I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2 hours- I choose 'living' over 'winning'

The very thought of procuring an extra two hours a day feels like a free dish on my platter or a prayer answered when you least expected it or maybe a surprise top -up recharge on my usually low on balance cell phone!
In a jiffy with an energy of a shooting star I found myself scribbling out various activities I'd do in those 'extra cheese' on my pizza hours :-D
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from Shopping to Sleeping               
Cooking to Cleaning
Reading to Roaming
Phone calls to Friends...

my list en wrapped NOT just everything humanly possible but also wild fantasies like Time travel and Tolerating the neighborhood aunt's rants!

However, as soon as the initial excitement and euphoria subsided I realized that we have always heard people say ' this world's a playground' although the only sports I observe people 'playing' now a days is 'athletics' (it includes me as well) . Yes, running, jumping and throwing! Running endlessly, mindlessly and often aimlessly day after day for months and years to reach the end of an infinite path.

In this era of eternal rushing when 24 hours cease to suffice, what difference will two additional hours make? what I will end up doing is a little more of this endless running!

So I decided to pursue something beyond monotony of everyday - 'to slow down a bit'!
For its better to 'LIVE' than to 'WIN' this race of life!

To let that athlete in me experience a whiff of wind, 
the green of tress and red of rose, 
the sound of lub-dub when my heart beats and millions of such marvels which go unnoticed each day.

I decided 
I will let people stand ahead of me in a queue,
wait patiently for the second bus and let an old lady take my seat in the first one instead. 
I will let a fellow customer get her billing done first,
talk to that child with special needs on the bus stand for there is no rush to reach college ,
oil my mom's hair,
listen patiently to my grand mom's late night stories, 
play with my younger brother for some minutes more,
chase the butterflies like in childhood days,
read even those 'longer than average' post on blogs,
water my plants more often,
relish even the second serving of my dessert,
sit beside the window with my huge coffee mug,
love myself more for proudly being me,
and just when those 120 minutes bid farewell- 
thank Almighty for blessing my  LONG day! :-)

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  1. Wow! :D And those were the best ways anyone can use the two extra hours! :D I would sleep :| Pointless. :P

  2. Amazing! I read a few posts on this topic and yours has struck a chord with me, more than once. The list that you mentioned is just so pleasing and one would want to read that again and again. This is an award winning post so far Sarah, good work, good luck for the contest. I would soon write an entry for the same, once I get time!

  3. Sarah, you rhyme so well in your post, and this touched my heart a lot.. Thanks for blessing this post.. Best wishes for the contest.. :-)

    Someone is Special

  4. Hheheheh Good post actually great post. Like MSM said, I wud rather sleep and then feel guilty later.

  5. What an Awesome post. Such a fresh perspective on utilizing the extra two hours and perhaps the noblest too. Best of Luck to you Sarah.

  6. Wonderful!! :)

    I wish you all the best for the contest!

  7. Your post justifies my theory of eating, "Screw if I turn fat, I just wanna eat."

  8. very well written...all the best with the contest

  9. MSM- well, any other 'extra' hours after those 2..even m heading to my bed :P glad u liked it!

    Animesh - It was soo gracious of u to call my post a 'winning one'...I so badly wished u would have been d judge..mere to aish hote :P
    will wait for ur entry..thnk u!

    SIS - thnk u for that lovely comment :)

    red handed - I really feel now that I should have added' sleep' somewhere to my plan list!

    Swapna - glad u liked it and welcome to d blog:)

    Simran - thnks deary, yet to read ur post on the same!

    Prateek - hehe! the only difference - my theory has no 'side effects' like urs ;)

    SUB - thnk u :D

  10. For its better to 'LIVE' than to 'WIN' this race of life! <-- Very true!! Wish people start living even if there's only 24 hours a day!! :)

    Bloggers Park

  11. I dont know u'll win this contest or not but u've won my heart and heart of all your readers for sure.. u've always been a very thoughtful and a genuine person and that reflects in ur posts..
    I can just say that m blessed to have known u :)

  12. good one.. well it reminded me to pen a post on the same topic.. hehe.. hope we both wins... :)

    Weakest LINK

  13. A noble way to spend two extra hours. Could relate to the post very well. Great post!

  14. The things you have mentioned under I decided are very thoughtful :)

    except I can never allow anyone to go ahead of me in a queue :P I HAVE BEEN STANDING FOR SO LONG :P

  15. Now I can make out why do you win every competition you participate in.. :)
    The initial part was like, i have thought about it a million times and tried to escape the truth...
    The last 20 lines are fabulous... absolute treat to read :)

  16. Sorry but i can't praise you every time.. :D
    You.. i mean your write ups are awesome beyond words.. :) :)
    super duper truper likes :D

  17. That was a superb post! So thoughtful and subtle... Loved every line... Profound!
    I second GvSparx :)

  18. @Binu - I wish the same and in fact I'd trying doing the same :)

    @Rahul - awww...m so glad u said that! And it may sound cliched but winning hearts is ACTUALLY more important for me (not that I dont want d prize) :P :D

    @Rachit - yeah! I hope the same and even if I dont win..u can gift me urs ;) will wait to read ur viewpoint :)

    @Anisha - thnks a tonne!

  19. @poonam di - hehe! what u said is true too, India mein to specially v cant LET even a single person dismantle the queue even if he is critical or dying! :P

    @Gv sparx - ye to bahut badi baat kehdi tumne :O thnk u so very much, ur comment was delightful as well! :D

    @Iram - right after Gv sparx..i seeee :P And thnk u for making me fly to cloud 9 :)

    @Anukriti - TO be modest, i liked urs more and more happy to have found ur blog! welcome to my place and glad u liked my post!

