I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Friday, December 31, 2010

Bidding adieu to 2010 !

365 days ago we met
on a wintry and windy night
the town dazzled and skies lit up
and you entered in my life.

unaware, on unknown paths I traversed
erasing and creating memories
for gifting me a bag you said
"these are your share of gratification and grief".

you 'connived' with time
some shells of wisdom I did find
and then the days flew off
on remains of relations that I lost.

months crept in and our bond cemented
experiences inter-weaved- bold, new and vivid
a lonely b'day and some dark nights
I embraced all with amazement and delight.

I apprehended,
people we meet are like stars
millions of them in a galaxy
who alter their path suddenly
never returning back onto the trajectory.

I explored,
the vastness of my city
travelling alone, far and wide
free, like a young bird
who has just learn to glide.

I observed,
in astonishment the sea of faces
around me in malls and buses
each one so diverse and different
yet with a heart that beats in rhythm.

I progressed,
a step ahead in accomplishing my creams
a dream to serve my fellow beings
entering a world of distress and pain
devoting myself to the selfless lane.

I march,
ahead with a belief in heart
when its your time to depart
that I will stack up your memories
like leaves entangles the breeze.

Finally I say,
goodbye year 2010
goodbye my dear companion and friend
I will miss you a lot but I regret not
the gloomy, harrowing experiences you brought.

Letting you go with,
our parting wish that this new year
will bring in more enjoyment and cheer
not just for you and me
but all those who welcome it with glee!

A very happy and prosperous NEW YEAR to everyone :)

This post has been written for Blogeshwar and Anubhooti

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Magic of Greeting Cards :)

My winter holidays have just started and the first thing that comes to my mind apart from enjoying a good 10 hours sleep everyday is cleaning my cupboards..yes! that makes my mom happy too!

The first one, on which I lay my hands every time is a stockpile of my best-loved, most-treasured memorable possessions. It accommodates everything from those old-nostalgic smelling favourite books of mine to the lovely creations of home-science classes in school. On one hand there exists a neatly-made doll house for my childhood friends-Barbie dolls and on the other hand is a pile of cards...i usually don't open them because unveiling them runs a wave of nostalgia and bursts out all hidden emotions within me which either breaks or makes my day.

Cards , specially those hand-made ones have been my most prized possession. I love sending and receiving them. and who doesn't? 
Every year on my birthday I used to count ( I do it even now) the number of cards I received, each one with a different note and lovely quotes made me feel special and loved. For, it really takes a lot of time to go and search a card which perfectly describes the occasion and the person in question.

Sadly, the era of hand made greeting cards had ended long back now. No one has the time to buy a chart paper and then personally make greetings for anyone, or even buy one, attach a stamp and walk to the nearest post-office. 

In the world where time slips off so fast it is well understood and no one today complains.

Fortunately, technology greets us with an alteration ..the E-cards. Although, they do not bring in or out the same feelings as the old cards did but something is surely better than nothing. There are lot of sites like and archies own website which have an exhaustive collection of beautiful and meaningful cards for every occasion.I'm sure you wont be able to resist yourself from sending out at least a few E-cards every time you land up there. They are not just easy to send but also come with unlimited space to pep up the card with your own message and quotations.

Christmas and New year's round the corner, I urge all of you to check out these sites and as the archies tag line goes ' cards spread love. make someone feel loved today .' you never know, it might just make someone's day a little more warm and bright :) 

so, to whom are you addressing your love this New Year? 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Where are we heading to?- A toothbrush to let you know your 'marriage style' !

On one of these days, I was waiting anxiously for an important message from a friend, checking my mobile almost every 30 secs as the screen lit finally, I swiftly picked up my phone only to find someone else has messaged me, half miserable I pressed the view button only to get a little more miserable in fact pissed off at what I read.
 The message said- 'select a fruit and I will tell about your marriage'…what the hell???

