I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Peeping in a man's life- what they want !

To start with in my view no one is interested in knowing 'what-men-want'. Neither the men themselves (they are too confused and busy deciphering the needs of opposite gender) nor women (they are too preoccupied with their own needs).
But let me still continue to give you an insight on 'what-i-think-men-may-want'. And am sure there is no need for me to elaborate here the fact that we are not discussing the basic human needs or the character specific demands that are innate and make us who we are- an individual
Our needs and desires differ from one stage of life to another, so here goes my deep observation (yes! it took me some time to ponder over the actions and reactions of all men around me from my father to my friend's boyfriend) of 'what-men-want' or 'do-not-want.

For a boy (man) in his childhood :

  • I want to play and play till the day ends. It doesn't matter if that is a knife or a small key, everything is a toy except those dolls.
  • Don't ask me to sit at one place
  • I don't want to study. Compel me to do that and you are my enemy for life.
  • Don't you dare disturb me in between my favourite video/computer game.
  • Cricket/football/any other sports makes me ecstatic.
  • Don't shower your love in public or even private for that matter specially those 'my-boy-is-so-cute' looks and kisses. 
  • Girls are fragile creatures. I love to play with them because they often don't fight or argue.
  • Friendship means playing, laughing,jumping around and nothing else.
  • Love...whats that?
  • I love my mother and the bonding is unexplainable.

For a teenager boy (man) :

  • I still love playing but c'mon i can't play with just about everything now.
  • Yes, i still hate sitting at one place.
  • Studies are a big NO. Computer and maths are my favourite subjects. I HATE biology and social studies.
  • Computer/video games are my lifeline, with them i can survive even on a marooned place.
  • Cricket/football/any other sports still makes my ecstatic.
  • Public display of affection is still not permissible.
  • Girls are fragile and beautiful creatures. I love talking to them when i don't have a video game to play.
  • Friendship means games, fun,frolic.
  • Love means a popular girl who is my girl friend, but my confidante is that girl who lends me the copy or completes my work and patiently listens to me.
  • I love my mother, the bond is still the same.

For a 20-30's something man:

  • I love playing the game of hearts more than anything now, life comes only once after all.
  • Sitting at one place...ummm...let me think?
  • studies? phew!! i m almost done with them...thank you lord!
  • Girls are beyond my comprehension but they are beautiful , i know i can't do without them for long.
  • Friendship means forever
  • Love means stability and support.
  • I love my mother , she occupies the highest place in my life.
  • I want my sister to be the most respectable girl in town so at times i may overprotect her but all because i love her and i know the world is a bad place.
  • I love food, that's the best way to my heart.
  • Speak and share but not over do the giggling, talking and nagging. That irritates me.
  • Its my time to own the world, make money and merry.
  • You may be just a friend and i have no soft feelings for you but better don't call me your brother i may not appreciate that.

For a 40 something man and beyond :

  • I love leading a quiet ,respectable and sedentary life now.
  • I desire stability and support not money.
  • My wife should give me good food and listen to me when i speak.
  • I am growing old but i want my wife to stay active and beautiful always.
  • My daughter is my biggest responsibly, i may not say but i ll feel free only when i get her married.
  • I love to see my son grow and achieve what i could not.
  • I love my mother still, i want her to be with me forever.
  • I would love to correct all the mistakes i did in the past.
  • I want to die before my wife because somewhere in my heart i know that there is no one to take care of me the way she does.

I tried my best to cover all aspects of what-men-want although i am aware the a little post cannot do justice to their desires. Each one of us needs LOVE and RESPECT above everything else and when we do something for someone keeping in view this aspect its hard to go wrong :)
On the ending note i am reminded of the lines of a song from the movie 'My fair lady' which goes as :

Well after all, I'm an ordinary man,
Who desires nothing more than an ordinary chance, 
to live exactly as he likes, and do precisely what he wants... 
An average man am I, of no eccentric whim, 
Who likes to live his life, free of strife, 
doing whatever he thinks is best, for him, 
Well... just an ordinary man... 

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Friday, November 12, 2010


An empty sky and a hollow me
a silent night and that still tree
I look above and memories unwind
little by little they flow over my mind

A persistent pain and curbed desires
a deep dark past and burning fires
all mingle wid the blowing wind
surrounding air feels chilly and dry
feels like a dead soul, not even a sigh

And suddenly as if by a magical string
the winds turn cool and soothing within
the pain still lingers soaring by the night
darkness deepens, dimming all light

But only for a little more while
coz light is powerful and tears apart
all the bitterness of the past
the skies turn red and full of zeal
to embrace a new day and what it reveals

Surroundings afresh but remorse still untouched
the roads are deserted but green and lush
a bright new day is here to stay
dark shadows aside, making a way

As I get up drowsy and dead
sun smiles on me
right above my head
the tree of the night is no more silent
for birds around are chirpy and winds violent

My soul of the night is still hollow
I walk sedately in the silhouette of a girl
that's not me....

Friday, November 5, 2010

An Autobiography of a 'PIMPLE'!!!

THIS POST WON ME  BLOGESHWAR 5.0...yeepieee!!!  :D

WARNING: This is a fun post written for blogeshwar and anubhooti . It seizes to make sense so kindly keep your logical hemispheres (of brain) aside!

I am a Pimple. yes! you read it right! its 'P' not 'D', a classic example of how a single alphabet can change a youngsters life. And of course I write, I write that 'pus-ly' language on faces specially teenagers and do you know? I even draw well..those red marks which turn brown and hollow at times is my creation (grins proudly*)! Forever is my painting, wonder how it has no 'buyers'? maybe its far too common eh? unlike our good old M.F. Husain's who draws lines from different angles and colours to give a fresh look each time!

I am born when hormonal imbalance takes place and I happen to be a girl child. why? coz no one appreciates my arrival :( but do I care?
I am a spoilt brat and I love that part of me. I spoil the poor faces, their moods,their parties and dates (with untime arrival), their teenage and money (which they spend on erasing me). Poor things! little do they know I took my lessons from one and only Rajnikant- mind it! wont leave the industry err.... face i mean so soon baby!!
my favourite song is definitely:
waiting for tonight, oh ohhhhh hoooo,
when you would forget to wash your make-up,
waiting for that night, oh ohhhhh hooooo!

and when its raining men in a girl's life, I crop up just before her date at 5 o'clock to have a nap on her nose. what a feel...I only wonder why is she sooo curious to wake me up? trying everything from rubbing a potato slice to using instant skin clearing gel which has NO effect what-so-ever (remember I m a spoilt brat ;)) and guys....I dont LIKE them! they pinch me soo much and am forced to punch them back and see it gets all bloody and then forever is the scar. why soo serious hmmm? WHYYYY? (joker style) !

On my birthday, I call my fellow friends- 'virus and bacteria' and we have a party! it could be a common acne rosacea or herpes party!
The only thing that irritates me are those uncaring people. they simply don't care if i exist or not and continue to live peacefully with ME hovering on their faces. They accept me and move on with life not giving slightest attention to my paintings and writing, c'mon am not a new blogger, I have been doing this for ages now people!

And then comes my end and am forced to leave them beautiful!

Now let me send out a serious message (yes i even took some lesson from AB..angry young man)! "stop counting me (pimples) and count whats within you! that will last longer much longer than i do folks"!

So that was my happy and don't worry :D !!!

[image courtesy- google image search]