I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Navigating through amnesia...Before I go to sleep- A Book Review

Before I Go to Sleep is the debut novel of writer S. J Watson.


The story revolves around a lady called Christine Lucas, who suffers from a peculiar kind of amnesia. Wherein, she forgets all what has happened to her in the past or throughout the day, basically both short and long term memory loss as soon as she sleeps. 

The story is being narrated in the first person by the protagonist Christine Lucas and the narration is quite gripping. 

Another character is Christine Lucas's doctor called Dr. Nash who initially calls as a stranger and introduces Christine as her doctor also telling her not to tell Ben (Christine's husband) anything about their conversations. 
Dr. Nash asks Christine to read the journal and then to contact him should she want to continue with their work. This happens every morning since Christine is unable to remember anything. 

Ben, who is shown as Christine's husband is a teacher in nearby school who appears to be quite supportive to this peculiar kind of amnesia that Christine suffers from. 

The story proceeds in flashes of memory that Christine gets throughout various parts of the story which she notes down in her journal, reading them every morning. 

These flashes ultimately lead her to the truth of her amnesia. What or who lies behind her condition etc. 

Before I go to sleep comes out as an fine thriller. Some parts however get repetitive as Christine wakes up everyday with complete memory loss and narrates similar surroundings etc. 
Also, the unfolding of events do navigate through the mind of a patient suffering from amnesia but at times things appear to be all juggled up and weird. 

FAVOURITE CHARACTER- There are no characters which are worth being remembered not even the protagonist, Christine Lucas herself. 


1. "We’re constantly changing facts, rewriting history to make things easier, to make them fit in with our preferred version of events. We do it automatically. We invent memories. Without thinking. If we tell ourselves something happened often enough we start to believe it, and then we can actually remember it".
2. "There are memories I am better off  without. Things better lost forever".
3. "What are we, if not an accumulation of  our memories?"
4. "It's so difficult, isn't it? To see what's going on when you're in the absolute middle of something? It's only with hindsight we can see things for what they are".

In my opinion, Before I go to sleep is a good navigation through the mind of a amnesic patients, something that did interest a medico like me but it didn't appeal  much to me as thriller. 

The ending somehow got expected due to lack of characters and movie-ish to be frank. 

All in all it could be a one time read or you could skip it. But don't expect much from this as a 'thriller'.

RATING - 2.5/5 

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There is Music in the Night

Nights always arrive with a depth. An aura which becomes visible only when you walk with the darkness, hand in hand.
Night is a story in itself. A destiny which unfolds. A life within life.
In such depth there is so much to understand and hear. 
Darkness presents itself in rhythms. 
There is a strange sort of divine music sung by the night. 

As the sun sets and dusk breaks, the hues of earth's layer begin to change. Enveloping in darkness. A deep one.
As time passes, these hues yearn to be unfolded.
The tunes yearn to to be played.

Music is a divine thing. And silence is sacred. When music and silence combine, you are bestowed with the gift of night. 

There are innumerable mysteries waiting to be solved. So many questions waiting to be answered. So many turmoils waiting to be detangled. The chaos waiting to subside. 
Every such feeling awaits the calmness and songs of the dusk. 

"As I stand facing the dark
Chaos unclogs slowly
In the stillness of night
I bare my self and soul

Creatures hide in depths
An owl with a bright eye
Whisperings of nothing
Silence speaks slowly

Listening to the music
Rhythms joyful and tragic
Aura and mysterious voices
Night leaps ahead and afar

Voices of my soul speak
To fears crept in 
and uncertainties swinging
Giving me respite, solace

Soon night hurries up
Entwining destiny's games
Preparing for a new day
I am left dumbstruck

I wish to say to the songs
Don't leave so early
Leaving me confused
In the hands of a cruel day

Stubborn it is,listens never
Dawn begins to fall
Tired I lay in a slumber
Dreaming of another night".

For majority of the world, the rising sun brings in positive energy and hopefulness. 
They feel that after the dark times there is a brighter and new day to look forward to. 

However night lovers prefer to differ. 
For those who adore and admire night, the beginning of dawn seems a cruel sight.
They feel that the sun rise has crushed their dreams with the brightness of reality. 
The real world which is rude and emotionless. 
The real world which is shallow and selfish. 
The very thought of parting with the night and its music is painful to them, every single morning. 
That is why, they make an effort to be with it as much as they can because once sleep seeps in, night will slowly creep out.

The profoundness and calm of a night is indeed addictive. 
Once your soul gets used to the music and divinity of the night, your heart will compel you to stay awake even though the world peacefully dreams away.

If at times you are not able to do it, your heart will ache for it like lovers in distance ache for each other. And your soul will yearn for it like the souls yearns for his beloved soulmate. 

Such is the power of night. Its music. Its silence. Its calm. Its depth. Its aura.

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Famous writers and their fantastico works. Part 2

Today I am back with the second part of  this series. To discuss more great works of literature and the outstanding authors. 

My first post mainly catered writers of classics. 
This one will feature more of fiction writers and the newer ones. 
Nonetheless, they too are equally popular and have churned out great pieces of work. 

Again, I would like to mention that the list isn't exhaustive. No where near to it. It is just a mention of mostly my favourite and some other popular ones. 


Whether you are a book lover or not, J.K. Rowling's series named Harry potter is known to almost everyone. 
The series is loved by young and old alike. This lady is a British novelist and became famous with her series of seven books by the name of ‘Harry Potter’. She also came up with an adult novel called ‘The Casual Vacancy’ few years back which received mild success. 
Harry Potter was sold in hundreds of millions and was adapted into a blockbuster film franchise.


Best known for her International best seller 'Gone Girl' Gillian Flynn is an American author and television critic for Entertainment Weekly. 
She has written two other novels. One is Sharp object and the other is Dark places. 
For Sharp Object she won the 2007 Ian Fleming Steel Dagger for the best thriller. 
Flynn, grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. She graduated at the University of Kansas. 


People may criticise him but Paulo Coelho's readers know that he is inspiring and his writings are different than others.
His first book was 'The Pilgrimage' which was his own story in many ways. 
But it was only after his second book called 'The Alchemist' that Paulo shot to fame. 
So much so that the book has roughly sold 35 million copies, and is now the most translated book in the world by any living author.
Since The Alchemist, the author has been giving out a book every two years. 
My favourite works by him are Brida, The Zahir, The Witch of Portobello.