When did fruits started forecasting our future?! I mean God just turned frugivorous or what?
And even if he did, wasn’t the nutritional qualities of fruits enough that he handled them another and that too such a crucial and momentous job? I know this seizes to make sense but what makes even lesser sense to me is how educated people can be so immature and moronic so as to -
1)      Create such messages in the first place (yes! Someone told me that  their exist people who create SMSes)
2)       Read, believe, vouch for answers and then forward them to others.

And of course the answers….they are even more obtuse and mindless.Coming across such things I see all the tech advancements and literary achievement fritter away, we stand where we were ages ago when malaria was supposed to be spread from bad air and banging a broom on head would unleash the devilish spirit within you. 

The world is still blind, still dumb and still in the darkness. We are still driven by things that somehow appeal us; it makes sense or not is none of our concern. And when these messages somehow reach people who have a slight part of their logical brain in place and working (that's important) they can do nothing but infuriate and vex at where the mindless world is heading too!

I got another of these 'mindless forecasting' message yesterday (which drove me against the wall, ceiling, floor and what not,finally landed me on my blog!) it was a step ahead and read something like this : 'Tell me your toothbrush colour and I will tell your marriage style'. (By marriage style it meant love or arrange or love-cum-arrange etc.) Truly speaking, I felt like shooting off that sender from the face of the earth or banging my head and killing myself. It fails to enter my mind how can any xyz create such an SMS? How?

This in my opinion is the lowest of the lowest height of being intellectually basal and foolish.
Can these empty-headed creators and propagators please realize that a toothbrush is for brushing our teeth no matter what damn colour it is (in any case we do not use a single brush all our life, that way our marriage style should change every 2 months) and fruits are meant to be eaten and relished. And stop over-anticipating your marriage and life live it just the way it comes without these sick forecasts! 

The era of chain SMSes did not disappoint and infuriate me this much because I felt that our society was over-whelmed by beliefs, religion and morals which tend to dim the reasoning lights inside us but this wave of insensible SMSes sure makes me fret on the ultimate black-out that it could lead to. And if that happens we will neither be left with fruits nor toothbrushes, only these muddle headed morons foretelling our future!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

3WW- God and Me !

'I created everything with a reason,your mind is too shallow to judge me'. said the proud God.

'Really? then how do you justify the creation of the night?' I quibbled quickly.

God smiled and said 'the moon is beautiful, for its safety  i ordered  'Let nightfall' and it was night! so that the moon can dazzle brightly for you to admire it'! 

posted for 3WW. Prompt : judge, safety, nightfall.

Friday, December 10, 2010

She sees it all.......

She sees it all,
In scattered letters and unveiled cards,
myriad of memories found and lost,
moments flash. some brewed together others distinct and unattached.

she sees it all,
In an empty glass,
showered love and sleepless nights,
lullaby on lips and hands that care.

she sees it all,
In fallen leaves,
a broken family and loved ones so grieved,
quelling all dreams,
the spirit fell through,
like tattered clothes that never sew.

she sees it all,
in the deserted house,
her mother's essence in every bit,
untouched jewellery and a sweater half knit,
each little thing speaks her words,
empty kitchen sings voices unheard.

here,she rests on the green grass,
recollecting hazy,misty appearances,
with scattered letter and unveiled cards,
she sees it all, lives it all.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The dark souls.........

'Take care of yourself, eat properly,follow the rules and attend your classes on time and don't forget to call us everyday' Mrs.ray instructed her daughter Raveena in an apprehensive tone.
' I have spoken to your warden, you will be staying in dorm no.-2 , don't worry we will be visiting you every 4th Saturday' added Mr.ray hugging her daughter.
 'I'm a big girl now dad, i ll be just fine and stop crying mom' she pleaded kissing her goodbye. She stridded off to her dorm on the 2nd floor of St.Martin school's hostel.

