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Monday, February 1, 2016

Impact of Pakistani Dramas. Part 1

Pakistani Dramas have been reigning the television arena not just in Pakistan but all over the world since long. 
These shows have every ingredient to make them a perfect must watch. 

A compelling plot, good-looking rather realistic looking characters, crispy dialogues, fewer episodes (serials that go on forever are so irritating I tell you, they make mockery of the entire plot which goes from no where to no where). 

Apart from all this, some Pakistani Dramas have really had a message to give. They have the power to make you cry, to laugh, to feel the plight of the protagonist. 
But above all, they have the power to impact you. To move you.

Although, a plethora of Pakistani dramas have been released till date, not all have the same charm or impact. 

I was wondering that why had I never done a post on Pakistani Dramas that I have watched and most importantly the ones that had an impact on me? 
So I decided to do a series post. Since I have watched so many of them, luckily the good ones mostly and so they will make up to this list of course. 

I will not really go in into their story lines since you can easily read that on Wikipedia and other websites, will kist mention my own feelings and most importantly what kinda impact it had on me. 

Beginning with my list: 

Genre: Romance/Drama
Writer: Samira Fazal. Novel by Razia Butt
Producer: Momina Duraid
Directed by: Haissam Hussain
Episodes: 23

Dastaan is based on the novel Bano written by Razia Butt. It depicts the partition of India and the resulting independence of Pakistan and takes place between 1947 and 1956.

Dastaan is the story of a girl named Bano and the incidences that occur with her at the time of partition. 

I began watching Dastaan last year (I watched it again when it was aired on Zee Zindagi in India, a lot of it had been cropped). Anyways, so it was recommended to me by a relative of mine. 
It started off so well, a cute love story harbouring between the lead roles namely Fawad Khan as Hassan and Sanam Baloch as Bano. 
Fawad was a charmer as always and Sanam Baloch a cute and innocent girl. 

But how and what the story progresses to gave me shivers. I cried like anything watching the atrocities done on Bano and their family. This tale is beyond moving. 
You can't stop crying and you can't stop watching it too. 
At the end of the serial, one tends to feel so sick in the heart. One feels exhausted and unsatisfied.
I simply can't put the feelings of turmoil one goes through during and after watching this Drama.

Sanam Baloch as Bano is excellent. She has proved her mettle as an actor in this one. You feel terribly bad for the protagonist. 
This serial had such an impact on me that it stayed too long with me. 

Not recommended for weak or sensitive hearts! 

This was the first part of the series. We shall discuss more serials in the coming parts. 

Stay hooked!

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  1. nice post. Drama show the goodness and badness in our society. Watch all Pakistani TV Dramas Online