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Thursday, January 28, 2016

5 ways to pep up your style!

We all love to be stylish. To be appreciated and admired. 
It is easy to ape someone's style but creating a statement of your own is certainly a hard task. 
Hard but definitely not impossible.

To stand apart in the league of style the most important aspect is creating a fashion sense. Not just any fashion sense but a style that belongs to you. 
Just make sure that it suits your personality and aura. Style is suppose to enhance your appeal and not doll you up into something you are not.

In this post, I will share some ways in which you can get a little more peppy and lively through your style. 
As mentioned earlier, this may not suit everyone but if you are looking ahead to pep up your personality, you are at the right place. 


Most important! You can't look peppy if you keep up a straight or zombie face. 
Smiling is a statement in itself. Style comes later. A wonderful smile can brighten up anyone's day. It will make you appear not only peppy and stylish but also come across as a gracious and charming soul.  So if you are on the road to stand apart as lively, show your teeth baby. 


The right pair of sunglasses is second most important asset to add up to your pep factor. 
I am surprised as to how people just end up buying sunglasses based on brand or superficial factors. Sunglasses are extremely important to make the other person understand where you stand in terms of style.
Shell in some money and buy a pair that adds up to your uniqueness. 


Hairstyle makes so much of a difference. If you wish to look peppy, not just your attire should match it up but your hairstyle too should speak for itself. 
Going in for lasers or short hair isn't necessary. In this case it should be but anything that enhances your aura and keeps you comfortable. 


The kind of colours you chose to wear determines a lot about your style quotient. 
Normally darker and fluorescents are considered apt for a peppier and lively version of you. Then again, depends on a lot of other factors too. Paler shades should however be avoided. The key here is sporting in an array of colours instead of safely playing with blacks or reds.  


This one is no brainer. Attitude undoubtedly makes all the difference. 
Be it the style you wish to carry or changes you decide to make.
If you are able to sport the right attitude, it would all fall into place. 
So give special attention to this one. 

In the end, being peppy is about staying happy and carefree. 
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