I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A letter to my Physiology book!

Dear Physiology book,

Its exam time again and you of all people are in the most cheerful of spirits seeing me shower unadulterated attention on you. What care you of my 'necrotic' spirit? Unabashedly grinning and 'expanding' each day.

Now don't make that innocent face and blame anatomy for it, you are no less! An equal partner in crime, horrendously murdering my pink winter days with your glands and hormones. Were you so interested in copying (coz I know originality isn't your forte baby) who had stopped you from burrowing the lyrics of latest 'kolaveri di'? At least we poor student would have managed to pass in glee!

But no, you talkative fellow! Explaining every minute thing in such huge paras to give even Shakespeare a complex.
Had the poor fellow been alive, he would have definitely remarked on your actions like 'Bill Gates did on Steve job's'!

If anatomy is soporific, you are 'somnambolic' and those complicated diagrams send jitters to my nerves and muscles. I curiously wonder how can you boast of containing 'some 500 diagrams' when each of it depresses my heat beat to 60/min and BP to 90/70?
I can bet on my life that pathology got invented only after we students altered our 'own physiology' listening to your crap in exam time!

And your stubbornness, lord God! why do you bother if I let Vitamin. D cause Beri-Beri instead of Rickets? For God's sake its all 'unofficial' on paper work, don't mistake me as a qualified doctor yet!
I know you are a terribly frustrated, no -nonsense person like my own teachers but kindly don't take my mistakes to 'heart' and develop 'angina pectoris' on every single error of mine.

As the world would welcome the new year, I would sit in my room humming 'cardiovascular and central nervous' songs for you but let me tell you this wont last long. So better start packing your bags and accepting me as I accept you.
For this is an eye-for-eye thing, ruin my 'sensations and functions' and I will ruin yours!
And listen, don't forget to take Anatomy with you! 

yours un- 'hormone'-iously 
               ME :-(

Friday, December 2, 2011

contour of memories

An indistinct frame
follows me
although petite but
with an aura of authority

drawing a sharp notice
its clumsy and curious being
with an untimely arrival
like a wintry mist of familiarity

Carrying a heavy luggage
a bandwagon of emotions
throwing me in a dudgeon
deep, dark and silent

like splinters in hits
or a void of realizations
a 'breathing' bullet
piercing and lingering

a flight of retrospection
caged and restricted
it takes me to a place
so familiar yet so hostile

I have known it well
as a frequent visitor
who unlike my own shadow
walks besides me

Never will this image
leave me in solitude
in moments of serenity
it will hunt and haunt me

As time flows by
I am afraid that it shall rule
my forlorn nights
and long summer days

this contour of memories...

PS : I found this pic a little creepy and the ironical part is, although my poem endorses such an abstract idea, it somehow depicts it pretty well. Google, you intrigue me!