I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

5 - reasons why 'love is a WASTE of time' !!

WARNING : This post has been written as a part of 'feeling good being single' and 'Enlightening the imbecile V-day lovers' brigade. Kindly put down your rosy hued glasses before proceeding. Thank you.

1) Love is Blind - This is an old adage. Obviously,  you are not 'medically blind' and hence faking blindness would consume a lot of time. Imagine crossing the road with 'love blinded eyes' or performing your daily chores that way. Hard, isn't it?

2) Waste of money - It is a well known and accepted fact that nothing can burn bigger holes in the pocket than love. Now earning money requires patience, perseverance, perspiration and other P, Q,R ,S , Ts. Even A, B,Cs. but most importantly it requires 'Time'. whether you earn it the right way or left way err I mean wrong way. The need for time can't be denied. hence, waste of money = waste of time.

3) Love never dies - Usually things rot , iron rusts, seasons fade and we stomach certain painful feelings and morons in the hope that someday their absence would make the world a better place again.But, love is immortal according to popular beliefs. So once hitched, no 'bitches' or 'witches' can get you off it.
Did you say give it time? I'd say you are wasting your time.sigh.

4) Let the reason NOT be love - The love element relinquishes no movies/song/book. Most of them start with a jilt and end up in happily ever after scenario or at times vice versa.
Imagine, if all those lecherous/melancholic/soppy/fantasy scenes would be cropped or let me say 'expunged' (yeah, they deserve it!). A 3 hours movie would last for 3 min or maybe a few seconds?
And how about those 968 page book? of course, mills and boons will get extinct all together.
can you now calculate the time you are saving? good!

5) Ultimate troublemaker - complications, misunderstandings , maladjustments, jealousy, expectations come so handy with love. And since you are already blind, untangling the threads is quite a task. Decrypting those codes is deadly waste of time coz no matter how much you sharpen your troubleshooting skills, this maniac file cant be handled.

I hope it was convincing. Coz if this isn't I have another 10 reasons coming up on 'how love murders logic and wisdom' :P

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not a love story.

He ditched me again today.  This thought had always escorted itself with a wish. A wish of him abandoning me for ever. But maybe, infact  most certainly playing with my feelings was his favourite game, a pass time and an addiction.

I sat on my terrace, watching the infinite sky yet my mind wandered in the vicinity.

'Hi baby! am back' he startled me with his usual tone and pecked my cheeks.
I managed a smile, a bitter one but he realized not. After all I was a mere play board for him.

'the sky looks so beautiful and you are equally gorgeous. So lets dance, c'mon give me your hand'
He notoriously offered his hand to me. 

I sat still eyeing the floor as if ignorant to his deceptions and frauds.
The reality was that he couldn't understand what went within me.

Its indeed strange how love, which made you so strong once could turn into your biggest weakness.
And the pain which is suppose to make you weak can provide you strength to endure so much.

I gave him my hand - again.

There had been a time when his slight touch, even his gaze could set my heart racing and blood gushing.
Today, however in spite of us being so close I felt nothing. All emotions eluded me. 

He started stroking my hair and gently whispered 'you are the most important part of my life'
I died a little more inside.

Its sad but like happiness, pain isn't infectious. 
It never 'spreads out' rather 'seeps deep in' and kills you moment by moment. word by word.

We then sat like a perfect couple.  'baby I cant imagine my world without you
He once again throw ed his friendly dice.
I died a little more inside.

People may wonder why I said nothing. Some of you may even verdict my act as naive or pity me but I choose to experience it and let the agony kill my love.
Coz harbouring mixed feelings is his trait. 
For me its absolute - either perfect love or pure hatred.
Till then I choose to nurture hatred like I once intoxicated your love.
I choose to suffer in silence.