

But no, you talkative fellow! Explaining every minute thing in such huge paras to give even Shakespeare a complex.
Had the poor fellow been alive, he would have definitely remarked on your actions like 'Bill Gates did on Steve job's'!

If anatomy is soporific, you are 'somnambolic' and those complicated diagrams send jitters to my nerves and muscles. I curiously wonder how can you boast of containing 'some 500 diagrams' when each of it depresses my heat beat to 60/min and BP to 90/70?
I can bet on my life that pathology got invented only after we students altered our 'own physiology' listening to your crap in exam time!

And your stubbornness, lord God! why do you bother if I let Vitamin. D cause Beri-Beri instead of Rickets? For God's sake its all 'unofficial' on paper work, don't mistake me as a qualified doctor yet!
I know you are a terribly frustrated, no -nonsense person like my own teachers but kindly don't take my mistakes to 'heart' and develop 'angina pectoris' on every single error of mine.

As the world would welcome the new year, I would sit in my room humming 'cardiovascular and central nervous' songs for you but let me tell you this wont last long. So better start packing your bags and accepting me as I accept you.
For this is an eye-for-eye thing, ruin my 'sensations and functions' and I will ruin yours!
And listen, don't forget to take Anatomy with you! 

yours un- 'hormone'-iously 
               ME :-(

Friday, December 2, 2011

contour of memories

An indistinct frame
follows me
although petite but
with an aura of authority

drawing a sharp notice
its clumsy and curious being
with an untimely arrival
like a wintry mist of familiarity

Carrying a heavy luggage
a bandwagon of emotions
throwing me in a dudgeon
deep, dark and silent

like splinters in hits
or a void of realizations
a 'breathing' bullet
piercing and lingering

a flight of retrospection
caged and restricted
it takes me to a place
so familiar yet so hostile

I have known it well
as a frequent visitor
who unlike my own shadow
walks besides me

Never will this image
leave me in solitude
in moments of serenity
it will hunt and haunt me

As time flows by
I am afraid that it shall rule
my forlorn nights
and long summer days

this contour of memories...

PS : I found this pic a little creepy and the ironical part is, although my poem endorses such an abstract idea, it somehow depicts it pretty well. Google, you intrigue me!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2 hours- I choose 'living' over 'winning'

The very thought of procuring an extra two hours a day feels like a free dish on my platter or a prayer answered when you least expected it or maybe a surprise top -up recharge on my usually low on balance cell phone!
In a jiffy with an energy of a shooting star I found myself scribbling out various activities I'd do in those 'extra cheese' on my pizza hours :-D
Courtesy- Google image search
from Shopping to Sleeping               
Cooking to Cleaning
Reading to Roaming
Phone calls to Friends...

my list en wrapped NOT just everything humanly possible but also wild fantasies like Time travel and Tolerating the neighborhood aunt's rants!

However, as soon as the initial excitement and euphoria subsided I realized that we have always heard people say ' this world's a playground' although the only sports I observe people 'playing' now a days is 'athletics' (it includes me as well) . Yes, running, jumping and throwing! Running endlessly, mindlessly and often aimlessly day after day for months and years to reach the end of an infinite path.

In this era of eternal rushing when 24 hours cease to suffice, what difference will two additional hours make? what I will end up doing is a little more of this endless running!

So I decided to pursue something beyond monotony of everyday - 'to slow down a bit'!
For its better to 'LIVE' than to 'WIN' this race of life!

To let that athlete in me experience a whiff of wind, 
the green of tress and red of rose, 
the sound of lub-dub when my heart beats and millions of such marvels which go unnoticed each day.

I decided 
I will let people stand ahead of me in a queue,
wait patiently for the second bus and let an old lady take my seat in the first one instead. 
I will let a fellow customer get her billing done first,
talk to that child with special needs on the bus stand for there is no rush to reach college ,
oil my mom's hair,
listen patiently to my grand mom's late night stories, 
play with my younger brother for some minutes more,
chase the butterflies like in childhood days,
read even those 'longer than average' post on blogs,
water my plants more often,
relish even the second serving of my dessert,
sit beside the window with my huge coffee mug,
love myself more for proudly being me,
and just when those 120 minutes bid farewell- 
thank Almighty for blessing my  LONG day! :-)

courtesy- Google image search

This post has been written for 'SURF EXCEL MATIC #get smart' contest hosted by Indiblogger. You can fave it HERE.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The 'pimple prescription' !!!

