I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

mystical dreams..... part -2

A month had passed since that day on the airport and from that very day those unusual dreams that she by now had grown accustomed to suddenly took a tempestuous turn only to be spied by an image. the image of that man who has so stubbornly refused to leave her dreams.

what was she supposed to do? she knew him not, had no idea who he was or where he lived but no matter what she did throughout her day nothing abated his arrival, that majestic palace and their stolen moments of divinity that en wrapped 'them' in the darkest of night, the coldest of winds and amongst brightest of stars.
what happiness could such a love give to her pragmatic and rational being? A happiness that was deceptive and a love that she abhorred as soon as it dawned. For the dawn saw her as a caged bird who had wings to fly but her horizon had been brutally snapped!

on one such days..tired of contemplating and trying everything she could to assure that is was only an ephemeral phases she finally took a decision.
A decision that defined her complete existence at present albeit her own will.
A decision that might free her from everyday turmoils only to entrap her soul in a higher tumult.
this was no bravery yet she had to feel triumphant even before trailing on the path.

yes! she was now ready to begin a search. a search of her own existence. a search of a man who had occulted her reverie. of this 'mystical magician'

it was time now to put an end to all that had mystified her reflections. And her dreams.

To be continued.....



  1. mausi jiiiiii.....ladki mehnat kar rahi hai!

  2. Aww sarah.. nice one.. Looking forward for the next..

    Someone is Special

  3. I just wish this Princess will not leave the path she has chosen and find the real 'Her' :)
    BTW..... can't wait to read the next part.. b fast

  4. interesting...can't wait for the next part :)


  5. This one is moving forward in a very captivating fashion.
    Lovely! Bring out the next part soon!

  6. One of my friend is also doing this novel thingy. If in case you might like to stumble upon it, here you go LINK

    Nevertheless, it is a brilliant idea and the plot. YAY to Sarah!

  7. curiosity is increasing. good going

  8. @ SIS - thnks..hope i can keep u hooked :)

    @ Rahul - lets c what happens :P

    @ SUB - thnks so much!

    @ Red handed - sure..sure :D

    @ Prateek - thnks for sharing d link. I loved her plot and d writing me hooked :)

    @ some unspoken words - i hope i can keep this curiosity up...:D

  9. whats next ? whats next ? :))
    nice read

  10. beautiful words strung together is the most intriguing way. Well done.

  11. I am hanging in the thread of suspension! Interesting plot dude!

  12. Sarah, read the first and second part. Please post the next part. Written nicely and I love the line-'she was now ready to begin a search. a search of her own existence'

  13. next episode kab hai iska ab? :( cannot wait to read more...mesmerizing...

  14. Hmmmm... interesting.. Good for me that I could read two parts back to back :) .. following you now so that I won't miss the rest :)

  15. i envy the command you have over your words.
    happy blogging gurl. god bless :)

  16. Read both the parts, nicely and neatly set up plot. Waiting for more Sarah, keep blogging. Good luck.
    I am also writing a story on my blog.
    U can find it here : The night not dreamed of

  17. read both parts. very descriptive and haunting-waiting for your next

  18. @ sujatha - a lot is gonna happen next..have patience! :)

    @ slice of my life - thnks soo much for the appreciation :D

    @ Nasnin - haha...thnks a lot 'dudette' :P

    @ saru - m glad u liked it..and yes, v all are in a way searching ourselves in this least thts what i believe :)

  19. @ Israr - bahut jald hi aayega next episode bhi Inshallah..dont u be sad! and welcome to d blog :)

    @ Sunil - glad u came here..even i m hooked onto ur story :)

    @ Ginger - oohhh..m elated to say the least :D thhkss so much for the lovely compliment!

    @Animesh - will check it out ASAP :)

    @ confused yuppie - me happy..happy...and welcome to d blog gurl :)

  20. then....curiosity peakin...srry for readin so mistake...i was missin somethin..:)....waitin badly 4 the next part....jyada na tarsana...:)...gr8 goin...

  21. A soul in search of dreams & the one who does it has truly lived.

    the narration talks about the richness of thoughts of the one who has written it...okay now stopping from any mind analysis ;)

  22. @ vaisakhi - itna zada nahi tarsaya lo..the final part is here :)

    @ poonam di - very true! as for mind analysis..well it would be a very tuff job as of now, so enjoy the story and save urself of the trouble :P