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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Summer 2016 guide- peppy, confident and cool!

2016 is already almost a month pass us and its time of the arrival of spring. 
Well, not in North India yet but very soon the cold winds shall march away to give way to a soothing, blossoming breeze of spring. Sounds so good! 

So, in the hopeful words of the famous poet 'if winter comes, can spring be far behind?' I bring in for you my summer 2016 guide. 

2016 is the time to turn peppy and pretty. 
Keeping the heat and sweat stylishly at bay. 
This year say no to the old florals and pastels, let's dig in something new and pep up the style quotient. 
Excited? I am equally excited too! 

Summers are a time to ditch away the darks and blacks for a while and hop on to the wagon of light and cooler shades. 
We have heard of pastels almost every summer but not this year. 

If you are wanting to climb up the peppy scale you need to go for fluorescents this season. Remember those flashy chart papers in green, orange, pink? 
Yeah! You need to have those in your wardrobe and say hello to the lovely sun. 

Also paler rather than the lighter shades like mauve (pale purple), tawny, paler version of rust, pearl gray etc. 


Florals are synonymous with summers but this year ditch away those large flowers. You aren't suppose to look like a garden! 
Instead opt for delicate and cuter floral patterns. Also 'lucknow chiken' is very in this season. 
You can also go lacy with delicate embroideries. 


Another trend that has caught up these days is the longer sleeves. Be it a blouse or little black dress, people are preferring to keep it covered. 
Undoubtedly, it looks so elegant and graceful. 
So this summer, avoid sleeveless and go in for three-fourths or full sleeves. 


After jumpsuit, I think it's time for dungarees to have their share of limelight. 
Summer 2016 will be ruled by dungarees. 
Go buy one for yourself now. 


Nets have seem to get in fashion in the recent years and will continue to rule 2016 summer's too. 
Be it the net sarees, lehengas or dresses, net will seep through this season. 
Also seen trending is the knits which may seem weird for a summer trends but believe it or not, light knits in various designs and colours will rule the coming summer. 

A lot of fashion ideas this summer seem to arrive from the victorian era. Round necks, ruffled sleeves are a few examples. 
So, if you really want to stay ahead go learn about the fashion and designs of victorian era and get some for yourself. You will love us for we told you this. 


This season flats and comfort will rule the foot wears. 
So all those who love to keep it minimal and flat, this is your year! 

Above all, be it summer or winter, 2016 or 2029, what matters most is comfort and confidence. 
sweat not and carry yourself in comfort and confidence, stay peppy and fashion will find a way to get you.

Happy springs and stay stylish! 

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