Stephen King is known as the 'king of horror and thriller'. He has been writing novels and neck breaking speed for the past 2 decades and many of his novels have received critical acclaim. 
King's first horror novel, Carrie, was a huge success.
King's book have been adapted into movies time and again and have been applauded. 
Famous novels by him are IT,Salem's Lot,The Shining,The stand and more lately Mercedes Man. 
His books have sold more than 350 million copies worldwide and been adapted into numerous successful films.
He has also penned down several books under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. 

That's all for part two. The list of great writers is such a long one. 
So I guess, I will do one more post for the series. 

Till then, keep reading!

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Impact of kindness

"Kindness is a language the a dumb can speak and a dead can understand". 

The power of a gesture is beyond the comprehension of a human mind. It may seem very trivial and we all are hearing it since time immemorial. A gentle touch, a kind smile, little help but these acts of good will have an unexplainable impact on fellow beings. 

We have always heard stories of kindness. Wherein, a kind word changed someone's heart or a slight gesture of love and care was so impactful that it melted some one's soul. 

I remember reading a story where a girl had recently shifted to a new place. With new people, new place she was simply unable to adjust herself. She had also had some trouble in the recent past.
She went to school each day only to find that all her classmates had their own 'groups and friends' and no one really bothered to befriend her. She felt lonely c
All of it had made her extremely depressive. 
One day, precisely a day before christmas she felt extremely sad and uncared for. So she decided to commit suicide.
She wrote a letter to her family and others to tell them her condition and was determined to give her life that day. 
As she came out to post the suicide letter she had written, suddenly she found a card on her name. 
She was shocked and surprised. When she opened it she found it was a card from a guy at school who wanted to be her friend and had invited her to christmas party tomorrow. 

This gave her a new hope and she ditched the idea of suicide that day. 
Amazing isn't it? What a deep impact just a little care and love had on her mind! It saved her life. Gave her hope. 

But what if she hadn't opened the letter box? Or what if she had continued the implementation of her plans? 

Here comes the catch. Undoubtedly, the power and impact of every single act of kindness and love is remarkable but we need to be receptive. 
Being receptive means that we should keep our hearts and hope open to such acts and gestures. 
We should be ready to accept and have faith. 
We should be ready to give and take. 
The impact can only be created and sustained if people keep on giving as much as they receive and vice versa. 

Also, we should try to be kind and caring as much as possible. You don't know how many lives you can touch and heal just by these little gestures.

Faith is a very important aspect of it all. If you have your hopes and trust high, things will get easier for you. 
We all receive our share of love, kindness and care. Now its upto us whether we want to let it pass by unnoticed or whether we open ourselves to let it create the desired impact on us. 

The choice is yours. 
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Friday, January 29, 2016

Acne free skin with Homeopathy

Everyone desires a lively and peppy skin. A skin that glows and looks healthy. 
The sight of pesky pimples is abhorred by all especially girls. 
They try everything from natural to herbal. Cosmetics to chemicals to get away with these irritating zits as soon as possible.

However, all such products are of little or no help. That is because acne isn't a superficial as many believe it to be.
Yes, there are superficial factors like dirt, sebum etc. Which may trigger it but for complete cure one needs to attack the root cause. 

Homeopathy has always been handy in such cases where you wish to find a complete cure rather than temporary relief. 
Being a homeopathic doctor myself, I come across acne cases quite frequently. Sadly, most of them have first been spoiled by an Allopathic cure and healing them becomes quite a daunting task because of that. 

So before proceeding to the cure, I would like to mention that never ever apply any topical creams on your acne. 
This can do more harm than good.

Now coming to the homeopathic medicine. They are basically prescribed on the cause of acne ( which could be an underlying disease, hormonal problem, stress etc) and symptoms related to it (which homeopaths have their own set of questions to find out) and third and most importantly the patient as a whole. 

Keeping all these in mind, it is best to see a homeopath and let him treat your acne instead of doing any sort of self prescription since you may obviously not find much success in that case. 

I am mentioning in some Homeopathic medicines for acne in general just to prove my point that there is quite a lot of scope in homeopathy for treatment of pimples. 
If you find your symptoms similar to the medicine, consult a homeopath and tell him/her about it. So that he/she can prescribe you with proper dosage. 
You can also contact me through my Email:

1)Kali Brom - Acne:Simplex, indurata, rosacea; bluish-red,pustular,on face, chest, Shoulders; leaves unsightly scars; in young fleshy persons of gross habit. 

2)Berberis Aquifolium - Clears the skin complexion. Also good for different types of acne. 

3)Pulsatilla- Beneficial when acne occur along with menstrual disturbances. Especially in teenage girls. 
Also, problem aggravates from eating fatty or fried food. 
Patient is mild, timid and of a yielding disposition. Cries easily. 
Complaints are generally better in open air and patients also likes consolation. 

4)Natrum Muriaticum -  This homeopathic medicine is sourced from simple salt.
Hormonal disturbances such as PCOD or menstrual irregularities associated with or leading to acne may call for Natrum Muriaticum. 
The face may be oily, a bit hairy, hypertrophied acne, ugly scars, in young girls and boys, may benefit from this medicine. The personality that matches with this medicine is one that is self-centred, reserved, brooding over past issues, inability to forget and forgive; kind hearted yet somewhat egoist, less expressive with emotions, etc.

5)Sulphur - This is a very well know skin remedy in homeopathy. 
Patient is a dirty one in general. The skin is greasy and dirty looking. Patient has unhealthy skin in general which is itchy. 
There is also burning following excessive itching and symptoms are aggravated at night. 

6)Calcarea Sulphuricum - This medicine is often indicated for those who have a tendency to get pus formation on acne. The person may be less tolerance to heat as compared to cold. The acne may be large, inflamed, red, and painful with tendency to get scars. It is one of the twelve tissue remedies used in homeopathy. 

7)Silicea - It is one of the best homeopathic medicines for acne. There is formation of pus in the pimples and this pus tends to be offensive. The patient tends to be worse in cold and cannot tolerate cold in any form.There is profuse perspiration, more so on the head. The skin is delicate and pale.
It is also one of the twelve tissue remedies. 