  20. obviously i wont be surprised to see are such an amazing person Sarah and god bless you for that...

  21. hey...for sure you have got a gr8 heart...amazing post..!!

  22. Oyeee...i did not mean during crisis...

  23. hmmmm...great resolutions i hope you be successful in doing all that you plan to do...the intentions are noble and lets hope it will be transformed into actions which would be noble...yes sometimes 24 hours do seem to be not enough in a day but the fault is that we tend to wish doing more than what is necessary... if we live one day at a time we would be happier... :)

  24. loved the ending lines :) subtle indeed . . best wishes for the contest :)

  25. Very truly said. There is an alternate culture called "slowdown" which is taking world by its stride. Not eating fast food. Relishing slowly our food. Not hurrying in to anything etc. etc. This post reminds me of the same :)Best of luck. Please do visit my post Aye Zindagi!

  26. And this rush we often miss out on those moments that make our life special...

    Beautiful thoughts Sarah...

  27. @stefuuu - It was soo sweet of u to say that:) m happy....happy :D

    @crzyfundu - what a nick :O And so gracious of u to say that..dil garden garden hogaya :D

    @poonam di - arey that was just to show d 'intensity' of impatience we model. I know u r too sweet to even think of such a thing:)

    @Alka maam - thnks a lot!

  28. @ Muhammad Israr- definitely! In fact this post has ACTUALLY made me slow down a bit while performing the everyday kinda helpful :) hope it helps my readers too! thnks a lot:D

    @Maliny - glad u liked it..and welcome to d blog!

    @Ranting Indian - oh yes, that was quite an apt word to use, 'alternate culture'. The world needs it now to bring us back to being humans again :) n welcome!

    @Purba maam - yes! a lot of things that r valuable to us in a true sense. thnk u :)

  29. I'll be upfront. I'm a competitor to that ipad2, but I'll be frank and say that this post is superb. I mean, the best part about it is its frank nature, and the things you said you'd do in the two hours are something that after reading, even I felt I should do :D

    So, wish you all the best, and I hope you win the ipad (i hope i win too :P )

    Please give my post a read too, if you can :)

  30. **Running endlessly, mindlessly and often aimlessly day after day for months and years to reach the end of an infinite path.
    SO true.
    And this post was ridiculously well written. Loved every bit.
    I just wish we were that smart in channeling our energy and utilizing our time.

  31. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooperb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  32. brilliant post sarah. probably one of the bests i've seen in this contest. amazing that anyone could come up with such an ALTERNATE concept. guess 'thinking out of the box' is something you can add to your resume. kudos. :)

  33. @the story teller - Those 'frank' words from u really brought a wide grin on my face..thank u :)

    @crystal - thank God u didnt end ur sentence on 'ridiculous' and added 'well' with written :P
    jokes apart, thank u soo very much for such a warm comment :)

    @Rahul - :)

    @Karthik - omg! I m on cloud 19 now! thank u so very much :D

    @Bindu - thanks a lot :)

  34. hehehehe, tolerating neighborhood aunt's rant's, now this is one heck of a different way to spend the extra two hours.
    concept is just mind boggling. very well penned.

  35. wow ! surf helps you to do wonders :) very creative and offbeat, nice one indeed!

  36. wow..cant think of a better way to spend those hrs..beatiful thought. here s my take, hv a look-

  37. Beautiful :)
    Yes..we have forgot to value each moment and have involved ourselves in competition..and all the best for fulfilling the living of life rather than racing :)

    P.S.-I have got only two blogs :P no more..In one i write after ages and the other gets updated often :) ..thanks for appreciating the way you did.It brought a smile to me.

    Keep smiling always..!

  38. i found the article a lil arty and abstract...but yes its indeed a nice read ......

  39. @pramod - thnks a glad u found it interesting :)

    @specs buffy - thats a pretty unusual nick! and yeah, the topic did help me and a lot of other participants retrospect some of the lesser pondered upon things in life :D thnx!

    @Zradar - thnks u and i did read urs too :)

    @Alcina - hehe..Thnk God u have just 2, warna I would have to keep track of ur other ones also :P and good to c u here!

    @A guilty conscience - y such a nick :O and I wont deny the fact that my writings are a lil abstract but till my readers can find a meaning and identify with it..m kinda satisfied :) thnk u for the honest opinion!

  40. Sarah after reading ur post i really wish you get that 2 hrs.. no one could make a better use of it :) :) :).. all the best for the contest :)

  41. amazing post ! best of luck !
    i enjoyed myself a lot reading your post

  42. @mangoman -bilkul tension nahi leti mein, bus deti hi hun :D

    @Suku - thnks so much, I wish u would have mentioned the prize too ;)

    @Ajay - So glad to hear this..thnk u! :)

  43. very nicely thought out & written
    wish you all the best with the contest

  44. Aw. This is such a cute post. :-)

  45. Oh my. Humanity personified. Wonderfully written. Good luck with the contest. Check out my post too :-)

  46. @sujatha - thnk u so much :)

    @Zeba - for once, someone found my post cute, now thats even cuter..hehe..thnks :D

    @ Ashwini - Yep! being human is the first job we got in our hands...glad u liked it, will reads ur for sure :)

  47. what a beautiful way of spending the two hours. really innovative and Refreshing!!