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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

7 habits that can negatively impact your relation

Being in a relationship is one of most beautiful feeling in the world.
In fact, not just a romantic relationship but having around people who love you, trust you, give you importance and stay with you through all thick and thins is actually a blessing.

However, it is not hidden that with blessings comes responsibilities too.
Sometimes bigger responsibilities. 

We often tend to take our relations for granted and that too even without realising. We feel that no matter how we behave or whatever we do,our loved ones are supposed to love and support us. 

Although, good relations often tend to overlook small mistakes or bad habits but some bad habits impact our relations in a 
extremely wrong way.

So, here's the checklist. If you also harbour any of these habits then its time to get rid of them as soon as possible. 
Don't let any thing come in the way of good relations. 


Nothing can hamper your relation and your own mental health than letting the feeling of jealousy take over. 
Being jealous slowly poisons your relation and can lead to your partner losing respect for you. 


This is specially for females. Constant
nagging and making a mountain out of small issues can lead to toppling down of your relation. 
Nagging can get extremely irritating and kill the happiness of bond.


While improving yourself and your partner by positive motivation is a good thing. Fault finding leads you nowhere. It just creates bad feeling and bitterness in relations leading to unnecessary and avoidable fights. 


This is the most common habit that tends to get inculcated specially in long term relations. Creating a comfort zone is a good idea but taking your partner for granted can lead to a lot of problems and that too more often than not, unintentionally. 


A relationship is built on thousands of bitter-sweet moments. Some of those may hurt you or your partner but holding grudges is poisonous for any relation. The best way is to talk it out and clear the misunderstandings. Also one should learn to be forgiving. After all, nothing is more important than relations. 


A relation means that both the parties are equally on the giving and receding end. The roles they play for each other maybe different but this should in no way mean that one partner tries to over power the other. 
Dominating can lead to a lot of complications in even the best of relationships and should be avoided at all costs. 


A low self opinion can be quite troublesome for not just you but your partner and relationship on the whole as well. Someone who is self confident and knows how to love thyself will also be able to give love and happiness to his relations and people around.

The real purpose of relationship is to grow positively and help your partner in the same. 
Let not your negatives come in the way of healthy bonds. 
Love and be loved! 
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