There are many more remedies which can be used to cure acne so its always better to consult a physician. 
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Famous writers and their fantastico works. Part 1

For a book lover, nothing is more interesting than discussing about books. Talking about the authors. Or most loved books. Reviewing them or reading reviews. 

Basically any discussion regarding books is most welcome and enjoyed. Not to mention, enlightening too.

Taking forward this loved and common passion of book reading, I decided to write a post dedicated to those amazing people who have worked hard to bring out the masterpieces. And some who have churned out not just one but many of them.

It is evident that I may not be able to mention all the great ones. But I will try my best to cover up all the major literary figures. 

The is the first post of the series and shall cater my favourites and hugely popular ones. 


This controversial writer was the king of satire. Apart from his work, he gave the world other historical and political reasons to remember him too. 
'The picture of Dorian Gray' was the only novel written by the Irish author and quite a controversial one too. It was alleged to contain matters pertaining to homosexuality and explicit texts related to the same. 
Oscar was even sent to prison was being indecent and gay. 
As for his works. He is well known for his plays and became famous in the 1890's. 
A woman of no importance and the importance of being earnest are my favourite works of his. 


A Nobel prize winner for Literature, Ernest was one of the greatest American author and journalist.  
He has published around seven novels, six short stories and two non-fiction works. 
In 1951, Hemingway wrote The Old Man and the Sea, which would become perhaps his most famous book, finally winning him the Pulitzer Prize he had long been denied.
He had a sad fate and early on the morning of July 2, 1961, Ernest Hemingway committed suicide in his Ketchum home.
The most favourite works by this author are Farewell to the arms and The old man and the sea. 


I must confess that when I first began reading her book 'Mrs. Dalloway' I couldn't understand a sentence. Such was the class of literary work.
She was an American writer but had a British nationality. Her most famous works include To the Lighthouse, Mrs. Dalloway, Orlando: A Biography and A Room of One’s own. She died on the 28th March in 1941 when she was 59 years old.
Woolf still remains one of the most well known authors of 21st century. 


Charles John Huffan Dickens was an English writer and social critic.
I have been a great admirer of his stories since the childhood days.
He has made me cry on the plight and hardships of so many of his protagonist notably Oliver Twist and David Copperfield.
He is most notable for his works The Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, David Copperfield, Bleak House, Hard Times, A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations. Each and every work of this author is special and it is very difficult to name a favourite. 

That's all for the first part of the series. 
In the coming posts I will be sharing more such fantastico authors and their outstanding works. 
Recommendations if any, are most welcome. 

Keep reading!

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Famous writers and their fantastico works. Part 3

Talking about books and authors is such an awesome experience. 
With the intention of writing the third part of this series of great writers and their works, I must add that I have come to know a lot of different things in this whole process too. 
A lot about their personal life and career.  
Although this would be the final part of the series, I may write an extension some other time. For it is truly impossible to stop talking about books and writers. 

Now coming to the great literary figures. 


Who isn't familiar with pride and prejudice? The charm and persona of Mr. Darcy and elegance of Ms. Elizabeth. 
Ever fascinated by the world of stories, Jane began to write in bound notebooks. These notebooks, encompassing the novels as well as short stories, poems and plays, are now referred to as Jane's Juvenilia. 

In her 30s Jane started to anonymously publish her works. She pseudonymously published Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and Emma.

Her novels are considered as classics. My favourite is Pride and Prejudice.


Agatha Christie is popularly known as the "Queen of crime" and "Queen of Mystery".
Agatha Christie was a mystery writer who was one of the world's top-selling authors. 

Christie wrote more than 70 detective novels as well as short fiction. 
She is one of the top-selling authors in history, with her combined works selling more than 2 billion copies worldwide.
My favourite work of her's is "And then there were none".


Interestingly Sidney Sheldon was not just a best-selling novelist won also won Oscar, Emmy and other awards for his work on stage and screen. 
His first novel was 'the naked face' which he wrote while producing a series. 
Sheldon's famous works include Rage of Angels,The Other Side of Midnight,Master of the Game and If Tomorrow Comes. 
His plots contain suspense, sensuality and that makes the book quite a page turner. 


Franz Kafka was a German writer. He is best known for his short stories namely 'The metamorphosis'. Also his novel 'The trial' and other work 'The castle' , all of which have been written in German. 

He created a very unique plot where his protagonists struggled in the surreal, realism and absurdity. 
Based on his plots, the word Kafkaesque has been derived. Which is used to refer to such set ups as those in the plots of Franz Kafka. 
The word however has been misused a lot of times and his works too have been a point of innumerable discussion.   

With this I end my series. At least for now. 
As mentioned, it was quite an enlightening experience to learn more about the authors and their works. 

Do recommend me those whom I skipped and I might be compelled to do another post on the same. 

Keep reading!

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Problems and their positive impact on our life

"This phase, a crossroad
Chaotic yet so still
I look ahead, afar
Waging within, greats wars. 

There seems darkness
Uncertainties clouding in
Coloured bubbles broken
Spirits, shallow and sunken

Bruised, almost consumed
Gathering faith and hope
Worn down of patience
Lonely amongst known relations. 

Gloom piles up on doom
Monotony dances around
In search of better days
Slowly hope drifts, fades". 

We all face crossroads in our life, once or many a times. What one needs to remember however is that troubles don't arrive to disturb or upset you. They arrive to make you grow. Grow into a stronger human being and better version of your own self. 

We all get disheartened when put on a crossroad. We feel 'God, why me'. If we understood the positive impact of problems on our life, we wouldn't think of such a thing. 
We would happily accept all the difficulties bestowed on us and try to emerge out as a powerful and stronger being. 

Now, it may sound ironical to some of you that what positive impact can a problem have on someone? Or what good lies in being on crossroad which simply leaves us Confused and chaotic. Isn't it? 

I will mention in some of them to you today. 

1)A trouble faced is some lesson learnt. This is an age old adage that problems always teach us a lesson. In fact, there is no greater learning experience than learning from our mistakes. 

2)Problems give us inner strength. Just like a disease which resides in our body for a while, weakening us but when it leaves we are healthier than yesterday for it provides us with the immunity to fight against similar diseases in later life. Similarly, problems too leave us healthier and stronger when we grow out of them. 

3)We grow. No, not the physical growth of course. But another positive impact of struggles in our lives is that it helps us grow both mentally and spiritually.
We realise that at times circumstances may leave you helpless but a greater power exists which will heal you out of it. 