'how are things going along'? Raveena turned her back to see who it was on hearing a sudden voice in the 45 feet long empty dormitory. It was a middle aged women clad in a salwar-kameez, her hair neatly tied in a bun. As raveena gazed at her, she smiled and said 'I am Geeta, one of the care-takers of your dorm.madam told me that a new girl has joined the hostel so i came up to have a look'. she said while making the bed next to Raveena's.
OH ! hello aunty, Raveena smiled back warmly and continued transferring her belongings from the suitcase.
'why didn't you go for games'? asked Geeta in a concerned voice.
'I wanted to put my things in place before the weekend ended so it gets easier for me to settle up'.
'yes! i can understand, i am off duty now so let me help you a bit'. remarked Geeta picking up a hanger from the opposite side.

'Do you know they say this hostel is build on a graveyard and spirits rome here every night' spoke Saumya in an undertone. 'what nonsense Saumya! i don't take your single word, these are just silly made-up stories' replied an exhausted Raveena. 'now come, lets complete das sir's assignment'.
Although she had mingled with all the dorm mates and was enjoying her stay in the hostel. Saumya had become one of Raveena's closest friend, they shared adjacent beds and were in the same class too.
Geeta aunty was amongst her favourite ayahs. she would bring her food when off duty and she along with Saumya chatted with Geeta aunty on the weekends for long hours.


It were faint sobs that woke Raveena up in the middle of the night. As she glared around the long dark dormitory ,she saw someone sitting on the corner most bed just before the washrooms. She got up at once and walked towards the dark figure. The dorm was quiet and everyone was asleep.
As she marched forward she realised it was Geeta aunty, surprised and suspicious she called her from behind ' that you? what happened'? To her surprise Geeta aunty didn't moved. 'Why are you crying aunty'  she again called taking little steps towards her.
and she was 5 ft away from her.....the figure vanished. no one! no sound! Raveena was petrified...she stood their still and almost uttered a cry of horror. She ran back to her bed and immediately shook saumya still in disbelief and horror.
'Geeta aunty..geeta aunty...there...crying....vanished...'she was too horrified to make her words appear sensible. 'What happened Raveena, why are you so frightened' ? Saumya asked anxiously rising from her bed. Raveena was still breathing heavily and tears down poured her face as she finally caught her breath and narrated the whole incident to Saumya.
Saumya too froze hearing hearing Raveena but they both finally lulled each other to sleep and vowed to find out the matter the next day.

Raveena slept bad that night and was the first to wake up in the morning, seeing the sun throw upon its sunshine on all corners of the dorm she heaved a sigh of relief. Not long, Raveena narrated the complete incident to one of the seniors who almost fell in a state of shock. After a few moments of silence she told

'but Geeta aunty had left the school 2years back! I think you are mistaken'.
'how could i"? asked Raveena perplexed and frightened. I have joined the school just some weeks ago and she had been with us all through my stay here'.
to this she had no answer....on asking the warden and others this is what they came to know

Geeta had died six months back because of tetanus !!!

Raveena was shocked,horrified...she was not able to decipher anything, other girls couldn't understand her plight and they refrained from talking to her.Raveena stayed on her bed all day, Geeta's face flashed and clogged her mind and thoughts. Saumya was the only one who consoled her, she was trying her best to bring her out of this and did all she could to make her feel comfortable and happy.


It was a Saturday evening and Raveena and Saumya were enjoying a stroll on the pavement in their games time.Almost a month had passed since the incident had happened and Raveena was feeling much better, she was succeeding in forgetting that nightmarish episode.
In their talks they forgot to keep hold of time and distance and walked away too far, almost at the end of the girls hostel where data- office was located.

'oh no! its already 8;00 pm...time for dinner'. exclaimed Raveena as she saw her watch in the light of little bulb that shone in front of the small data-office's gate. 'let's run or else we will get late and that barbarous warden will scold us'. 'but am thirsty, cant walk even two steps. let me see if there is water inside the office. you stay here' instructing Saumya, Raveena tip-toed inside.

