I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Friday, April 13, 2012


Late in the evening 
snow begins to fall
little insignificant flakes
drapes mountains and homes

lush, pure and calm
like a sea painted white
serene as it flutters
gentle as in sways

In a valley exists a town
a little unheard one
with a dim lit cottage
wildflowers and soft grasses

amidst the mountain range
sits a girl besides the window pane
snow ruffles her dreams
that's her belief

in the loneliness of nights
snow flickers like hope
delighting her yearnings
sharing lost dreams

the silence of snow
talks of untold desires
on petite white flakes
swings endless mysteries.