I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Monday, February 8, 2016

Piri and rotating needle

In medivial Ottomon, when the heydays of the Sultans had not ended and Europe was still far from awakening to modernity and civilization, there lived a boy who would roam through seas on high-mast ships. 
His uncle was a naval commander for the ottoman navy and the boy aspired to become one like him someday. 
Once the little boy was given a “box with a rotating needle” to play to which his uncle remarked “It is the guardian of your life and destiny on sea, so learn to use it, for one day you would leave sea for land and then you ll have to thank it”.
 For hours after then the boy used to gaze into the compass and while holding it in one hand, he used to scratch weird lines on the shiny deck wood.
One day his uncle found him old enough to make him join the fleet of naval officers and he since enjoined him in battles that were fought on high-seas.
Years of playing with the compass and scratching shorelines in the wood made him gaze into the powers that lay inside the “small box with a needle”.

 He could look at seas and predict shorelines from a height none of his fellow could. In lost seas he navigated his ships through rough tides escaping shipwrecks but also arriving on shores whose sand and coastlines he could predict days before arrival. 

He detracted enemy ships, made his own invisible in the sea and knew of lands and islands existing in oceans that none knew before. 
It was famed that while ‘compass guided sailors, compass itself obeyed Piri’. 
In the fateful Battle of Lepanto, that changed the cource of world history, Piri was a hero to many who held the command of the victorious ships but Piri himself lost his beloved uncle. 
Saddened by his death, he withdrew from the world of seas and ships to the world of books and libraries, still holding his compass in nostalgia. It was now he thought  was his time to give gratitude to the “box with the rotating needle” as his uncle had once remarked. 

Piri set himself to the task of compiling his travels and the travels before him, not in any worded narration, but in maps. In libraries, with his compass by his side he would devour through sea of books to look for accounts of travellers and cartographers so that he could bring about the exact account of his own travel. 
Piri Reis gave to the world the gifts of his navigation in form of numerous maps covering almost all corners of the globe in his Book of Navigation. 
He described therein the secrets to many uncharted sea territories and advices to sailors to avoid shipwrecks. Most of his work was destroyed or stolen from libraries over the cource of time. Of what remained is a torn map which he drew in 1513. 
The map shows the coastline of Western Africa, North America and South, Europe and Greenland, but was still inconceivable to the world-Antarctica, which was only discovered 300 years after his death.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My To-Read List

Nothing can beat the pleasure of curling up in a cozy place,away from all worldly trouble and reading a good book. 
Although reading a good book is itself a pleasurable thing, be it any place or time of the day. 

For someone who loves reading, their to-read list ever increasing. 
Every book that seems good enough becomes a part of the list. 
Then, there are recommendations from fellow book lovers. 
All favourite author's new releases are in the list too. 
Then there are some long desired classics to add up to the list. 
Finally, some books have created such an impact that they need to be re-read and that piles up too. 

Indeed, book lovers know that there can't be enough time ever to read.

Also, it's a pleasure to know what other people are reading. That is why I simply love the and other related sites. 

So, I decided to share my 'to-read' list here too. 
Do let me know what do you think about it and if you have read any of these. Or maybe they are a part of your to-read list too. 

I am mentioning them under broad categories (created for my own ease) but in no particular order. 


1. The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger
2. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
3. Emma by Jane Austen
4. Sense and sensibility by Jane Austen
5. To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
6. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath


1)Haruki Murakami
A. Norwegian wood
B.  Kafka on the Shore

2)Stephen King
B. The shining
C. Salem's Lot
D. Carrie

3)Daphne Du Maurier
A. The house on the strand
B. My cousin Rachel

4)Mitch Albom
A. Tuesdays with Morrie
B. Have a little faith: A true story

5)Dan Brown
A. Digital Fortress

6)Sophie Hannah
A. Little face
B Woman with a secret

7)Gillian Flynn
A. Dark Places
B. Sharp Objects

Now coming to my favourite genre, which is thriller. 
If I could I will add all thrillers ever written to my to-read list and make best efforts to  
read them before I die. 
But since a list needs to be comprehensive   and not always exhaustive, I will just add some of the very best apart from those I have read. 
These are like 'Absolute must reads' in the thriller genre and A lot of study of different lists, reviews and recommendations have gone into creating this list of fantastico fifteen books. 