4)Spiritual growth is one of the most important and fruitful impact of challenges in our life. For once you grow spiritually, life becomes so much easier and some of the troubles that you tend to attract for yourself will not happen in the first place. 

5)When stuck on a crossroad another thing that we learn is to be humble. Our problems make us understand that we are powerless and every single being is equal. 
We also learn sympathy and realise that every one around is facing their own share of problems.

To sum it up, as Shaun Hick puts it 
"You need to spend time crawling alone through shadows to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun".

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5 ways to pep up your style!

We all love to be stylish. To be appreciated and admired. 
It is easy to ape someone's style but creating a statement of your own is certainly a hard task. 
Hard but definitely not impossible.

To stand apart in the league of style the most important aspect is creating a fashion sense. Not just any fashion sense but a style that belongs to you. 
Just make sure that it suits your personality and aura. Style is suppose to enhance your appeal and not doll you up into something you are not.

In this post, I will share some ways in which you can get a little more peppy and lively through your style. 
As mentioned earlier, this may not suit everyone but if you are looking ahead to pep up your personality, you are at the right place. 


Most important! You can't look peppy if you keep up a straight or zombie face. 
Smiling is a statement in itself. Style comes later. A wonderful smile can brighten up anyone's day. It will make you appear not only peppy and stylish but also come across as a gracious and charming soul.  So if you are on the road to stand apart as lively, show your teeth baby. 


The right pair of sunglasses is second most important asset to add up to your pep factor. 
I am surprised as to how people just end up buying sunglasses based on brand or superficial factors. Sunglasses are extremely important to make the other person understand where you stand in terms of style.
Shell in some money and buy a pair that adds up to your uniqueness. 


Hairstyle makes so much of a difference. If you wish to look peppy, not just your attire should match it up but your hairstyle too should speak for itself. 
Going in for lasers or short hair isn't necessary. In this case it should be but anything that enhances your aura and keeps you comfortable. 


The kind of colours you chose to wear determines a lot about your style quotient. 
Normally darker and fluorescents are considered apt for a peppier and lively version of you. Then again, depends on a lot of other factors too. Paler shades should however be avoided. The key here is sporting in an array of colours instead of safely playing with blacks or reds.  


This one is no brainer. Attitude undoubtedly makes all the difference. 
Be it the style you wish to carry or changes you decide to make.
If you are able to sport the right attitude, it would all fall into place. 
So give special attention to this one. 

In the end, being peppy is about staying happy and carefree. 
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2-line stories

The greatest way to create an impact is through writing. A pen is mightier than a sword is an age old dictum and its so very true. 

Words can bring it a lot of change. Although, all forms of writing are equally impactful when written that way but I feel that stories have a special power to connect and resonate with the readers. 

Maybe its the characters they identify with or its closeness to reality, a well written story definitely leaves a lasting impact on our memory. However, writing stories is quite a task. Creating a sensible and tight plot then sketching out characters who are interesting and unforgettable. Next relating them to your story and finding a perfect balance. 
The twists and turns. Right timings to insert them. 
Crispy dialogues. Power Packed narration and finally an impeccable ending. 
Getting together all of them is extremely difficult and a single mistake can prove suicidal for the entire story. 

I have never been good when it comes to writing stories. Whenever I tried my hand at it, I either stopped midway or the story always turned out to be a tragic one. 
Perhaps, I read too many thrillers and tragedies. Uh! 

So to keep things easier I simply write "2 line stories". With the belief that a single line is sufficient to turn the plot upside down, I and many others pen these stories in 2 lines. 

Presenting you Eight 2-line stories that I wrote. 

I am not that good. Just tried to keep all elements intact. Lets see of I manage to create some impact. Hope you like them. 

1) There was complete darkness all around. I felt alone and afraid. 

Suddenly he kissed me. My heart a-glowed with light again. 

2) Tears rushed like there was no tomorrow as she stared the laptop screen.Something had died within her. 

That something was hopelessness. She had finally cleared her medical exams. 

3) Her delivery was due tomorrow. Today her husband expired in a car accident. Her smile was filled with hope. 

Tomorrow her baby shall see the light of the day, irrespective of its gender.

4) she leaned on the pole. Holding it tighter, turning and twisting over it. 

She had failed to grab a seat. Ladies compartment in the metro train was quite crowded today.

5) The silence of nights, reminds me of promises

We made. You brokeI shattered.

6)I had lost myself completely in the depth of YOUR kohl

When the redness of HER juicy lips recovered me! - story of a playboy;)

7) For some night brings sleep. For others peace. For me it brought a desire. 

A desire to kill, myself. 

8) I sat in anticipation. Nervous but hopeful. Today was finally my day. Finally he came

and bought me for 500 bucks. I was the new, chotu

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Navigating through our souls...

"Whatever you are physically...male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy--all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside". - Cassandra Clare

Life is strange. It bestows on us new challenges each day. It makes sure that we keep on our toes and the warriors in us never gets tired. 

In this whole process of accepting challenges and fighting with the outside world we sometimes tend to forget our insides. What lies within us. Our souls. 

We fail to understand that no matter the problems we face, the conflicts that go around us, the issues we are forced to tackle, our soul always takes part in our fights. And that is why it is utmost important to nourish and replenish it. 

Replenishing the soul is hard and easy at the same. 
All it requires is a way to navigate through it. A way to seep and extract what goes in and the desires it harbours. 

Our soul isn't timid or weak. It is not even shy. It is simply too modest and too patient. It would never shout or nudge you every now and then to listen or understand its needs. It simply waits. Hopeful, that you will eye through. 
To understand its demands. To accept the realities you have been running from. To accept your own needs. To find the things which make you grow and heal and love

"The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear". -Daniel Defoe

Simply put you need to wade through your inner self. Navigate, trying to ascertain where you are and where you want to be. 

Just like while driving, we navigate to find the direction of a place we want to go. We take the help of technology and also listen to what our impulses say. It is by this collaboration that we are able to find our way with ease.

In a similar way, navigating through our souls is important to locate things which would help us move on the desired path. 

Surprising it is that if you part ways or forget to replenish the soul, life seems to be lost somewhere. 

