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Monday, January 25, 2016

5 Fantastico foods to try in Delhi!

It is a well known fact that Delhi, the capital of India is also a Food heaven. From Old Delhi to New Delhi, Delhi harbours not just a hundred different cultures, languages, expressions but also a wide variety of delicious delicacies. 

Walking on the roads of this culturally amalgamated city, it is not a surprise to encounter mouth watering delicacies in every nook and corner. 

Nothing unites Delhi the way its food does.  I may not be exaggerating and believe me when I say that whole of Delhi is complete foodie. 
We also have seasonal delicacies, be it the foggy winters or sweating summers, Delhi manages to keep temperatures under check with gluttony! 

I am so proud to be a Delhiite and almost a foodie too!

So, I decided to share my food adda's with you all. Although I admit they aren't new and I too found out about them from word of the mouth or newspapers etc. But once I did, I couldn't look back. Such is the power of food indeed! 

These foods are Fantastico! They are fabulously mouth watering! They will make your taste sour high up to the heaven! 

Do try:

1)Nataraj Dahi Bhalla corner, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi - Old Delhi is definitely famous for the kind of food you can get there but this is one amazing shop. 
They serve both dahi bhalla and aloo tikki and I loved both of them way too much to describe.
Dahi Bhalla's are spongy and soft, Dahi being just the right amount of sweet. 
Aloo tikki's are crunchy and so very hot. 
Green chutney added  to the yumminess. 

FANTASTICO meter - 4.5/5

2)Kachori Sabzi at Bhogal - Bhogal is another place every foodie must visit in Delhi. You can find so many delicacies all around that gluttony will catch the better of you. 
My favourite is the Kachori Sabzi. The guy serves 2 kachori's with a spicy aloo ki sabzi and chutney. I bet you can't have it just once! 

FANTASTICO meter - 4.7/5

3)Parathas at Moolchand - Another well know street food hub. The parathas at Moolchand are just delicious. 
They are crunchy and stuffed with a variety of items. 
You can choose egg parathas, mix veg parathas, cult favourite aloo-parathas and some more. 

FANTASTICO meter - 4.3/5

4)Chache Di Hatti at Delhi University -This place serve such delicious chole bhature and is completely crowded with the DU students all day. 
i found the aloo filled ones extremely tempting and the chutney just added to the taste.
The chole bhature are just the right amount of spicy and hot and served fresh. 

FANTASTICO meter - 4.5/5

5)Daulat Ki Chaat at Kinari Bazaar,Old Delhi - If street foods are mentioned anywhere all over India, Old Delhi cannot be overlooked. 
This place is just brimming with amazing delights all around and this chaat is no different. 
Just a small cart in which it is sold only 4 months a year i.e, November to February but is hugely popular and needless to say equally deliczious sweet dish whose history dates back to the time of Mughals.

FANTASTICO meter - 4.7/5

As mentioned earlier Delhi is brimming with delicacies all around. 
I can go on and on mentioning my favourites. Be it the street food or the traditional Mughlai dishes, the sweet dishes or refreshing drinks.
One can never fall short of foods in this capital city of India. 

What are your favourite food hubs? Do mention. 
Keep eating and stay healthy! 

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