Its pimples that bring me back to my blog today!

 I know, some of you might be praying that 'Oh God..zap that painful pustule off her face so that we don't have to bear the pain of reading her' while others (those who wish well) would send in a prayer to the heaven to get me rid of this red spot ASAP! either ways..its my benefit ;)

So coming back to the tale! Well, to be very frank I usually pay not much attention to such things as pimples. I am not blessed with a spotless, glowing skin but its normally fine with a pimple or two popping up (just at the time of some party or meet-up). We all know how it is :-/

A few weeks ago however there happened to be an usual and un-welcoming arrival of these pesky spots in dozens. I was a little horrified :O but after a day, that feeling subsided and the optimist and devil may care attitude in me rejuvenated!

Yet all of it is no good when 4 of your friends pester you every 5 minutes to consult a skin specialist just because its not fair that someone like me should have such an out pour of pimples ( I got no clue WHAT is that suppose to mean) :-s
Anyhow they finally convinced me to the clinic and I went on the same day to a famous skin institute in south Delhi area. After paying Rs.200 as consultation fee I sat in the waiting area for like 10minutes before being called in finally.

Me - hi doctor! *told her my problem*
Doc - hmmm...Ye hormonal problem hai you see (Like I or any other person today isn't aware of it)
she then continued - Here get these blood tests done - 1,2,3,4... from a GOOD lab
use this face wash
a tablet
another tablet
a day cream
another day cream (now, how am I suppose to apply 2 day creams on the SAME day? )
a night cream
a shampoo
Plus avoid butter,chocolates,tea,coffee,chips,cold drinks and the list went on!

she wrote her prescription like a shopping list or maybe she was competing with the number of pimples I had on my face. I looked at her utterly confused and swore to NOT return back after 10 days!
And it was only later that I realized the prescription would have costed me around 2000 bucks for 10 days with hardly any relief coz there happens to be 'no miracle cure for pimples' and every sane person knows it! Plus, its not JUST about the money but also that the creams and tabs prescribed work only to suppress the pimples and its only temporary.

After coming back home obviously the sad and useless demise of my 200 bucks was killing me from inside so I decided to use the 'desi totkas'. And as expected, they DID wonders and why wouldn't they? For the creams and gels boast to use extracts of the same 'natural herbs'.
Sounds logical? To me it does!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Timelessness 'in' time!

I suggest you to read THIS post first to get a better idea about 'Time and Timelessness' .

There are hundreds of things that I want to accomplish within time but blame it on time for its presence is never enough for me!
Why can't this entity called 'time' exist from forever to forever? No past, present or future to crumble in into pieces that make living not just a harder process but eventually those crumbled crushed bits spatter all over leaving us dazed and lost!
Now don't be surprised when I tell you that we all do possess a capacity to live in such a way. For timelessness is a deep rooting yet simple process that connects moments like a mosaic.

Our brain have been designed to fluctuate from one incident to the other and shift the concentration from whats most important then and there to the next. Something that we refer to as 'prioritizing' in a layman term.
But such prioritizing not only makes us too much dependent on the past, present and future of events but also gives breaks or rather snaps the harmony of concentration making us 'restless' and then eventually 'depressed' and 'stressed out' on the in completion the that 'task' in the priority list.

I don't endorse the fact that prioritizing is bad but all I want to explain is that try and concentrate on the 'broader' view instead of meager tasks that seem to have little importance in the long run. This can only come by visualizing time as a whole.

An Urdu couplet by Ghalib goes as 

"ishrate katra hai dariya mein fanaa ho jana
dard ka hadd se guzrna hai dawa ho jana"

Its only when the droplet of water get immersed in the sea, its pinnacle is achieved. Ironical though it may seem.
Similarly only when we can let time be converted to timelessness can we achieve that real crowning point in life and beyond.

