I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Sunday, April 7, 2013

'Tryst with a night'

This is not the first time that I sit under the open sky admiring its vastness. Stars like dew on delicate petals attract me ever since I learnt to recite 

'Twinkle, twinkle little star
how I wonder what you are
up above the world so high
like a diamond in the sky'

Back then and even today I genuinely wonder what they are? Keeping aside the elaborate and complex explanations presented in the physics textbooks, that's not alluring in the least!
I visualize them through the depth of my eyes and the window of my soul. I trust them more than the complicated and ever changing theories of physics. However it still is a mystery. A mystery that unfolds every night. Night after night.

To me its a different world. A world so serene, a world so secure. Why can't the stars and the mushy breeze stay with me, within me forever?

They say that after every night comes a bright day but it never sounds pleasing to me.Instead I want to be blanketed in the laps of this night. Caressed by the winds and protected by the sky.
This tryst with the night is ever so beautiful, so fascinating and so mysterious.
Plunging into the colossal sky I experience freedom and let my mind wander with those mysteries. hugging them tight.

Walking over the known and the unknown together is a passion infinitely pleasurable.
Gossiping into the ear of night those little words of joy and sorrow, the turmoils of the sun.
I have trusted this tryst with innumerable songs. The soft winds press upon me kisses so enchanting that I touch the divine and the divine swathes me.

PS - Written on one such night....this tryst continues till the suns ray breaks my reverie....


  1. Beautiful Written Miss Sarah Malik. Tryst with night that transports you to a different world

  2. Poetic prose full of optimism. Nice Sarah.

  3. ..poetry is a gift..and you have that gift...
    ..that is why you could come up with a wonderful post like this..
    ..poets see the unseen..think, the unthinkable..notice,even the minutest things..
    ..loved this write..please keep writing.. :)

    1. hie! thank u for such a lovely comment. true that poets see the unseen and notice what others fail to do. welcome to the blog :)

  4. i love the night too...spl the ring of silence the wash of a dim white light the freedom of lookin at an endless sky without the fear of a harsh sun hurting your eyes...i m a total night person like u sarah!!...:)

  5. Finally I'm here :D

    I loved the way you've toyed with words. This is simply surreal and beautiful !

    Take Care