I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Friday, November 12, 2010


An empty sky and a hollow me
a silent night and that still tree
I look above and memories unwind
little by little they flow over my mind

A persistent pain and curbed desires
a deep dark past and burning fires
all mingle wid the blowing wind
surrounding air feels chilly and dry
feels like a dead soul, not even a sigh

And suddenly as if by a magical string
the winds turn cool and soothing within
the pain still lingers soaring by the night
darkness deepens, dimming all light

But only for a little more while
coz light is powerful and tears apart
all the bitterness of the past
the skies turn red and full of zeal
to embrace a new day and what it reveals

Surroundings afresh but remorse still untouched
the roads are deserted but green and lush
a bright new day is here to stay
dark shadows aside, making a way

As I get up drowsy and dead
sun smiles on me
right above my head
the tree of the night is no more silent
for birds around are chirpy and winds violent

My soul of the night is still hollow
I walk sedately in the silhouette of a girl
that's not me....


  1. not only are your words just superb and delish, the photography is as well! So happy I found your blog! A new fave!!! :)

  2. hey! thanks a lot for ur war appreciation :) m glad that u liked my blog...hope to c u here more often...
    welcome :D

  3. mademoiselle,
    That was an awesome poem.

    Ah just if my poetry was as good as yours :)
    Very very well written.

    keep the good job going on

  4. beautifully expressed interlaced with beautiful words.

  5. lovely poem... i can totally relate to it.. keep on writing... :)

  6. Hi! First time here :)
    Glad to find such lovely posts.
    You've written such intense lines!!
    Hope to have a nice time reading our blog :)

  7. wow, a lovely poem that was.

    My soul of the night is still hollow
    I walk sedately in the silhouette of a girl
    that’s not me….



  8. look whose saying...u write extremely well, m to just a learner. and being modest i duly credit all my poems to my balcony which brings alive the poetic soul in me in the night :)
    really glad that u liked it :D

  9. hello sohni,
    this is the best an author can ask for...that ppl relate to his/her work. so happy at ur comment.
    welcome to d blog :)

  10. thanx a lot pratibha...keep visiting :)

  11. hey restless :) happy that u liked it....welcome to d bog!

  12. hie raksha!

    thnks a lot...welcome to b blog :)

  13. hey shruti!
    welcome to the blog :)
    thnks for appreciation!

  14. This is simply beautiful..Each n every word has a uniqueness.. :)
    Keep going.. :)

  15. I have a balcony too and when I look out all i see it the vehicles on a dirty road, guess some poetry i'd work out on tat :p

  16. ........beautiful......

  17. i could imagine the whole scenery...very well portrayed....just a suggestion ...minimise the use of "the" "and" it just hinders the flow of a poem...
    and please modify line4:its not going with the flow...
    its just a suggestion offence meant
    well penned anyways...good work

  18. @ magic eye- thnk u so much :)

    @ FP- ofkors i didn't mind, i appreciate ur suggestion genuinely..even i'm working on refraining from the use of and & the..
    grateful for ur comment..keep coming :)