It really gets difficult to cope up with the hardships and problems. 
We may give it any name. Call it depression, fear, sadness, gloom. All of it are just synonymous to this phenomenon of unnourished soul. 
The moment you understand it and begin to seek solace within, things start to get better. The process of 'soul navigation' is the cure you need. It is all the therapy that is required to bring you back to an equilibrium. To set you back on a healthy and happy life.

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Unsung. Forgotten.

Music and songs have been one of the pillars of Bollywood.

Movies gaining their share of fame even before hitting the screen is mainly through its songs. 

In fact, a catchy or peppy number has come across as the foremost promotional strategy for movie marketing. 
A lot of times you hear a song and instantly remember the movie, its actors, storyline and related stuff. 
Or at times, you hear a song and it resonates so deeply with you that you develop interest in the movie and its characters too. 

A rising trend these days has been the peppy and loud item numbers that smartly lure listeners into their extremely catching lyrics and tunes which in turn creates popularity for the movie. 
Some recent movies have achieved remarkable success at the box office just by a single catchy and flashy item song. 

Another trend these days are the 'so called raps'. I would rather refer to them as mindless rhyming since they fail to make any sense what so ever. 

Unfortunately these raps and vulgar item numbers are becoming a fad amongst youngsters and every single teenager can be seen going crazy behind it. 

This negative trend is sadly and slowly destroying the complete essence and charm of music. 

The depth and elegance of old Bollywood songs seems to be completely lost. 
In the past, every song that was introduced carried such impeccable depth and meaning to it. 
Each and every verse spoke for itself. The melody, the tune, the words, all of it compelled you to think. 

These songs carried whole stories in them. They had the power to teach you important lessons of life. They had the touch to make you cry. To make you laugh. To make you love. 

The slow rhythms and melodious voices spoke for the power of music.

The songs of olden times have such meanings that still capture ones heart. 
Unfortunate it is that these pearls of music are slowly dying. They are forgotten somewhere in the midst of loud and obscene tunes of today.
Words of depth are crushed by the meaningless bantering. 

I frankly dread at the sight of seeing youngsters blindly singing gibberish lyrics and aping the shallow rappers and singers. 
I do not intend to disrespect anyone's creativity but being creative doesn't mean one plays with other's feelings and totally ignore the social responsibilities.

A few of those who cherish and remember them are almost gone too. 
This era of tangible melody is on the verge of extinction. 

The essence of music is unsung. Unheard. Forgotten. 

It may sounds dramatic but these pearls of wisdom need to be saved. Those who understand their worth need to get them back. They deserve to live forever. From eternity to eternity. Not just in our memories or forgotten lip singing but in our present and future. 

So that we too are not deprived of the pleasures of singing them to our children and grandchildren like our mothers and grandmothers did.

Music has a soul and it should not be killed. 

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Impact of Homeopathy on the medical world

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win". -Mahatma Gandhi
When Samuel Hahnemann discovered homeopathy in 1796, nobody knew what impact it could create on the medical world.
It was only when in the 19th century homeopathy began to prove its efficacy against deadly diseases of that time, so much so that by 20th century one-third doctors in America were Homeopaths that the world realised that a system of medicine was born to save people from heroic drugging, leeching, cauterisation and other mal-practices of so called modern medicine.

The tremendous potential of 'like cures like' was out in the open for the world to witness and be cured by. 

Homeopathy has been rising by leaps and bounds since its inception. It suffered from innumerable attacks and so did its followers but time and again this science has proved its mettle.

Our medical world has always been dominated by the giant pharmaceutical companies. It thrives on money and money alone. 
A science like homeopathy which covers all criteria of an ideal system of medicine being cheap, safe, no side effects, easy to administer, minimal dose with maximum impact is bound to create uneasiness and insecurity amongst the medical mafia. 

This insecurity is fought through empty speculations, accuses and stone hurling on homeopathy and its supporters. 
Skeptics tend to ignore the evidence based research and studies.  

They ask for reasons on why it works and how it works and when they aren't able to understand any, they simply refute it all and label it as a mere 'placebo effect'.
Blindfolding themselves to the prompt cure and beneficial attributes it possess.

Little do they know that truth has the power of emerging out as self evident and self explanatory.
The impact of homeopathy on medical world is growing and becoming difficult to overlook and underestimate.


Brilliant results have been found not just in the clinical trials but also practically.
The impeccable performance of homeopathy in cases of innumerable skin diseases, child and maternal health, psychiatric disorders, lifestyle disorders is impossible to ignore. 

The World Health Organization estimates that complementary and alternative medicines, such as homeopathy, are used by over 500 million people annually worldwide. 
The Royal Family of Great Britain has used homeopathy for three generations and has been its strongest advocate.
In India, over 100 million people use homeopathy as their only form of medical care. According to an A.C. Neilsen survey in India, 62% of current homeopathy users have never tried conventional medicines and 82% of users would not switch to conventional treatments. 

It is evident that the impact of homeopathy in medical world cannot be negated. 

As Mark Twain said
"The introduction of homeopathy forced the old school doctor to stir around and learn something of a rational nature about his business. You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived the attempts of the allopaths to destroy it."

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Essentials for a fantastico trip

The thought of packing my bags and going on a trip has always excited me. 
Seeing new places, embracing new experiences, meeting new people. Travelling is always such a welcome change to a monotonous life. 

No matter if you are going with your family or friends or solo, trips are always so much fun. They make you see what you have only been hearing and reading. They enlighten you and give your soul a necessary break. 

Today I will share with you some must haves that can make your trip even better. 
In other words, this post is about the must haves for a fantastico trip. 


sounds usual? It isn't! Most of us tend to rely these days on our phone cameras which are quite good no doubt but they aren't simply the best.
When going for a trip you ought to invest in a good camera so that you can keep all your memories crystal clear. 
You got to accept that once the trip is over, it lives on either in your memories or in the photographs. 


A trip is no fun if are not properly guided and informed about the places you plan to visit. A guidebook can provide you the best and detailed information about places visited and the background history.
Also, you can boast off your exquisite knowledge later on or back home. 
These guide books can also serve a unique gift option for who share an interest in travelling. 


Packing in few good books is utmost important not just for book lovers but others too. The genre can differ upon your interest. Most people prefer a fast paced or leisure reads but carrying a good book is a must. 