1. The murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie
2. The book thief by Markus zusak
3. Eye of the needle by Ken Follett
4. In cold Blood by Trumen Capote
5. The spy who came in from the cold by John Le Carrie
6. The Bourne Identity by Jason Bourne
7. We need to talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver 
8. Killing Floor by Lee Child
9. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
10. Strangers on a train by Patricia Highsmith
11. Defending Jacob by Willian Landay
12. The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins
13. In the woods by Tana French
14. If Tomorrow comes by Sidney Sheldon
15. Coma by Robin Cook 

Keep reading! 

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

PCOS- impact of Homeopathic medicines and cure

PCOS, known as Polycystic ovarian syndrome has become an extremely common problem occurring in today's women and also one of the commonest causes of infertility. 
Polycystic ovarian syndrome results due to imbalance in two major female hormones namely Oestrogen and progesterone, leading to the formation of multiple pearl-like cysts in a female ovary. 

PCOS is marked by a decrease in female sex hormones, this condition may cause women to develop certain male characteristics, such as:

1. excess hair on the face, chest, stomach, thumbs, or toes
2. decrease in breast size
3. deeper voice
4. thin hair

Other symptoms include:
1. acne
2. weight gain
3. pelvic pain
4. anxiety or depression
5. infertility
6. Cardiac troubles

According to the U.S department of health and human services, between 1 in 10 and 1 in 20 women of childbearing age suffers from PCOS. The condition currently affects up to 5 million women in the United States alone. 

The cause of PCOD is unknown. But it is linked to genetic causes. Also, overproduction of androgen is linked to PCOD. Androgen is predominantly a male hormone and present in negligible amounts in female. However, when it is over produced in some women, it can lead to PCOD.

While there exists no particular treatment for the cure of PCOS in the modern medicine except the use of OCP's to regularise menstrual cycles and treating sign and symptoms superficially. Homeopathy offers a cure. 
Homeopathy has proved effective in the treatment of PCOS and has not only helped in reducing the size of cyst in the ovary but also complete relief from associated symptoms like acne breakouts, infertility, weight gain, facial hair growth etc. 
This is because Homeopathy focuses on treating and curing the root cause of the problem. The Homeopathic philosophy of disease is not based on the external causes of diseases. Homeopathy believes that the human body has been perfectly enabled by nature to keep itself disease free. It is only when the immunity or its own internal vitality is deranged that the body becomes incapable of keeping itself disease free. Therefore Homeopathy tries to restore the balance of that vitality. Once the vitality regains its original balance, it is able to nurse itself back to health without any external aid.
Again, I am mentioning some of the popularly used homeopathic medicines to treat PCOS,the choice of remedy is solely based on the person's individual characteristics.
So, it is best to consult a homeopathic physician near you rather than being your own doctor. 

For more details you can contact me on my E-mail:

Some medicines proved efficacious in treating PCOS are:

1.  Sepia- one of the best medicine for treatment of PCOS. usually given in cases where there is scanty or late menses. Also good in treating infertility associated with PCOS. 
2. Pulsatilla- Another great women's remedy. Irregularity of menses since puberty, acne and anxiety. However, symptoms totality should match with the patient totality. 
3. Thuja - Thuja has supreme power to dissolve abnormal growths and tumours anywhere in the body and therefore works great in the treatment of PCOS. 
4. Natrum Mur- This is a remedy made from common salt and is great where PCOS is associated with retarded menses. It is also beneficial in treatment on acne, depression provided symptom totality matches with the patient totality. 
5. Apis Mel- It is specially indicated in case of right sided ovarian cysts. Other symptoms are menstrual irregularities, burning and stinging sensation anywhere. Patient cannot tolerate heat in addition to other mental symptoms.

There are many other medicines which act beneficially in the treatment of PCOS like Lachesis, Calcarea Carb, Silicea, Sulphur etc. 

