I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Friday, December 2, 2011

contour of memories

An indistinct frame
follows me
although petite but
with an aura of authority

drawing a sharp notice
its clumsy and curious being
with an untimely arrival
like a wintry mist of familiarity

Carrying a heavy luggage
a bandwagon of emotions
throwing me in a dudgeon
deep, dark and silent

like splinters in hits
or a void of realizations
a 'breathing' bullet
piercing and lingering

a flight of retrospection
caged and restricted
it takes me to a place
so familiar yet so hostile

I have known it well
as a frequent visitor
who unlike my own shadow
walks besides me

Never will this image
leave me in solitude
in moments of serenity
it will hunt and haunt me

As time flows by
I am afraid that it shall rule
my forlorn nights
and long summer days

this contour of memories...

PS : I found this pic a little creepy and the ironical part is, although my poem endorses such an abstract idea, it somehow depicts it pretty well. Google, you intrigue me!


  1. Apart from shadow they never leaves us, no matter how hard we try, memories.

  2. Haunting memories...these are the ones even if we never forget. But never let them rule our present life.

    Intriguing..indeed! :)

  3. @prateek - exactly :)

    @ Aadil - Good to c u commenting on d blog finally! thnk u :)

    @poonam di - yes, but u cant ignore them no matter how hard u try to!

  4. Haunting thoughts in mind ...
    Come up with depressive actions!

    Nice :)

  5. u know i am just wondering what i would have done without the memories.. sometimes the people leave and situations change too.. memories still remain..

    such beautiful lines :) :)

  6. The pic made me remember my recent nightmare..god damn it was terrible!

    But the poem was not haunting it was as you said abstract and I liked it :)

    Take Care

  7. Scary a bit but nicely penned. We think that they come back, never realize that they are always there...

    Profound expression!

  8. Hey, Hi.. you said, the words give meaning to the image...

  9. And though they may never leave,
    Stay somewhere deep inside.
    Lingering, waiting, the monster's breath abated.
    Waiting for your eyes to move to a close.
    A little longer, a little further.
    Then the light shines on the shadows.
    And then the darkness takes power.
    Takes hold as the memories come to life.
    Beautiful poem.

  10. Too negative it sounds...
    You need a boyfriend baby...
    I'll talk to God to find a DiCaprio twin :P