And now a quote that I found impressive and inspiring :

"Just as we envision all of space
as being really out there,
as really existing, we should also envision all of time
as really being out there,
as really existing too" -  Brain Greene

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time- where art thou ?

While reading a book which spoke of pre-British raj India which also meant pre- modern, technology devoid days. When fans instead of mobile phones toggled in common man's hand and live 'mujras' supplemented entertainment in contrast of cozy T.V sets and multiplexes of today.

What astonished and amazed me was not just the simplicity of life then but also the fact that virtues like wisdom and concentration reigned as an everyday existence.
The people's day then could accommodate almost everything ranging from their everyday chores to flying pigeons and words like 'procrastination' or 'stress' had no meaning.

What stuck me was why can't we, the so-called impatient and super fast, ultra modern, tech savvy generation find 'real' time in the same 24 hours of the day? Why words like 'stress' and 'depression' are hovering even on the minds of a 12 year old? Going by logic and basic sense,our lives should not just have been turmoil free but also with an abounding of leisure time at our disposal.

Contrary to it we are sleep deprived even when Google does our researches for us, got no time to spare for our relatives or return back calls even when writing letters has been replaced by SMSs and instant messages.

My grandmother often tells me that during her youth people waited endlessly, counting day after day as to when a new week or month would arrive. While today an hour passes at a lightening speed and so does an year! Some 70 days left to bid adieu to 2011, whatever happened to the remaining 295 days?
It seems as if 'time' suffers from an auto immune disorder- gobbling its own self!

Where on earth is this 'commodity' called time vanishing?
And whats even more relevant is how can we hold it back?  
Wouldn't it be great if we could live in timelessness?

Well, coming to 'timelessness'. It indeed is a very complex subject in itself. But after much contemplation I realized that this is the only way to 'live effectively in time' and 'use time in the most effective manner.'

Literally speaking timelessness means - eternal , ageless or immortal. Although it has much more to offer just like alchemy and astrology had to offer to the human race.

To live is timelessness within time means to to live in moments and each moments separate of the previous or the next. All those who have some idea of quantum mechanics would appreciate that its nature is in similarity with the dual nature of light which comes in to us packets (the particle theory) , each one separate of the other yet we see light is a ray. That's how timelessness too connects those distinct moments.

If we try to concentrate NOT on the ticking of clock second by second but on moments we live, utilizing each of these packet (moments) to the best of our ability with the faith that whatever we have right now is what JUST exists we will see that not only will our productivity increase but our concentration spans will soar high too. Probably then 24hours if not enough, will at least give us a sense of accomplishment and fullness.
And 'time' will earn its true value in our lives once again.

PS : This post is far from over. The concept may sound weird to many of the readers. I will try and elaborate more on this concept in my coming post.And do let me know what is your idea of 'timelessness' and how do you perceive the existence of such a thing. 
Plus this analogy of timelessness to particle nature of light is purely my own perception so if you find any loop holes do let me know!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Its a climb....

I know people change. Change so subtly that is takes days to believe the existence of something that was imperceptible before.

I know people turn their back.I have seen them hiding their faces like the evening sun which dips ever so slowly somewhere in the horizon and darkens all that's around, while you stand patiently for the dingy light to be thrust upon.

I know people back stab.I have felt them poking those incessant punches on me like the merciless winds in a vast, hot, sandy desert which away extracts all moisture and vitality and depresses one deep in the restless sand.

I know it because life blessed me with relations and thrust upon me the intricacies of dealing with people. People who promised to never change and relations which were as sturdy as huge mountains. But nothing can change the nature of change for it has to change!
And its no more surprising yet an irony as to how the most toughest of glasses shatter easily. Promises that define our being, are our strengths and hope dissolve as soon as we lean onto them perfectly.
I know it because I have leaned onto such promises completely and in a few moments there was a loud thud. so loud that it lost its audibility maybe. For nobody heard anything. But I know it because I felt the silence.

A missing part.
A dissolved promise. 
A dead relation.