In this era of technology, carrying some important gadgets is extremely important. You may not be willing to use phone or prefer staying offline during the trip but still keeping your phone handy and charged is important and hallmark of a sensible traveller in this age. 


A pair of stylish sunglasses is an absolute must for a fantastico trip. Be it winters or summer, you can never go wrong with stylish sunglasses. 
So invest in good sunglasses that are not  only good looking but provide safety from sun too before you plan that trip. 


you should always keep the checklist handy while travelling especially when travelling solo. 
We are bound to forget or miss on a lot of things be it during the flights or hotel bookings or places of interest. 
Different checklists for all such matters should be made and looked upon. 
This will make things easier to remember and your trip will be fantastico. 

Keeping your luggage to a minimum and making sure to pack all things of comfort are other necessities. 

The more you travel, the more you know.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

7 habits that can negatively impact your relation

Being in a relationship is one of most beautiful feeling in the world.
In fact, not just a romantic relationship but having around people who love you, trust you, give you importance and stay with you through all thick and thins is actually a blessing.

However, it is not hidden that with blessings comes responsibilities too.
Sometimes bigger responsibilities. 

We often tend to take our relations for granted and that too even without realising. We feel that no matter how we behave or whatever we do,our loved ones are supposed to love and support us. 

Although, good relations often tend to overlook small mistakes or bad habits but some bad habits impact our relations in a 
extremely wrong way.

So, here's the checklist. If you also harbour any of these habits then its time to get rid of them as soon as possible. 
Don't let any thing come in the way of good relations. 


Nothing can hamper your relation and your own mental health than letting the feeling of jealousy take over. 
Being jealous slowly poisons your relation and can lead to your partner losing respect for you. 


This is specially for females. Constant
nagging and making a mountain out of small issues can lead to toppling down of your relation. 
Nagging can get extremely irritating and kill the happiness of bond.


While improving yourself and your partner by positive motivation is a good thing. Fault finding leads you nowhere. It just creates bad feeling and bitterness in relations leading to unnecessary and avoidable fights. 


This is the most common habit that tends to get inculcated specially in long term relations. Creating a comfort zone is a good idea but taking your partner for granted can lead to a lot of problems and that too more often than not, unintentionally. 


A relationship is built on thousands of bitter-sweet moments. Some of those may hurt you or your partner but holding grudges is poisonous for any relation. The best way is to talk it out and clear the misunderstandings. Also one should learn to be forgiving. After all, nothing is more important than relations. 


A relation means that both the parties are equally on the giving and receding end. The roles they play for each other maybe different but this should in no way mean that one partner tries to over power the other. 
Dominating can lead to a lot of complications in even the best of relationships and should be avoided at all costs. 


A low self opinion can be quite troublesome for not just you but your partner and relationship on the whole as well. Someone who is self confident and knows how to love thyself will also be able to give love and happiness to his relations and people around.

The real purpose of relationship is to grow positively and help your partner in the same. 
Let not your negatives come in the way of healthy bonds. 
Love and be loved! 
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A letter of love, to coffee

Dear coffee

There is no point asking how are you. You have always been the best for me and that can never change. You can make your passionate lovers like me fall in love with you after every single sip.
I am simply obsessed with your aroma. It tends to linger on no matter where I go and leaves me wanting more of you. 

Sometimes, I feel I am suffering from OCD. Now before you panic, I am talking about the "obsessive coffee disorder". 
Actually make that obsessive coffee lover disorder! 
Coffee, you are one thing in the world that I can go on praising. Such is your hypnosis and so I fondly call you my 'magic potion'.

Although, I can't remember the exact time when we met. Maybe it was when I caught a sip of you from my mom's cup but I am sure it was love at first sip. Wasn't it? 

It might have been many year since that time but our 'brew-mance' is still the same as first day. The desire to gulp you never seems to subside. 


know you are so popular and there are so many others who love you as madly as I do. 
However, I do not feel jealous believe me. For they all deserve your aroma and warmth as much as me. In Fact, I feel proud to be a part of the elite club of coffee lovers. 
Your admirers have referred you by a hundred names. Some call you the 'cup of sanity' others believe that 'you can't buy happiness but you can buy coffee and that's pretty close' and I happily agree with them all. For my feelings for you are quite serious and deep. 

To begin with, if there exists one fantastico beverage in this world then it has to be you dear coffee.

And do you remember the sleepless nights we have spend together? 
During the exam days, it was only you who came to my rescue and I can't thank you enough for that. 
When on cold winter nights, I would freshly brew and you arrived with that enchanting smell giving my sleep a back seat. 
Oh! If this is not love, then what is it dear coffee? I ditched away my sleep only to be with you. 
Every today no important work of mine is complete until you bestow your presence. 
Your admirable presence gives me energy, sanity and awakens me. 

Dear coffee, no matter how much people say that you are harmful or a cause of my pimples, I won't believe it. They are just jealous of our bond. 

Today, I confess again that my love for you is never ending and if I fall in love with anybody else, he would have to pass the 'coffee test'. 
He would have to love you first to get my love. If that sounds insane, then let it be.Love is meaningless without you, my cup of sanity;) 

I hope you trust me.

Brewly yours

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90's and the radio

If you are 90's child like me, you would agree that radio's were such an important part of our lives at that time. 
If you were born earlier you will be able to identify it better but those born after year 2000 ( radio died a brutal death just like landline phones by then), this post would not resonate with them. 

Ah! The lovely radio days. I remember listening so eagerly to the RJs and participating in the contests and call sessions.
 The feeling of triumph when you requested a particular song calling on a live show and then dedicating it to that 'secret crush' , smiling and blushing as the song played.
When winning a small prize during a radio contest created such euphoria that we would proudly boast it to all friends at school and in the neighbourhood. 

During hot summer days, while we sat on floor amidst chart papers, water colours, brushes creating posters and completing the never ending summer holiday homework, my friendly radio was omnipresent singing away the latest songs or the banters of my favourite radio jockey. 

On cold winter nights,I remember curling up in bed with my headphones and secretly listening to the late night shows of 'love guru' who would solve problems of people in his melodious and serene voice.
There was this inert desire to call him whenever a crush broke our heart and share our nitty-gritty's too. Also, trying to imitate him when a friend would come in for a love advice. 

Somehow televisions with all its pomp and show, dance and drama never attracted me as much as the handy radio did.
The friendly neighbourhood jockeys would be imitated every now and then. 