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5 Fantastico make-up products on my wish-list

Makeup is every girl's weakness. No matter how many cosmetics products one buys, their is always desire and room for more.
The market is getting flooded with new make-up products and brands each day. And the good part, they keep getting better each day.
Lipsticks getting glossier, foundations with better coverage, eyeliners and mascaras more pigmented and water-proof.
One just can't afford to ignore these and gives in the pleasure of trying and buying them. 
I am no different. Every time I see a new product getting launched in the market or getting rave reviews, it automatically becomes a part of my wish-list.
Apart from the new ones, some well known brands and their amazing but extremely costly products are a part of my wish-list too.

I thought why not share in some products from my 'current' wish-list.

1)MAC Lipsticks- MAC is one of leading make up brands of the world and rightly so. Each and every product has a class and power to make you look good. 

As for their lipsticks, well, I have been eyeing them for quite some time.
They have such great reviews and known to make lips look uber sexy. 
So these are the ones on my wish-list. A little costly (around 2000-3000 INR).

1.  MAC Ruby woo- This is an absolutely amazing red from MAC. I simply loved all those I saw wearing it and have been wanting to have it in my make up box too. 
2. MAC Rebel - This is another shade from MAC which is not just glamorous but extremely stunning too. This one is plum and pouty. I loved this hue. Perfect for giving lips centerstage
3.  MAC Please me- This one is a gorgeous matte shade in pink. Best for a college girl sweet and innocent look. Lovely shade! 

2)Laura Mercier under eye cream- Laura Mercier is a wonderful high-end brand. Having heard great reviews about this under eye cream, this one is on my soon to be bought wish-list. 

3)Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner -  Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner comes in a tiny tub and a specially designed brush. The texture of these liners is very creamy and gives intense lines with smooth and even application. It’s similar to liquid eyeliner, except, it dries faster and lasts throughout the day.

4)MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer -  Another product from MAC. I came to know about this while watching some beauty and make up videos. I noticed that almost all of them were using MAC pro long wear concealer and instantly I knew this product would be worth it and it became a part of my wish-list. 

5)L'oreal Infallible 24Hr Powder Foundation - L'oreal products are one of my favourites. This seems to be a great powder foundation and as per the reviews is quite long lasting and perfect too. 

So that was my wish-list as of now. 
What is yours? And have you tried any of these products? Do let me know your opinions about them. 

Stay beautiful!

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Must haves for a fantastico Bridal Make Up kit

Wedding is the most important affair in every girl's life. 
All of us have this inert desire to look our best not just the D-Day but also occasions preceding and following it. 
We buy the best of clothes, Jewellery, accessories and make up. 

As important as anything else in these wedding preparations is your vanity or the make up box.
One needs to exercise great care in what make up products to buy and what not. 
Since there are a plethora of products available in the market, the costs soaring high and brands launching a new product almost everyday, it often gets a little difficult to make a choice. 
Then there are other factors too like skin tone, skin type, coverage needed etc.

But some products are literally hands down. If you know what they are, this work of compiling the whole make up box can get so much easier. Isn't it? 

However, reading detailed reviews and then selecting and deciding is quite a time taking job and wedding shopping doesn't leave one with so much time. 
So, I decided to make your work easier and present my list of make up products which are an absolute must for a fantastico bridal make up kit. 

Some of them are high end products and may be a little costly. But they sure are worth the price! 

1.L'oreal Paris base magique transforming smoothing primer. Price: Rs.875
2.Colourbar Perfect match Primer. Price: Rs.875

1.Make up forever HD foundation. Price: Rs. 2100
2.Mac Matchmaster foundation. Price:Rs. 2100

1.L'oreal Paris Infallible Compact powder foundation. Price:Rs. 800
2.Maybelline Dream Matte Powder light. Price:Rs. 475

1.Mac pro longwear concealer. Price:Rs. 1100
2.Revlon Photoready concealer. Price:Rs. 750

1.Mac ruby woo. Price:Rs 1500
2.Lakme 9 to 5. Price: Rs. 400
3.L'oreal Moist Matte Lipstick. Price:Rs. 900

1.Lakme Absolute Sun Kissed Bronzer. Price: Rs. 699
2.Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer. Price:Rs. 990

1.Maybelline Lasting Drama Studio Gel Eyeliner. Price: Rs.410
2.Revlon Colorstay Gel Eyeliner. Price: Rs. 690

1.Maybelline Colossal Kajal. Price: Rs. 175
2.Lakme Absolute Eye Pencil. Price: Rs.

