I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Friday, December 31, 2010

Bidding adieu to 2010 !

365 days ago we met
on a wintry and windy night
the town dazzled and skies lit up
and you entered in my life.

unaware, on unknown paths I traversed
erasing and creating memories
for gifting me a bag you said
"these are your share of gratification and grief".

you 'connived' with time
some shells of wisdom I did find
and then the days flew off
on remains of relations that I lost.

months crept in and our bond cemented
experiences inter-weaved- bold, new and vivid
a lonely b'day and some dark nights
I embraced all with amazement and delight.

I apprehended,
people we meet are like stars
millions of them in a galaxy
who alter their path suddenly
never returning back onto the trajectory.

I explored,
the vastness of my city
travelling alone, far and wide
free, like a young bird
who has just learn to glide.

I observed,
in astonishment the sea of faces
around me in malls and buses
each one so diverse and different
yet with a heart that beats in rhythm.

I progressed,
a step ahead in accomplishing my creams
a dream to serve my fellow beings
entering a world of distress and pain
devoting myself to the selfless lane.

I march,
ahead with a belief in heart
when its your time to depart
that I will stack up your memories
like leaves entangles the breeze.

Finally I say,
goodbye year 2010
goodbye my dear companion and friend
I will miss you a lot but I regret not
the gloomy, harrowing experiences you brought.

Letting you go with,
our parting wish that this new year
will bring in more enjoyment and cheer
not just for you and me
but all those who welcome it with glee!

A very happy and prosperous NEW YEAR to everyone :)

This post has been written for Blogeshwar and Anubhooti


  1. Very well written , Best wishes to you too.

  2. wow... loved the whole of it... we evolve as we grow... true.
    happy new year sarah!

  3. that was a great poem... so loved it.... and thank you for dropping by my blog... hope to see more of you there :).....

    take care and keep writing.......

  4. sweet poem!! :)
    wish u a happy new year 2011 too..

    ohh and u are take it up..wud love to read you!

  5. Hey sarah,
    That was nicely written.
    Found you at indiblogger.
    Happy New Year

  6. must say, u started really well..even the bid adieu part ws applaudabl, new to blogging i guess bt a vry matured writing

  7. I guess i am late! Happy new year Sarah... I wanted to comment on your about me, i guess at some stages, we share the same philosophies of life. Great writing keep it up.

    And thanks for being there in my space!

    dream peddler

  8. ASkm :)
    Long time.
    Sorry had been a bit busy at work.
    You havent posted anything this year yet??

    Regd this post.
    :) wonderful

  9. Hey Sarah!! very well written!!
    Lots of Love!!

  10. That was innovative and beautiful. Liked the flow and the unbroken series till the end.

    Wish you luck for the contest and a very happy new year too :)

  11. yags, gaurang and raksha- wish u a very happy new year too :)

    @ deepika- thnks a lot dear :)

    @ shut up- cool nick! glad u liked it!

    @ thousif- sure, i ll definitely be back to ur blog, thnks for the comment!

  12. @ pri - thnks a lot for ur year to u too. and thnks for ur tag too, will take it up soon :)

    @jayandra- new year to u too..welcome to d blog :)

    @vineet- that was such a great compliment. keep coming...thnks a lot and a very happy new year to u too :D

    @souvnik- i totally loved ur nick..dream peddlar, and who said u r late? the year is still new and has lots to unfold for each one of us...u r free to share ur thots..keep coming :)

  13. @ muddassir- yep! seeing u after a long time, was about to msg u..and as always very glad that u liked my poem :) i m still in mumbai for my vacations, will be back to normal routine soon!

    @ ank- happy new year again :)

    @ sourav - my pleasure, it really means a lot when experienced bloggers like u comment. glad that u liked my work :)

  14. a very good new year to u too sadiya.. quite a poem it was.. very encompassing n meaningful.. loved it.. god bless u n best wishes..

  15. hey vivek...its sarah this side ;) nehow, grateful for ur appreciation..thnks so much :)

  16. liked it :) Happy new year to u too

  17. Beautiful poetry!

    Join us in this experiment with poem!