I even recall growing up my adolescent fantasies listening to a program called 'between the sheets' by some RJ whose name I am unable to remember. 
Wherein lonely housewives would call to confess about their extra marital affairs and the teenager in me would be spell bound and curious wondering which part of India did such people belong to.

I often used to wonder what these RJs looked liked and I am sure there has always come a time in every avid radio listener's life when he too wanted to be a radio jockey. Isn't it? 

Special programs and endless songs on the eves of new year, Republic day, festivals would be long awaited and enjoyed. 

Radio days had so much of a charm and simplicity. My heart aches to remember the innocence wrapped in those days. Extreme happiness that little pleasures in life bestowed. The love for music and purity in hearts to cherish it. 

Today, Listening a song being played on a radio is such a rare sight. Even the smallest of shops and tea stalls have a television to entertain them. But, if by chance I catch a glimpse of radio being played somewhere, it brings a hundred old memories and enwraps me in deep nostalgia.
The radio days were indeed so carefree. There was no social media or buzzing what's app yet people were all connected by the love of music. 

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Summer 2016 guide- peppy, confident and cool!

2016 is already almost a month pass us and its time of the arrival of spring. 
Well, not in North India yet but very soon the cold winds shall march away to give way to a soothing, blossoming breeze of spring. Sounds so good! 

So, in the hopeful words of the famous poet 'if winter comes, can spring be far behind?' I bring in for you my summer 2016 guide. 

2016 is the time to turn peppy and pretty. 
Keeping the heat and sweat stylishly at bay. 
This year say no to the old florals and pastels, let's dig in something new and pep up the style quotient. 
Excited? I am equally excited too! 

Summers are a time to ditch away the darks and blacks for a while and hop on to the wagon of light and cooler shades. 
We have heard of pastels almost every summer but not this year. 

If you are wanting to climb up the peppy scale you need to go for fluorescents this season. Remember those flashy chart papers in green, orange, pink? 
Yeah! You need to have those in your wardrobe and say hello to the lovely sun. 

Also paler rather than the lighter shades like mauve (pale purple), tawny, paler version of rust, pearl gray etc. 


Florals are synonymous with summers but this year ditch away those large flowers. You aren't suppose to look like a garden! 
Instead opt for delicate and cuter floral patterns. Also 'lucknow chiken' is very in this season. 
You can also go lacy with delicate embroideries. 


Another trend that has caught up these days is the longer sleeves. Be it a blouse or little black dress, people are preferring to keep it covered. 
Undoubtedly, it looks so elegant and graceful. 
So this summer, avoid sleeveless and go in for three-fourths or full sleeves. 


After jumpsuit, I think it's time for dungarees to have their share of limelight. 
Summer 2016 will be ruled by dungarees. 
Go buy one for yourself now. 


Nets have seem to get in fashion in the recent years and will continue to rule 2016 summer's too. 
Be it the net sarees, lehengas or dresses, net will seep through this season. 
Also seen trending is the knits which may seem weird for a summer trends but believe it or not, light knits in various designs and colours will rule the coming summer. 

A lot of fashion ideas this summer seem to arrive from the victorian era. Round necks, ruffled sleeves are a few examples. 
So, if you really want to stay ahead go learn about the fashion and designs of victorian era and get some for yourself. You will love us for we told you this. 


This season flats and comfort will rule the foot wears. 
So all those who love to keep it minimal and flat, this is your year! 

Above all, be it summer or winter, 2016 or 2029, what matters most is comfort and confidence. 
sweat not and carry yourself in comfort and confidence, stay peppy and fashion will find a way to get you.

Happy springs and stay stylish! 

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Navigate safe! 3 products you should avoid buying online

Online market is the latest fad amongst shopaholics. Everyday we see new online shopping apps being launched and almost all the brands joining in the bandwagon of online shopping. 
This whole process of buying things is so interesting that most of us are unable to resist and have used one or the other app to buy things for ourselves or our loved ones. 

Its so heartening to see a plethora of products available online. Some of the items which are not easily available in the market can be very much seen on sites like 

Some of the popular ones have great delivery timings, the quick tracking details, amazing and prompt return policy, good discounts, decent variety and a lot of ease make shopping online so every trustworthy and secure.
Yet there are some hitches to this too. 

And as I always mention that we learn from experiences, more so from the bitter ones. 

Initially, I was a little skeptical about this whole fad of online shopping and ordering things. 
So I took baby steps at a time. At first, I began ordering just the books. I was impressed by the prompt delivery, good packing, cute bookmarks. 
Next came the turn of accessories and electronics. 
Well, buying electronics was a good move but I can't say the same for accessories. 
Only after I ordered certain cosmetics that I realised, Online sites are not 'jack of all trades' and safe navigation is needed. 

So, today I am here to give you a piece of advice on where to draw a line and where to steer clear of this amazing era of online buying. 

Agreed already that a lot of cosmetics which aren't so easily available especially in Indian market can be promptly found while navigating on online sites. More so, at luring and genuine prices. But I step in here to alert! 
Buying cosmetics online is an extremely bad idea.
 Why? One, the tones and shades, be it in case of lipsticks or foundation tend to differ on the screen and in real. Online companies too accept this fact and warn you. 
This could actually be suicidal in case you are ordering a foundation or compact powder etc. Where shade makes all the difference. 
Secondly, when you are buying cosmetics in the real market you can always compare the shades of different brands on your own skin and it does make a huge difference believe me. 
So no matter how good the deal, I advice you to avoid shopping for cosmetics online. 

2)Dress materials
Some of you may disagree but buying dress materials online hasn't lured me yet. does come close to trust with good brands selling wonderful products and prompt return policies but still, the kind of satisfaction you get trying on ten different dresses before buying one can't be achieved online. Also,lets accept that returning-ordering-returning gets quite tedious at times. 

While buying watches or bags online is a good idea, I cannot say the same for sunglasses and spectacles too. The reason is clear, you need to really try the frames to know which one suits your facial features best. 
It may be a Dior or Ray Ban, uber sexy but that doesn't guarantee it to suit your face. 
Sounds sensible? 

Having said all that, both real and virtual have their pros and cons. 
It is for you to analyse and navigate safely. 
What are you thoughts and experiences about it? Do let me know. 