1.Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara. Price: Rs. 250
2.Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara. Price: Rs. 330

Apart from this your make up needs these:

1.Make up brushes (Recommended: Mac brushes) 
2.Eye lash curler
3.Eyeshadow Palette 
5.Tinted moisturiser or BB cream (Recommended: Laura Mercier Tinted moisturisers with broad spectrum SPF 20)
7.Under eye cream (Recommended: Shahnaz Hussain shasmooth under eye cream)
8.Lip Balm (Recommended: The Body Shop's Lip Balm)
9.Make up remover (Recommended: Oriflame's Make up remover)
10.A variety of nail paints 
11.Tea tree oil( For quick fixing acne if you have oily skin. It will take away the redness.) Recommended: The Body Shop's Tea tree oil

I think that's pretty much it. That is, the make up part. 
I kept the recommendations to one or two's in each category since I feel that too many recommendations can again lead to confusion. 
However, other good products are available in the market too. 
And most importantly, It depends on your skin tone. So make sure you don't compile the kit in a hurry and end up wasting money on products which doesn't suit your skin tone. 

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Impact of Pakistani Dramas. Part 1

Pakistani Dramas have been reigning the television arena not just in Pakistan but all over the world since long. 
These shows have every ingredient to make them a perfect must watch. 

A compelling plot, good-looking rather realistic looking characters, crispy dialogues, fewer episodes (serials that go on forever are so irritating I tell you, they make mockery of the entire plot which goes from no where to no where). 

Apart from all this, some Pakistani Dramas have really had a message to give. They have the power to make you cry, to laugh, to feel the plight of the protagonist. 
But above all, they have the power to impact you. To move you.

Although, a plethora of Pakistani dramas have been released till date, not all have the same charm or impact. 

I was wondering that why had I never done a post on Pakistani Dramas that I have watched and most importantly the ones that had an impact on me? 
So I decided to do a series post. Since I have watched so many of them, luckily the good ones mostly and so they will make up to this list of course. 

I will not really go in into their story lines since you can easily read that on Wikipedia and other websites, will kist mention my own feelings and most importantly what kinda impact it had on me. 

Beginning with my list: 

Genre: Romance/Drama
Writer: Samira Fazal. Novel by Razia Butt
Producer: Momina Duraid
Directed by: Haissam Hussain
Episodes: 23

Dastaan is based on the novel Bano written by Razia Butt. It depicts the partition of India and the resulting independence of Pakistan and takes place between 1947 and 1956.

Dastaan is the story of a girl named Bano and the incidences that occur with her at the time of partition. 

I began watching Dastaan last year (I watched it again when it was aired on Zee Zindagi in India, a lot of it had been cropped). Anyways, so it was recommended to me by a relative of mine. 
It started off so well, a cute love story harbouring between the lead roles namely Fawad Khan as Hassan and Sanam Baloch as Bano. 
Fawad was a charmer as always and Sanam Baloch a cute and innocent girl. 

But how and what the story progresses to gave me shivers. I cried like anything watching the atrocities done on Bano and their family. This tale is beyond moving. 
You can't stop crying and you can't stop watching it too. 
At the end of the serial, one tends to feel so sick in the heart. One feels exhausted and unsatisfied.
I simply can't put the feelings of turmoil one goes through during and after watching this Drama.

Sanam Baloch as Bano is excellent. She has proved her mettle as an actor in this one. You feel terribly bad for the protagonist. 
This serial had such an impact on me that it stayed too long with me. 

Not recommended for weak or sensitive hearts! 

This was the first part of the series. We shall discuss more serials in the coming parts. 

Stay hooked!

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