Its at times surprising as to how relations build up. The sweetness tends to be dissolved in innumerable and never ending expectations. 
Expectations that climb a ladder of shattering hopes and broken promises.The trouble is we cant do much about it. Its spontaneous. No matter how tough you appear to be, you are bound to expect and be disappointed in return. I know it coz I have had my share of shattered hopes and expectations.

And not just for once but innumerable times.

I wont label my life as one of extraordinary pain or change but yes, I can proudly say that I have had my share till now. No wonder there is more to come. For the pages of destiny cant go blank.They have been filled with an ink that outlines my life. The fact is that I don't have a choice , neither does life have, we both are being played upon by something superior. For 

"he who makes my woes for me
will think about my woes
my brooding over them would be
a greater woe than those" :)

Friday, September 23, 2011


Taking hold of me
from dawn to dusk
and dusk to dawn
in blooms and flush

desires never die
unconsciously they lie
flourishing like weeds
causing untold miseries

spinning concentric webs
thread by thread
entangling and breaking, entangling again
futile is to impede

amorphous kindling aspirations
setting up wildly like a storm
rooting deep to the deepest
outgrowing the tallest of trees

I fight and I resist
those arrays of emotions
but there is no holding them
futile is to impede

neither meaningful words
nor soulful talks
can subdue those temptations
and futile is to impede....

Friday, September 16, 2011

Of 'BAI-S' and 'BYES' !!!

As I step into my house after a monotonous yet exhaustive day at college, my mother yells " you kids live in your own fantasy lands/nobody cares as to how the house is running/can't even pick up your own clothes/when I was of your age I took care of the whole house while my mother simply sat in a corner and instructed! Plus a special one specially thrown on me - what will you do in your sasural/get out of the illusion that your mom-in-law will cook for you!"
And the moment my ears vibrate to such a noise I instantly knows that 'our dear maid is on leave today'!!

In today's era when each one of us is so terribly bounded by time which ticks at a lightening speed, interdependency on 'helpers' comes natural. In fact they are our lifelines much the same way as Internet and cell phones. And going by the ever increasing demands our 'bai-s' happen to be one of the most dominating people of our society today. 

At times I seriously wonder if we medicos or engineers or bankers play a role as pivotal as these women clad in suits with a bun do?
And so our dear bai-s come up with their own set of demands and pay packages.
They need a holiday on a Sunday plus an additional off every two weeks never hurts HER (it does ruin my weekend though) when a shopping plan is murdered brutally as my mom drags me verbally to the kitchen!

Last week our bai turned up after a long 4 days holiday(it seems much longer to me for obvious reasons) and on being interrogated told that she had a marriage to attend tomorrow! Imagine being away from work 4 days prior to 'neighbour's marriage' sure you can't afford it even in your wildest dreams but she is our Bai. She definitely can!

To top it up the lady wanted a brand new sari, to which my mom agreed almost instantly (poor thing she got no choice) and I was red with rage. c'mon I wore an old sari even for my farewell, now isnt this pure bias?!

Not only this she comes every day to work with a fresh gajra in her bun teemed up with matching earrings and bags. Needless to say she has a cell phone too!

Coming to the resignation rules,our dear bai has none! I mean she can resign any day, any hour and at any instant. For reasons which vary from exceeding workload to bizarre ones of not being offered tea and snacks in the evening!
One of our neighbours maid quit the job because their little 4 year old kid spilled milk on her. I dearly sympathize with him going by the serious trauma that innocent soul would have faced from her mother after this lady left in cold blood.

Well ,enough of sulking now ( but believe me that sari thing really hurt). 
I am seriously planning to do some part time course in 'being-bai' because the future seems to be more secure and lavish with that degree now-a-days. And by the way, when I told my mom about this idea all she had to say was 'beta, today is a Sunday, go wash the utensils' !

P.S : Our maid owns a Nokia N-97! I am NOT exaggerating, I swear!  :P

Saturday, September 3, 2011

mystical dreams..... part -3

 "Its not just today
and never would a day come
when the world around
won't coerce me
that my existence is incomplete
without you besides me"

she whispered senselessly to her soul which appeared as insatiable as it had been years ago. 
yes! Many years had now passed but her relentless search only got deepened.
 Her friend had advised her to give it up and consult a psychiatrist however she knew well that no person by mere hallucinations or repressions could free her soul of it
A soul that was now completely drenched in that world of dreams. 
A soul that had now tasted the bitter sweet demeanour of forbidden magic.
she was totally possessed in it, of it and for it!! there was no way out except to wade in further.