She found a tank in the right side of the entrance. As she filled her bottle, Raveena turned to see the board on the right corner that doned 'remembrances'. She rolled her eyes and suddenly....she was appalled.crashed! Raveena had fainted at what she saw on the board.
Saumya chatterjee
died of tetanus
the next thing Raveena knew was waking up in the hospital.she could feel her left foot numb. The doctor came up to her and smiled warmly.
'so you finally survived a major tetanus infection from spreading in your body but i am sorry we had to cut off your lower left limb'!!!

This post is purely a work of fiction.
image courtesy - Google image search
this post has been written for Blogeshwar and anubhooti

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Peeping in a man's life- what they want !

To start with in my view no one is interested in knowing 'what-men-want'. Neither the men themselves (they are too confused and busy deciphering the needs of opposite gender) nor women (they are too preoccupied with their own needs).
But let me still continue to give you an insight on 'what-i-think-men-may-want'. And am sure there is no need for me to elaborate here the fact that we are not discussing the basic human needs or the character specific demands that are innate and make us who we are- an individual
Our needs and desires differ from one stage of life to another, so here goes my deep observation (yes! it took me some time to ponder over the actions and reactions of all men around me from my father to my friend's boyfriend) of 'what-men-want' or 'do-not-want.

For a boy (man) in his childhood :

  • I want to play and play till the day ends. It doesn't matter if that is a knife or a small key, everything is a toy except those dolls.
  • Don't ask me to sit at one place
  • I don't want to study. Compel me to do that and you are my enemy for life.
  • Don't you dare disturb me in between my favourite video/computer game.
  • Cricket/football/any other sports makes me ecstatic.
  • Don't shower your love in public or even private for that matter specially those 'my-boy-is-so-cute' looks and kisses. 
  • Girls are fragile creatures. I love to play with them because they often don't fight or argue.
  • Friendship means playing, laughing,jumping around and nothing else.
  • Love...whats that?
  • I love my mother and the bonding is unexplainable.

For a teenager boy (man) :

  • I still love playing but c'mon i can't play with just about everything now.
  • Yes, i still hate sitting at one place.
  • Studies are a big NO. Computer and maths are my favourite subjects. I HATE biology and social studies.
  • Computer/video games are my lifeline, with them i can survive even on a marooned place.
  • Cricket/football/any other sports still makes my ecstatic.
  • Public display of affection is still not permissible.
  • Girls are fragile and beautiful creatures. I love talking to them when i don't have a video game to play.
  • Friendship means games, fun,frolic.
  • Love means a popular girl who is my girl friend, but my confidante is that girl who lends me the copy or completes my work and patiently listens to me.
  • I love my mother, the bond is still the same.

For a 20-30's something man:

  • I love playing the game of hearts more than anything now, life comes only once after all.
  • Sitting at one place...ummm...let me think?
  • studies? phew!! i m almost done with them...thank you lord!
  • Girls are beyond my comprehension but they are beautiful , i know i can't do without them for long.
  • Friendship means forever
  • Love means stability and support.
  • I love my mother , she occupies the highest place in my life.
  • I want my sister to be the most respectable girl in town so at times i may overprotect her but all because i love her and i know the world is a bad place.
  • I love food, that's the best way to my heart.
  • Speak and share but not over do the giggling, talking and nagging. That irritates me.
  • Its my time to own the world, make money and merry.
  • You may be just a friend and i have no soft feelings for you but better don't call me your brother i may not appreciate that.

For a 40 something man and beyond :

  • I love leading a quiet ,respectable and sedentary life now.
  • I desire stability and support not money.
  • My wife should give me good food and listen to me when i speak.
  • I am growing old but i want my wife to stay active and beautiful always.
  • My daughter is my biggest responsibly, i may not say but i ll feel free only when i get her married.
  • I love to see my son grow and achieve what i could not.
  • I love my mother still, i want her to be with me forever.
  • I would love to correct all the mistakes i did in the past.
  • I want to die before my wife because somewhere in my heart i know that there is no one to take care of me the way she does.

