I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Friday, April 26, 2013

For you, my friend :)

Cruel and harsh
Life is strange
promises of forever
in seconds they change

I fell apart 
like autumn leaves
down in the valley
dreams buried deep

and slowly but surely
life pulled me up
God seemed to hear again
faith re developed

I woke up again
to new beginnings bright
a stranger from distant land
caught my sight

in initial phase
I failed to recognize
our relation groomed
in its own stride

little by little
he touched my soul
his caring gestures
and ways unknown

I am healing now 
of my past pains
with your support
infinite strength I gain

You are a blessing
God's choicest gift
I will forget you not
even if our paths drift

you hear me steadily
night and day
you held my hand
in the summers of may

I can never repay
the unconditional love
its a heavenly bond
from paradise above

in you I trust
with you I fight
you judge me not
just suggest me right

I feel protected
a feeling divine
in your thoughts
I forever wish to be entwined

its true they say
life's ironical equation
you gain some. lose some
mathematics of relations

even miles apart
today or tomorrow
I can look up to you
in woes and sorrow

no words seem apt
no verse precise
which will explain
your place in my life

a promise eternal
I wish to make
never ever my friend
will this bond break.

P.S. This poem is a dedication for someone whom I can safely call my 'best friend'. He is also a blogger and when it comes to blogosphere I guess people know him better than me (specially girls;))since he churns out absolutely amazing love stories ! 
Apart from that he is a great person, the 'too good to be true' kinds. Even when I irritate him like hell with my absolutely random and at times mindless stories he will listen so very patiently as if he were genuinely interested. Remain the same and continue to listen to me :P
I know this poem depicts not even a tiny part of who you are but still can't write better so please accept it :)

And this post is special for one more reason - It is my 100th post...taaddaaaaaa *drum rolls* :D

A note of thanks to all those who read and appreciate, believe me every single word of yours matters. When I joined blogging I never thought I would be able to carry it for sooo long but the constant motivation and love encouraged me to share what all my heart embodies here on 'Embodying Emotions'.


OK since its sounding more like a 'self proclaimed winners' speech (which are always so irritating AND boring) I stop here and now. Will be back with a new post soon. Till then hasta la vista dearies :* :))

Leaving you with few lines that I felt will some up all those 'genuine friendships' in the world....

Friday, April 19, 2013

Not just today.....

Its not today that you left me
a long time has passed
memories and memoirs have faded
in the ocean of life, big and vast.

Its not today that I cried
hiding myself in the dark
sobs and tears are a familiar part
and cuts that leave a mark.

Its not today that I pasted an empty smile
for the fake world to see
all they know is a happy girl
who cares what's going inside me.

Its not today that I tried to let go
all that life bestowed
in the form of sufferings and pain
and hurdles on the road.

Its not today that I accepted
what life presented to me
you and I were different people
and were never meant to be 'we'.

Its not today that I heard 'let go and move on'
from folks to whom it matters not
time can never be a healer
but a mere illusionary guard.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Birthdays and celebrations....

The only good part about birthdays according to me are the in numerous calls and greetings. Unfortunately, with facebook colonizing our lives and minds this part too seems to be lost. Now all we see are mere half hearted 'wishes on the wall'!

Birthdays never excite me. Never got the feeling that this was 'my day' or anything remotely special. Not because I am traumatized by the thought of growing old but for a simple reason that what exactly be considered special in a day which comes again and again in each one of our lives? 

OK, you might defend me by saying that it marks our arrival into this world, in the lives of people around who consider you special yet I have my own beliefs which drag me to the other side.

This year however it was slightly different. As soon as the clock stuck 12, there was this episode of calls and wishes which lasted till 1.30 a.m.

As I hit my bed, pretty tired and 'least' excited sleep was no where in sight. Usually its my habit whenever sleep eludes me on a night I either sit up with my diary and pen, scribbling and rambling or if am too tired I simply lie down and introspect on mysterious paths of life. I chose the latter on this day too. My mind was conspiring with my heart of how to feel special about growing up or rather 'the day'.

It was quarter to 4 now and suddenly a thought hit me. (yes, such are the occasions when this phrase exactly fits in coz sometimes certain thought literally 'hit you up' !)

 I realized that our birthday is the only day which is FIXED yet TRANSIENT in our lives. Fixed not because it comes each year (all dates do) but fixed for it will always be a benchmark of all that I learn and become. Like a ray, with a fixed beginning but no ending

 And transient for it makes me realize that age IS time. It comes and goes and never comes back again. We can never so accurately and fairly take account of time and age as can we do on this day- our birthday.

It may sound contradictory to some. It may also appear as bickering to some.

But for me I don't celebrate my growing up instead I celebrate the fixed and the transient moments embedded in this day.

What do you celebrate on/about your birthday? Do let me know! :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

'Tryst with a night'

This is not the first time that I sit under the open sky admiring its vastness. Stars like dew on delicate petals attract me ever since I learnt to recite 

'Twinkle, twinkle little star
how I wonder what you are
up above the world so high
like a diamond in the sky'

Back then and even today I genuinely wonder what they are? Keeping aside the elaborate and complex explanations presented in the physics textbooks, that's not alluring in the least!
I visualize them through the depth of my eyes and the window of my soul. I trust them more than the complicated and ever changing theories of physics. However it still is a mystery. A mystery that unfolds every night. Night after night.

To me its a different world. A world so serene, a world so secure. Why can't the stars and the mushy breeze stay with me, within me forever?

They say that after every night comes a bright day but it never sounds pleasing to me.Instead I want to be blanketed in the laps of this night. Caressed by the winds and protected by the sky.
This tryst with the night is ever so beautiful, so fascinating and so mysterious.
Plunging into the colossal sky I experience freedom and let my mind wander with those mysteries. hugging them tight.

Walking over the known and the unknown together is a passion infinitely pleasurable.
Gossiping into the ear of night those little words of joy and sorrow, the turmoils of the sun.
I have trusted this tryst with innumerable songs. The soft winds press upon me kisses so enchanting that I touch the divine and the divine swathes me.

PS - Written on one such night....this tryst continues till the suns ray breaks my reverie....