I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Friday, November 5, 2010

An Autobiography of a 'PIMPLE'!!!

THIS POST WON ME  BLOGESHWAR 5.0...yeepieee!!!  :D

WARNING: This is a fun post written for blogeshwar and anubhooti . It seizes to make sense so kindly keep your logical hemispheres (of brain) aside!

I am a Pimple. yes! you read it right! its 'P' not 'D', a classic example of how a single alphabet can change a youngsters life. And of course I write, I write that 'pus-ly' language on faces specially teenagers and do you know? I even draw well..those red marks which turn brown and hollow at times is my creation (grins proudly*)! Forever is my painting, wonder how it has no 'buyers'? maybe its far too common eh? unlike our good old M.F. Husain's who draws lines from different angles and colours to give a fresh look each time!

I am born when hormonal imbalance takes place and I happen to be a girl child. why? coz no one appreciates my arrival :( but do I care?
I am a spoilt brat and I love that part of me. I spoil the poor faces, their moods,their parties and dates (with untime arrival), their teenage and money (which they spend on erasing me). Poor things! little do they know I took my lessons from one and only Rajnikant- mind it! wont leave the industry err.... face i mean so soon baby!!
my favourite song is definitely:
waiting for tonight, oh ohhhhh hoooo,
when you would forget to wash your make-up,
waiting for that night, oh ohhhhh hooooo!

and when its raining men in a girl's life, I crop up just before her date at 5 o'clock to have a nap on her nose. what a feel...I only wonder why is she sooo curious to wake me up? trying everything from rubbing a potato slice to using instant skin clearing gel which has NO effect what-so-ever (remember I m a spoilt brat ;)) and guys....I dont LIKE them! they pinch me soo much and am forced to punch them back and see it gets all bloody and then forever is the scar. why soo serious hmmm? WHYYYY? (joker style) !

On my birthday, I call my fellow friends- 'virus and bacteria' and we have a party! it could be a common acne rosacea or herpes party!
The only thing that irritates me are those uncaring people. they simply don't care if i exist or not and continue to live peacefully with ME hovering on their faces. They accept me and move on with life not giving slightest attention to my paintings and writing, c'mon am not a new blogger, I have been doing this for ages now people!

And then comes my end and am forced to leave them beautiful!

Now let me send out a serious message (yes i even took some lesson from AB..angry young man)! "stop counting me (pimples) and count whats within you! that will last longer much longer than i do folks"!

So that was my happy and don't worry :D !!!

[image courtesy- google image search]


  1. "c’mon am not a new blogger" - This particular line is funny , sarcastic and to some extent a message to all bloggers as well as a bitter truth about how human nature.

    I loved this line and loved the post too.
    It is good and full of sattire.

    Good luck with the contest bud :)

  2. loved every line of autobiography of pimple and its a laughter provoking post to me.wish you luck for the contest.

  3. hmm... a very interesting post... I particularly liked the last image... kind of wonder what key words did you put in the google to get that result :D

  4. ROFL.. this was hillarious :D Ewww nothing other than pimple to get humorous,,,, amazing :D

  5. Hehehe...d hilarious side of painful pimples.. :D :D

  6. thnx a lot :) creating humour was the sole purpose of the post...m glad tht i achieved it :)
    welcome to d blog..i ll read ur post asap.

  7. thnk u! glad u like for the images, nothing innovative..i simply typed the 'keywords'. btw it reminded me..i forgot to credit google for their great work ;)

  8. hehe...Even i dont know when and how this idea crept into my mind.
    glad that u liked it!
    and welcome to the blog :)

  9. finally u r here. welcomeee :D
    thnx for visiting the blog.

  10. thnx soo much. this was my first attempt at writing something humorous.
    happy to c that it made sense to ppl ;D
    and with bloggers like u around the line seems false to me. grateful for ur appreciation always!

  11. o! i LOVED it :) very well written..

  12. thnk u so much...i m happy that it made sense ;P
    and welcom to d blog!

  13. Hey, Sarah

    Thank you for your appreciation of my blog. I see that you are new to blogging and my best wishes are with you for a long and happy stint at blogging :-)

    I never had pimples (due to dry skin) but have seen my friends battling them. This was really a funny piece from the perspective of these pesky pustules ;-)

  14. thnx so much for ur wishes. yes m new to d blogging world,glad that u liked my write-up :)
    and definitely u r luck tht u didn't battled against these creepy things....!
    welcome to d blog dear :D

  15. it was so hilarious and creative... told ya i loved ur blog...
    its just so awesome.
    keep coming.

  16. welcome to my blog deepika :) a pleasure that u liked my work!

  17. very nicely written.. who cares how old u are in blogging.. it's the zing that matters n that is so much present over here.. i quite liked the thought processing behind it.. nice.. very nice.. best wishes for blogeshwar..

  18. Hey !Thnkz 4 visiting my blog..
    And your post is really hillarious:)
    The word PIMPLE itself caught my attention..coz now thats the problem I am having..I never had pimples,bt now when I am going to attend a function in 2dys..I dn't know frm wher it appeared:p
    What you have written is soo true..Its lik you have seen what happened to me,what I am doing and penned here..
    Even my buddy(google) isn't helping me..Hope u will come up with another post 'Final Stage of Pimple':p

  19. absolutely! having entered the world of blogging i realized it just the flow of creative juices thats needed! glad that u liked the post...thnx for ur wishes :)

  20. haha...poor u..all my sympathies with u :) and final stage of pimple is a nice idea..i mite work on it ;)
    thanx for visiting d blog....

  21. haha...that was some humour to take:)...first time here...liked it:)

  22. thnks raksha! very glad that u liked the blog. keep coming :)

  23. :) congos, good job :)
    u must be blogeshwari :p

  24. thnk u! the winning means a lot :) and yes! ' blogeshwari' shud be the title....girls shud get the status they deserve :P

  25. Ah!! One of the best humorous and original posts that i have read in recent times. Commendable!

  26. hahaha..the plastic wrap was hillarious....Pimples, ahh!!! i know my teenage was pimple ridden all the way...for almost 1-2 years i tried every damn thing available for face...but to no avail...thanks god its over now...anyways...very well do deserve an award for this...

  27. thnk u so much always happy and FP...keep visiting :D