This was NOT love, it had transformed into a limbo or maybe a state of trance which continued to get unquenchable each passing second.
she had left her job long back, her own house, family, belongings, whatever that belonged to her and to where she belonged was now simply a state...a state of nothingness and timelessness.

"the dawn is not distance, nor is the night starless;love is eternal".

she again murmured to herself trudging through by the glint of the night.

suddenly as if the whole words bedazzled or struck by lightening...she saw his face! 
It was really him standing on the other side of the road!
That same tall attractive gentleman dressed in a glossy black suit teamed with a navy blue tie..the same man who had stolen all her dreams to make them his own, that same man who dictated her entire being for years now!

She felt herself en captured by a divine spell in those long seconds, the world had widened much beyond horizons or was it shrinking onto hers?
There was pain , fright, desire, anger, impatience, irritation, excitement, pleasure all at once in her soul.
her quest had reached its brim and emotions ran like wild horses..'a few steps more and it will all be hers..this mystery would no longer haunt her soul' she thought.
He stood still at the opposite side staring at her even now.

1...2...3...she had galloped to the other side at an impulse!


Her eyes open, where is she? At the middle of a road it seems!
She can feel something is wrong with her, her blood seems to ooze out slowly but there is no pain.
She lies there numb and dizzy but there was no desire to get away. Being completely aware of her fate and also the fate of the man beside her in deep slumber some distance away.
she looked at him..but alas! He is NOT there...she can now see him EVERYWHERE! all around, in all direction, at all ends!
she dare not close her this an illusion? no it cant be!

Now he is beside her again, a faint smile lits her face as she finally closes her eyes. forever this time.
No more mirages.
No more mysteries.
Just the mystical kingdom of her dreams.

Illusions have accepted her soul in their world...realities could wait for another life now.

Hub( attraction) and Maut(Death) are but shades of an eternal journey called love!

xxx THE END xxx 


Ancient Arabic Literature says that there are Seven Shades of Love - 1. Hub (Attraction), 2. Uns (Infatuation), 3. Ishq (Love), 4.Aquidat (Reverence), 5. Ibadat (Worship), 6. Junoon (Obsession) and 7. Maut (Death) [ Read it as a friend's status on Facebook ]

Thanks to one of my sweetest friend in blog-o-sphere Sadiya Merchant for giving me the inspiration and much needed motivation to pen up something which was very close to my heart yet I had no idea how to put it up in words :-)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

mystical dreams..... part -2

A month had passed since that day on the airport and from that very day those unusual dreams that she by now had grown accustomed to suddenly took a tempestuous turn only to be spied by an image. the image of that man who has so stubbornly refused to leave her dreams.

what was she supposed to do? she knew him not, had no idea who he was or where he lived but no matter what she did throughout her day nothing abated his arrival, that majestic palace and their stolen moments of divinity that en wrapped 'them' in the darkest of night, the coldest of winds and amongst brightest of stars.
what happiness could such a love give to her pragmatic and rational being? A happiness that was deceptive and a love that she abhorred as soon as it dawned. For the dawn saw her as a caged bird who had wings to fly but her horizon had been brutally snapped!

on one such days..tired of contemplating and trying everything she could to assure that is was only an ephemeral phases she finally took a decision.
A decision that defined her complete existence at present albeit her own will.
A decision that might free her from everyday turmoils only to entrap her soul in a higher tumult.
this was no bravery yet she had to feel triumphant even before trailing on the path.

yes! she was now ready to begin a search. a search of her own existence. a search of a man who had occulted her reverie. of this 'mystical magician'

it was time now to put an end to all that had mystified her reflections. And her dreams.

To be continued.....


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

mystical dreams.....

She lay there numb and dizzy but there was no desire to get away. Being completely aware of her fate and also the fate of the man beside her in deep slumber some distance away.
she looked at him profoundly and immediately her mind flew off to the time she had first seen him

"Brida? Paulo? " he exclaimed!