Enjoy shopping! 

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Coco Chanel- unforgettable peppy fashionista!

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening". -Coco Chanel

Earlier, I wrote a post about the greatest style icons of all time, Audrey Hepburn. 

Another amazing woman in this list is the French fashion designer, ultimate style diva and founder of Chanel brand, yes, she is none other than Gabrielle Bonheur Coco Chanel.

This lady has given fashion a new definition and elegance. 
She has given the fashion world reasons to remember her forever. 

Her presence in the fashion world was initially felt when she designed the jersey fabric. 
It became hugely popular because of the material which was easily available at the time of war and resonated well with the kind of everyday wear. 
She made the next mark with the signature Chanel suit, which was also loved for its eternal design and comfort.

Little black dress which is hugely popular till now is also known to be a Chanel creation. 

Chanel's signature perfume, Chanel no. 5 manages to give the brand high sales till date. 

The amazing thing about her designs and fashion statements was that they never faded or lost their charm with time. 
In the world of fashion where every new day brings something unique, this seems to be quite an ironical happening but such was this lady's peppy personality and her charm. 
The powerful lady was not only responsible for making the fashion industry reach newer heights but also liberating woman post world war era. 

Chanel's silhouette oozed class and her aura repeatedly shows how much of a peppy personality was she.   

About her work, the fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar said in 1915, "The woman who hasn't at least one Chanel is hopelessly out of fashion.... This season the name of Chanel is on the lips of every buyer."

Chanel was known for her lifelong determination, ambition, and energy which she applied to her professional and social life. She achieved both success as a business woman and social prominence, thanks to the connections she made through her work.

In 1970 her net worth was $19 billion (equivelant to $118 billion in 2015). Chanel is one of the richest women to ever live.

In addition to her work with high fashion, Chanel also designed stage costumes for such plays as Cocteau's Antigone (1923) and Oedipus Rex (1937) and film costumes for several movies, including Renoir's La Regle de Jeu. Katharine Hepburn starred in the 1969 Broadway musical Coco based on the life of Coco Chanel.

Apart from being remembered as the greatest fashion icon of all times, Coco is also known for her wonderful thoughts on fashion,woman and such topics.

Sharing in some of my favourites here: 

"One must not let oneself be forgotten, one must stay on the toboggan. The toboggan is what people who are talked about ride on. One must get a front seat and not let oneself be put out of it". 

 "I don't do fashion, I am fashion". 

"Where should one use perfume?" a young woman asked. "Wherever one wants to be kissed," I said.

"The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive".

"A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous". 

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Fantastico beauty products that actually work!

In this era of consumerism, there is no dearth of new products in the market. 
Everyday we find thousands of new items being launched for consumers. 
Be it food products, gadgets, cosmetics, each and every itinerary is being sold by ever increasing number of brands. 

However, quality seems to get compromised due to the cut throat competition and ultimately it's we the consumers who suffer the brunt of all ugly money making.

Each day we find new cosmetics, newer companies being launched in the market. 
The skincare and make up range seems to be never ending and so are the varieties and companies selling them.

Such a state creates a great confusion in an average consumer's mind as to which product or brand is really good and on what should she actually spend her hard earned money. 
Thankfully a lot of bloggers provide detailed and honest reviews of almost all the products available in the market but inspite of that the confusion isn't solved at times. The end result, we tend to select the wrong product and suffer the loss.

Although its only by trial and error that we learn, at times this can really be disheartening specially in case of cosmetics or skin care products because our beauty and appearance is at stake. 

Like everybody else, I too have tried so many products. Some deserve a yay and others were nay! 

So, I decided why not share with you some skincare and cosmetics that actually work and do what they promise! 
These fantastico products and companies have won my faith in them and I would rate them today for you on my Fantastico meter. 

Lets move ahead: 

1)Oriflame love nature tree tea oil range


Oriflame has been knows for its quality skincare products since its inception. 
The love nature tree tea oil range is specially designed for oily and acne prone skin. Like many of you, I too suffer from pesky pimples every now and then and have always been in search of a magic potion that would help control my zits and make my skin clear. 
Believe me, oriflame did come to my rescue to a great extent a few months back.  I have been using the cleansing gel and lotion on a regular basis and my skin feels pretty healthy. 
Although I discontinued the use of toner since I felt it didn't suit my skin as much. 
If you suffer from acne problems, do try this range from Oriflame and you will not be disappointed. 

Price: Cleansing gel: Rs. 329 for 150ml
Lotion: Rs. 349 for 30 ml

FANTASTICO meter: 4.5/5 

2)Shahnaz Hussain's Shasmooth under eye cream


Dark circles are a cruel problem faced by many of us in today's world. Being a medical student, late nights and lack of sleep are a common phenomenon and the result is ugly dark circles! 
I had used many under eye creams but none of them seemed to benefit me much. Then with much reluctance, I ordered this after reading some reviews and believe me, this actually works!
All you need is to use it regularly and see the results for yourself after about ten days. Not a miracle worker of course, but definitely not a disappointment too. 

Price: Rs. 500 for 40gm

FANTASTICO meter: 4.3/5 

3)Make up forever HD foundation


There are a plethora of foundations available today and all of them claim to be equally good. 
Worst still, even the reviews are all mixed up leading to ever increasing chaos. 

This foundation by make up forever is however a cult favourite amongst professionals all over the world. 
A high-end product definitely ( this one is costlier than MAC) but worth the price. 
Will make your skin flawless and glowing. 
But you need to exercise caution, first try out the right shade on your jawline( not the back of your hands please!) and then only decide the right shade.

Price: Rs. 2064 

FANTASTICO meter: 4.7/5

4)Revlon photo-ready BB cream


 BB creams are the in thing these days and I decided to buy one for myself too. 
Only I was too confused after reading all the reviews online. The ones that seemed promising were so very costly and Indian brands did not match up to my expectations. 
Finally, I simply went into the beauty shop and the counter guy recommended me this one. 
I was reluctant at first but finally he managed to sell it off to me. 
Although, I have no idea how other BB creams work but this one is really good if you want a light coverage without the foundation. Didn't cause breakouts too.  

Price: Rs. 610 for 30ml

 FANTASTICO meter: 4.3/5

That's all! Do let me know if you too felt the same about any products that you have been using and trust. 
 Stay beautiful. 

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