I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

mystical dreams..... part -2

A month had passed since that day on the airport and from that very day those unusual dreams that she by now had grown accustomed to suddenly took a tempestuous turn only to be spied by an image. the image of that man who has so stubbornly refused to leave her dreams.

what was she supposed to do? she knew him not, had no idea who he was or where he lived but no matter what she did throughout her day nothing abated his arrival, that majestic palace and their stolen moments of divinity that en wrapped 'them' in the darkest of night, the coldest of winds and amongst brightest of stars.
what happiness could such a love give to her pragmatic and rational being? A happiness that was deceptive and a love that she abhorred as soon as it dawned. For the dawn saw her as a caged bird who had wings to fly but her horizon had been brutally snapped!

on one such days..tired of contemplating and trying everything she could to assure that is was only an ephemeral phases she finally took a decision.
A decision that defined her complete existence at present albeit her own will.
A decision that might free her from everyday turmoils only to entrap her soul in a higher tumult.
this was no bravery yet she had to feel triumphant even before trailing on the path.

yes! she was now ready to begin a search. a search of her own existence. a search of a man who had occulted her reverie. of this 'mystical magician'

it was time now to put an end to all that had mystified her reflections. And her dreams.

To be continued.....


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

mystical dreams.....

She lay there numb and dizzy but there was no desire to get away. Being completely aware of her fate and also the fate of the man beside her in deep slumber some distance away.
she looked at him profoundly and immediately her mind flew off to the time she had first seen him

"Brida? Paulo? " he exclaimed!

"what?"  she lifted her head slightly and passed on a puzzled look to the tall gentleman standing in front of her. gentleman because of his well groomed appearance , dressed in a glossy black suit teamed with a navy blue tie, he appeared rather attractive to her.

" The book " . he smiled pointing to the novel in her hand.

she was now beginning to get annoyed at his uninvited remarks. " yes! It is brida by paulo coelho and I happen to read it , any problem"? ! she clamoured at him , shutting the book loudly.

" Brida makes a good read, and somehow I feel you'd be able to connect with it heavily". saying this he walked off and so briskly that she couldn't utter even a word!

"strange" ! she murmured and settled once again to continue her story.


She woke up breathing heavily , nauseated and drenched in a cold sweat. Immediately gulping a glass of water on her bedside table she pinched herself to convince on the fact that the reverie was broken.
It was not for the first time that she dreamt it all . 
The palace- adorned with precious, twinkling jewels , those silky shining red carpets, curtains that flung to and fro divinely, a beautiful bird in the golden cage, a throne so majestic that eyes forgot to blink and she, sitting amidst all the royalty.the princess of this kingdom.To her it all belonged and it was her aura that made it gleam even more.

but today her dreams had startled her,even in her own dream! today,the mystic lights around the palace couldn't trap the white haze, today the winds were gentle and hypnotic. Neither the royal curtains nor the carpets could hush up a presence.His presence,so strong that it was beginning to make her vulnerable! who was he? some traveler or maybe a king from a tribe of a far-way land? with a charisma so splendid that even the princess was spellbound, indifferent of her own royalty.

suddenly 'he' emerged out of a wavering mist dawning in front of the throne.Raising her dark hued eyes she let them meet his and went numb!

This was precisely the moment that had shut off the windows to a dream of hers. How was it possible? how could the mist descend to lay on a reality? a reality, yet so strange and unknown.
No, no! something is wrong! with these thoughts in mind she walked downstairs, aware of her steps, her surroundings but unaware that her world lay somewhere behind those cloudy appearances.

To be continued...... 

PART - 2 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

revenge (55-F)

55 Fiction is a form of microfiction that refers to the works of fiction that are either limited to a maximum of fifty-five words or have a requirement of 55 words.

She knew that the  "way to man's heart is through his stomach" 

So she cooked for him. His favourite delicacy. 

He wouldn't refuse it.
Nor will she be held guilty. 
Not in his eyes.
Not at least till he is alive.

The next day...

Newspapers read  - "famous business tycoon , died of food poisoning" !!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a love not forgotten....

Twenty stairs
a perching bird
I stand here
behind the church
one misty morning
you caught my sight
I still remember
that blue shirt with red stripes

again we met
in a party
destined it was
began our story
time flew off
in its habitual way
silent whispers
yet volumes they'd say

parched roads turned lush
wildflowers bloomed
moon crescented much
as our love groomed
I knew not
we created memories
someday it will
be my prized victory

you stole my soul
reasons unknown
my heart still yearns
distressed, forlorn
the places we strolled
the songs we sang
those long happy drives
on city's outskirts

and then suddenly
you had to leave
a bitter reality
to believe
called you were
to the war-front
axing my dreams
you walked off dear soldier

the day you returned
I was euphoric
running wildly
untrammelled and free
you stood there
a proud warrior
your smile shone
charming like ever

but..who was she?
I stepped back to know
maybe his mistress
the crowd implied
still and tizzy
I stood and watched
our past memories
dismantled and dislodged

you held her hand
and went inside
people followed 
ignoring my plight
you took oaths
of marital bliss
the church bell rang
uncertain of my grief

long years have passed
seasons flown and drown
oft-returning birds
yet a sturdy me
still stands there
twenty stairs
a perching bird
unforgotten you....undying love!!

PS : The image above is what inspired me to pen down this poem!