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Sunday, January 24, 2016

5 books that had an Impact on me

Although my favourite genre when it comes to books is 'thriller'. Nothing can beat the adrenaline rush created by a nerve chilling, fast paced thriller.

I have never considered myself the greatest of book lovers and probably that's why never thought of reviewing books or sharing my experiences of them on my blog.
But off late I realised that being a blogger it is my duty to spread around and share the things I learn and know. Be it books or quotes or an age old study or latest advancements, what fun in keeping it to yourself when you can actually let it reach far and wide. 

So, here I am sharing with you, 5 awesome books that actually left me wondering, thinking,analysing,deeply contemplating and much more. 
I list them here in no particular order and so needless to say that I like all of them 'almost' equally. 

1)The road less travelled by M.Scott Peck 

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This book was published in 1978 by Morgan Scott who was a psychiatrist and has written it largely based on his own experiences during his practice. 
I somehow found this book as a gift in the year when I was at my lowest. I was really on the verge of breaking down and every page of this book did a lot to lift me up.

Scott's narrative is so impactful and motivating that you tend to inculcate it in your life. Be it his philosophy of delaying gratification or selfless love, it is just so marvellously written. 
This is one of the books that needs to be chewed and digested, time and again. 

2)No body's perfect by Kimberly Kirberger

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During my school days, I was a great fan of the famous 'chicken soup series'. And they taught me a lot about compassion and handling peer pressure the right way. 
No body's perfect which is written by the co-author of chicken soup series is also one of the many books I read in my teenage and some the stories by young writers left a great impact on me.

3)Brida by Paulo Coelho

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 I know, some of you might be turned off by the mention of Paulo Coelho and some of you might find on The Alchemist worthy of any recommendation by I have been a faithful reader of Paulo Coelho till about 2 years back and have read almost ten of his books of which only Brida could create an impact upon me.
I loved this book and have been recommending it to all those who believe in magic realism. 

4)Doctors by Erich Segal

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To start with,I haven't read his cult favourite book 'love story' yet and you might think what is so impactful about Doctors.
Yet, I connected with this book on a lot of levels. The medical college phase reminded me of my own anatomy and surgery classes and I could identify with the problems faced by doctors over the world. 
Barney was a charmer, one of my favourite characters of all times. 

5)The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini -This is an amazing book set against the backdrop of tumultuous events in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Taliban regime. 
Although it is considered a propaganda fiction by some, I found it to be an impactful story in many ways.

I would love to know what stories have impacted you? Do suggest me some in the comments below. 

Happy reading! 

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