I tried my best to cover all aspects of what-men-want although i am aware the a little post cannot do justice to their desires. Each one of us needs LOVE and RESPECT above everything else and when we do something for someone keeping in view this aspect its hard to go wrong :)
On the ending note i am reminded of the lines of a song from the movie 'My fair lady' which goes as :

Well after all, I'm an ordinary man,
Who desires nothing more than an ordinary chance, 
to live exactly as he likes, and do precisely what he wants... 
An average man am I, of no eccentric whim, 
Who likes to live his life, free of strife, 
doing whatever he thinks is best, for him, 
Well... just an ordinary man... 

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Friday, November 12, 2010


An empty sky and a hollow me
a silent night and that still tree
I look above and memories unwind
little by little they flow over my mind

A persistent pain and curbed desires
a deep dark past and burning fires
all mingle wid the blowing wind
surrounding air feels chilly and dry
feels like a dead soul, not even a sigh

And suddenly as if by a magical string
the winds turn cool and soothing within
the pain still lingers soaring by the night
darkness deepens, dimming all light

But only for a little more while
coz light is powerful and tears apart
all the bitterness of the past
the skies turn red and full of zeal
to embrace a new day and what it reveals

Surroundings afresh but remorse still untouched
the roads are deserted but green and lush
a bright new day is here to stay
dark shadows aside, making a way

As I get up drowsy and dead
sun smiles on me
right above my head
the tree of the night is no more silent
for birds around are chirpy and winds violent

My soul of the night is still hollow
I walk sedately in the silhouette of a girl
that's not me....

Friday, November 5, 2010

An Autobiography of a 'PIMPLE'!!!

THIS POST WON ME  BLOGESHWAR 5.0...yeepieee!!!  :D

WARNING: This is a fun post written for blogeshwar and anubhooti . It seizes to make sense so kindly keep your logical hemispheres (of brain) aside!

I am a Pimple. yes! you read it right! its 'P' not 'D', a classic example of how a single alphabet can change a youngsters life. And of course I write, I write that 'pus-ly' language on faces specially teenagers and do you know? I even draw well..those red marks which turn brown and hollow at times is my creation (grins proudly*)! Forever is my painting, wonder how it has no 'buyers'? maybe its far too common eh? unlike our good old M.F. Husain's who draws lines from different angles and colours to give a fresh look each time!

I am born when hormonal imbalance takes place and I happen to be a girl child. why? coz no one appreciates my arrival :( but do I care?
I am a spoilt brat and I love that part of me. I spoil the poor faces, their moods,their parties and dates (with untime arrival), their teenage and money (which they spend on erasing me). Poor things! little do they know I took my lessons from one and only Rajnikant- mind it! wont leave the industry err.... face i mean so soon baby!!
my favourite song is definitely:
waiting for tonight, oh ohhhhh hoooo,
when you would forget to wash your make-up,
waiting for that night, oh ohhhhh hooooo!

and when its raining men in a girl's life, I crop up just before her date at 5 o'clock to have a nap on her nose. what a feel...I only wonder why is she sooo curious to wake me up? trying everything from rubbing a potato slice to using instant skin clearing gel which has NO effect what-so-ever (remember I m a spoilt brat ;)) and guys....I dont LIKE them! they pinch me soo much and am forced to punch them back and see it gets all bloody and then forever is the scar. why soo serious hmmm? WHYYYY? (joker style) !

On my birthday, I call my fellow friends- 'virus and bacteria' and we have a party! it could be a common acne rosacea or herpes party!
The only thing that irritates me are those uncaring people. they simply don't care if i exist or not and continue to live peacefully with ME hovering on their faces. They accept me and move on with life not giving slightest attention to my paintings and writing, c'mon am not a new blogger, I have been doing this for ages now people!

And then comes my end and am forced to leave them beautiful!

Now let me send out a serious message (yes i even took some lesson from AB..angry young man)! "stop counting me (pimples) and count whats within you! that will last longer much longer than i do folks"!