"what?"  she lifted her head slightly and passed on a puzzled look to the tall gentleman standing in front of her. gentleman because of his well groomed appearance , dressed in a glossy black suit teamed with a navy blue tie, he appeared rather attractive to her.

" The book " . he smiled pointing to the novel in her hand.

she was now beginning to get annoyed at his uninvited remarks. " yes! It is brida by paulo coelho and I happen to read it , any problem"? ! she clamoured at him , shutting the book loudly.

" Brida makes a good read, and somehow I feel you'd be able to connect with it heavily". saying this he walked off and so briskly that she couldn't utter even a word!

"strange" ! she murmured and settled once again to continue her story.


She woke up breathing heavily , nauseated and drenched in a cold sweat. Immediately gulping a glass of water on her bedside table she pinched herself to convince on the fact that the reverie was broken.
It was not for the first time that she dreamt it all . 
The palace- adorned with precious, twinkling jewels , those silky shining red carpets, curtains that flung to and fro divinely, a beautiful bird in the golden cage, a throne so majestic that eyes forgot to blink and she, sitting amidst all the royalty.the princess of this kingdom.To her it all belonged and it was her aura that made it gleam even more.

but today her dreams had startled her,even in her own dream! today,the mystic lights around the palace couldn't trap the white haze, today the winds were gentle and hypnotic. Neither the royal curtains nor the carpets could hush up a presence.His presence,so strong that it was beginning to make her vulnerable! who was he? some traveler or maybe a king from a tribe of a far-way land? with a charisma so splendid that even the princess was spellbound, indifferent of her own royalty.

suddenly 'he' emerged out of a wavering mist dawning in front of the throne.Raising her dark hued eyes she let them meet his and went numb!

This was precisely the moment that had shut off the windows to a dream of hers. How was it possible? how could the mist descend to lay on a reality? a reality, yet so strange and unknown.
No, no! something is wrong! with these thoughts in mind she walked downstairs, aware of her steps, her surroundings but unaware that her world lay somewhere behind those cloudy appearances.

To be continued...... 

PART - 2 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

revenge (55-F)

55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction that are either limited to a maximum of fifty-five words or have a requirement of 55 words.

She knew that the  "way to man's heart is through his stomach" 

So she cooked for him. His favourite delicacy. 

He wouldn't refuse it.
Nor will she be held guilty. 
Not in his eyes.
Not at least till he is alive.

The next day...

Newspapers read  - "famous business tycoon , died of food poisoning" !!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a love not forgotten....

Twenty stairs
a perching bird
I stand here
behind the church
one misty morning
you caught my sight
I still remember
that blue shirt with red stripes

again we met
in a party
destined it was
began our story
time flew off
in its habitual way
silent whispers
yet volumes they'd say

parched roads turned lush
wildflowers bloomed
moon crescented much
as our love groomed
I knew not
we created memories
someday it will
be my prized victory

you stole my soul
reasons unknown
my heart still yearns
distressed, forlorn
the places we strolled
the songs we sang
those long happy drives
on city's outskirts

and then suddenly
you had to leave
a bitter reality
to believe
called you were
to the war-front
axing my dreams
you walked off dear soldier

the day you returned
I was euphoric
running wildly
untrammelled and free
you stood there
a proud warrior
your smile shone
charming like ever

but..who was she?
I stepped back to know
maybe his mistress
the crowd implied
still and tizzy
I stood and watched
our past memories
dismantled and dislodged

you held her hand
and went inside
people followed 
ignoring my plight
you took oaths
of marital bliss
the church bell rang
uncertain of my grief

long years have passed
seasons flown and drown
oft-returning birds
yet a sturdy me
still stands there
twenty stairs
a perching bird
unforgotten you....undying love!!

PS : The image above is what inspired me to pen down this poem!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


This post has been written for BLOGESHWAR and Anubhooti.

