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Friday, January 29, 2016

Famous writers and their fantastico works. Part 1

For a book lover, nothing is more interesting than discussing about books. Talking about the authors. Or most loved books. Reviewing them or reading reviews. 

Basically any discussion regarding books is most welcome and enjoyed. Not to mention, enlightening too.

Taking forward this loved and common passion of book reading, I decided to write a post dedicated to those amazing people who have worked hard to bring out the masterpieces. And some who have churned out not just one but many of them.

It is evident that I may not be able to mention all the great ones. But I will try my best to cover up all the major literary figures. 

The is the first post of the series and shall cater my favourites and hugely popular ones. 


This controversial writer was the king of satire. Apart from his work, he gave the world other historical and political reasons to remember him too. 
'The picture of Dorian Gray' was the only novel written by the Irish author and quite a controversial one too. It was alleged to contain matters pertaining to homosexuality and explicit texts related to the same. 
Oscar was even sent to prison was being indecent and gay. 
As for his works. He is well known for his plays and became famous in the 1890's. 
A woman of no importance and the importance of being earnest are my favourite works of his. 


A Nobel prize winner for Literature, Ernest was one of the greatest American author and journalist.  
He has published around seven novels, six short stories and two non-fiction works. 
In 1951, Hemingway wrote The Old Man and the Sea, which would become perhaps his most famous book, finally winning him the Pulitzer Prize he had long been denied.
He had a sad fate and early on the morning of July 2, 1961, Ernest Hemingway committed suicide in his Ketchum home.
The most favourite works by this author are Farewell to the arms and The old man and the sea. 


I must confess that when I first began reading her book 'Mrs. Dalloway' I couldn't understand a sentence. Such was the class of literary work.
She was an American writer but had a British nationality. Her most famous works include To the Lighthouse, Mrs. Dalloway, Orlando: A Biography and A Room of One’s own. She died on the 28th March in 1941 when she was 59 years old.
Woolf still remains one of the most well known authors of 21st century. 


Charles John Huffan Dickens was an English writer and social critic.
I have been a great admirer of his stories since the childhood days.
He has made me cry on the plight and hardships of so many of his protagonist notably Oliver Twist and David Copperfield.
He is most notable for his works The Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, David Copperfield, Bleak House, Hard Times, A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations. Each and every work of this author is special and it is very difficult to name a favourite. 

That's all for the first part of the series. 
In the coming posts I will be sharing more such fantastico authors and their outstanding works. 
Recommendations if any, are most welcome. 

Keep reading!

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