So that was my happy and don't worry :D !!!

[image courtesy- google image search]

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grand mom and Me!

I have always preferred the company of those elder to me. Not that I don't gel nicely with youngsters but more often than not it's the elder brigade I ll be found hanging with. And that includes the 'oldies'.The world today talks of generation gap and how it has spread up in our society.I don't deny its existence but I haven't faced or rather felt its existence ever in my life.In my opinion, it's mis-communication rather than communication, ego clashes rather than clashes of thoughts that exist.Generation gap is simply a manifestation of impatience and intolerance.we do not have time today to listen to anything apart from what profits us and tolerate anybody challenging the boundaries of our egos.
My grandmom is coming to Delhi-my home (all my uncles and aunts live in various parts of the country,so she visits each of the places at least once a year) and oh no! it's not the Baghban type scene out here, all her children and grand-children want her to spend time with them so she needs to judiciously divide it between us.And so i passionately await her arrival.Although her stay in Delhi means i need to take out time from my jam-packed schedule to listen to her stories (they include stories of her childhood, my father's childhood, my childhood which I have listened for a hundred times now.Also the new ones as in-who said what, who did what,on her latest trips plus the anxiety of me growing up and marriage etc.(I am still not 20!) and not to forget the stories of tv soaps that she watches religiously).But still I love her.I lie down in her lap and feel her soft protruding tummy, touch her hand, the skin has lost its elasticity with age, comb her golden-white hair.I just love to be around her.
There are times when she says things that irritates me like my marriage or my getting up late on a sunday morning but it never puts me off. (not that I am trying to prove that I am a super-human) but coz of the fact that I love her and loving means respecting her principles and thoughts as much as I do mine.And then there is nothing left to argue or prove my point.
when she gets too hysterical at times and is not ready to see the changes of modernity, i simply hug her and say "aap wo sab chodiye and ye bataiye uss XYZ serial mein aaj kya hua"? and she like an innocent child forgets what she was saying and then another round of stories begins!
What I want to express is that with love and tolerance all problems can be solved by us. Generation gap is just one of them!

Monday, October 25, 2010

And she won, finally....

Sitting here, beside my dear friend I am taken into a flashback. Memories unwind. I remember the time she first told me about herself, about her life. She was the only daughter born in one of the middle class family. The world may have moved on , and we may have become open-minded but evil does remain. Girls are still frowned upon as if it was their mistake that God sent them to this world. She was born in one of those 'all-male' families, who knew men and wanted men only. And due to some complications her mother couldn't bore another child.A 'mistake' that she and her daughter had to suffer for.

But hers was a different story, different from cinderella or snow-white tales. she was fed well, wore good clothes, was sent to a well-known public school. everything about her was similar to a 'normal' well-brought up girl. even her mother loved her.That was the only love she received. that's it! she was not loved enough, respected and cared for enough. Her father , uncles and all males of that 'all-male' family still frowned upon her. Stoned her with words that left her self-respect and confidence bruised and tittered into pieces.. so much so that now in her teens she was a shy,timid girl. Who sat in the corner most desk of the class, absorbed in books. While other girls talked about fashion and boyfriends, she sat there ignited by the desire to prove herself to her father, her uncles and whole of the male dominated society she was a part of. She had never known of fathers love, sat on his lap, listened to the stories. All she knew were curses and glances of hatred whenever she passed by her side. Her mother did all she could, but poor lady was herself helpless and ill-treated.

I had never seen those male-members of her family, but I hated them. Cursed them. And secretly prayed that somehow something would happen and she will be able to shun that world of hers and vanish to a place where she would be free and loved for who she was. a girl.A girl with a heart of gold and a soul so pure.But  she was more realistic and always shrugged me off by saying "my life is real, it's not a fairy tale or a movie-it wont change.