DISEASE BACKGROUND - Cultural shock has spread like a malaise in our society. Potentially the affects of western society on the eastern culture. People seem to be going gaga on anything which appears to make least sense and presents a sense of 'false' and 'temporary' euphoria. This intense thirst for 'fun' is associated with 'syndrome' that affects those who aren't ready to understand the 'changing times' which refers to absurd intermingling of cultures.

CONSTITUTION - usually affects older generation or people visiting metro cities from rural backgrounds.

SYMPTOMS - a terrible shock almost equal to a minor heart attack, the patient believes the other person is a sinner and atheist ( according to religious views).

May even shout at high pitched voice (in case of females) or recluse ( in case of elderly males). In rare cases, may even mold himself/herself to potential shock Creator! 

CAUSES - It could be classified into various types

TYPE 1 - mainly concerned with 'outfits and sense of dressing'

JEANS - mild shock
CAPRI'S AND SKIRTS - moderate shock
HOT PANTS - severe shock Creator

TYPE 2 - 'language based shock'

words like 'yaar , saale, abey' etc have been 'vaccinated' enough , so do not create distress anymore.

The 'F' and 'S' words have spread like 'epidemics' and NO VACCINATIONS what-so-ever seems to be powerful enough to eradicate them.

usually affects the middle aged parents of teenage/ 20 somethings children

there is no particular definition of any relation and confuses the shockers and creators alike.

SAME SEX RELATIONS - responsible for alarming number of patients now a days!

 includes spending long hours on phones, Internet, extra marital affairs  and MOVIES .


AGGRAVATION -  watching movies ( Hollywood and Bollywood) both can create instant aggravation of the problem

AMELIORATION - sitting in your room enchanting versus from holy books may help markedly.

TREATMENT - the only treatment I can suggest is understanding that 'In any clash between the east and the west, those who will suffer most are Eastern with a soul of West'! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sabke 'bus' ki baat nahi....Degrading DTC scenario!

"Little deeds of kindness
little words of love
help to make our earth an Eden
like the heaven above"

We all have read these few yet extremely eloquent lines in our kindergarten days but growing up shoulders on bigger responsibilities and somewhere these untold gestures loose relevance in between the pages of a moribund book called 'life'.
I happen to be a daily commuter of DTC buses. Now, Delhi is a busy city. in fact, this is an understatement. its bustling with a huge flock of people running anxiously in all directions , at all destinations , all the time. yes, that's how it appears to be.
Morning and afternoons being the worst case scenarios ,with a population mounting up to a whopping 1.67 crore no wonder the buses are scanty in number and the number of commuters running hysterically behind each one of them 'to edge' a place are manifold.

this is a routine commuters life in DELHI!

And thanks to the 'phasing out' of old buses and bluelines the situation has degrade to the level of new 'low floor'.
 These red and green (and recently started orange) buses happen to be wider with automatic doors no doubt but what purpose they are to serve when those rash impulsive drivers speed them away in a 'devil may care' attitude while an old crippled lady stands helplessly for hours on the bus stop?

Let me add to your knowledge that the campaign for these giant size , low floor buses were initiated in order to favour the elderly and crippled citizens. Pedestrians were laid down and there were talks of providing wheel chair service too.

but what is the use of such campaigns and promotions, when the drivers, the very in charge of this running system are ill mannered and ill practiced?
the bus that should be stopped centimeters away to the bus stops is distanced metres away and at times not halted at all. They are sped away mercilessly while a young school child strangles with a foot in air.
It is this inherent disregard for the value of human life , upbringing to various precautions, it is this numbness to everyday chaos that actually holds away the very finger of the bus driver for the door to close and bus runs away.
To top it up , our system puts up a material gloss on its insufficiency and thereby brings momentary false hopes not just to its citizens but also gives a pseudo emerging India picture! The internal diagnosis would reveal how crippled we are in our really!!

forget about those unsaid , unselfish acts of kindness, we are unable to even handle our own jobs honestly!
when I see commuters blindfold themselves to this and many such mal practices each day, it instantly crosses my mind as to what purpose is our knowledge serving? 
We are so ignorantly busy in creating a heaven for ourselves without giving a a thought to the fact that what roads are we taking..will it really 'make our world a better place' or would it bring us to a 'hell unknown'?