However, evil can never lodge for long. God is great. He sees and he does miracles too. Good has to win over bad.And it happened! She was offered a scholarship to study abroad. How she and her mother convinced to let her go is another story but she was finally leaving today.

A sob startled me. It broke my reverie and I came back to reality. Here she sat besides me, my dear friend for the last time.She was crying. They were tears of parting mixed with freedom. I hugged her and smiled. She smiled back saying "your prayers paid off, I will miss you".  I choked and just managed to say " I hope you never come back here". As we parted, I looked up to the sky and thanked my God. Goodness had won.Evil was left there, defeated.

They say victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan. But like I said 'hers was a different story'. Here 'victory had no fathers and defeat was left childless'.

PS - Its been two years since she left. I dedicate my Diwali to her.May she continue to shine with all brightness over all evils that surrounded her life.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010


For hours, days and months,

I kept hoping that you'll come,

But never came that awaited hour,

never were my hopes fulfilled.

Each and every days was a promise,

that I will get you back today,

each and every night,

a dark lonely soul crushed for having been failed.

Mere words can't express,

the damage that you did,

a soul so hurt,

a friendship crushed and killed.

But know that I am stopping it all now and here,

I don't know how to begin again,

tired I am and probably don't care.

Soon I will be picking up the pieces,

the ones that don't hurt,

and little by little I will join them together,

slowly they will have the power to heal.

Heal my broken trust,

heal my empty soul,

heal my suffering self-respect,

and then I will be back on it again,

ready to let go.

Moving on to better relations,

smiling and making the world smile,

appreciating all the beauty that lies in the world,

and letting it touch my inner soul.

Today is the end of a broken bond,

and fondly I bury it up,

because its only when we close a door behind us,

that a new door, a new life,

that awaits us - WELCOMES US.


( Image courtesy - Google image search )

BEING ME .....

As I woke up in the middle of the night,

a strange voice caught my sight,

the voice was soft,seeping through the door,

still it pierced my heart deep down to the core.

It spoke about what lay within me,

"appearances are deceptive,

staying true to your own self is the key".

I wished to feel pretty,

I desired to feel loved,

I wished I could sometimes,

be in a world where I stood high and above.

But wishes may be countless,

and creating dreams may be free,

life has greater purposes,

and there is only one chance to be me.

"Being pretty is not what counts" she said,

"neither being above all is greatness,

it's the unsaid acts of kindness,

that make you feel blessed".

I pledged then and there,

to seek goodness everywhere,

I will treat others the way i want to be treated,

I will smile and make everyone else's day better,

I will stand on my morals and ways,

and in the end....

I will be there for my own self always

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The voice of our soul....

the 'me' time

There is a strange calmness, the one that encourages you to ponder over life and its purposes. as i sit besides the window resting my legs on a chair in front, my eyelashes hug each other and i take a deep breath. the ongoing conversation in my mind gets a little louder. its a random, abstract thought right now...images flash over and out and suddenly disappear all at once a cool breeze softly touches my face. my lips curve slightly to instruct the mind to hold on for a while their seemingly heated up conversation.

I have long realised it now that there is this very deep but faint voice that lifts up from our souls, it guides perfectly even when we are at crossroads. this inner voice is never judgemental neither bias nor partial, it tells the truth as it is or better still stirs in more wisdom to give an almost perfect solution.

people may have written a lot about the fact that it takes tremendous willpower to be true to your own self but in my opinion a greater challenge is understanding to what your inner self is saying in the first place.

we are running behind materialistic aspects and loved to defined my relations around us, never paying heed to the relation between our own soul and self. we are so afraid to sit alone, so afraid to take a break, to retrospect our pasts. we prefer to live inside shells which are actually broken ones, slowly peircing to destroy it completely.

suddenly my phone rings, the voice inside my instructs me not to pick it up, i still open my eyes. the conversation and realisation are lost now.i move my hands to pick up the call but just then i stop, almost by reflex. i put my legs up again and let the voice take over me once more. i have honoured it. it feels good!

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