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a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The dark souls.........

'Take care of yourself, eat properly,follow the rules and attend your classes on time and don't forget to call us everyday' Mrs.ray instructed her daughter Raveena in an apprehensive tone.
' I have spoken to your warden, you will be staying in dorm no.-2 , don't worry we will be visiting you every 4th Saturday' added Mr.ray hugging her daughter.
 'I'm a big girl now dad, i ll be just fine and stop crying mom' she pleaded kissing her goodbye. She stridded off to her dorm on the 2nd floor of St.Martin school's hostel.

'how are things going along'? Raveena turned her back to see who it was on hearing a sudden voice in the 45 feet long empty dormitory. It was a middle aged women clad in a salwar-kameez, her hair neatly tied in a bun. As raveena gazed at her, she smiled and said 'I am Geeta, one of the care-takers of your dorm.madam told me that a new girl has joined the hostel so i came up to have a look'. she said while making the bed next to Raveena's.
OH ! hello aunty, Raveena smiled back warmly and continued transferring her belongings from the suitcase.
'why didn't you go for games'? asked Geeta in a concerned voice.
'I wanted to put my things in place before the weekend ended so it gets easier for me to settle up'.
'yes! i can understand, i am off duty now so let me help you a bit'. remarked Geeta picking up a hanger from the opposite side.

'Do you know they say this hostel is build on a graveyard and spirits rome here every night' spoke Saumya in an undertone. 'what nonsense Saumya! i don't take your single word, these are just silly made-up stories' replied an exhausted Raveena. 'now come, lets complete das sir's assignment'.
Although she had mingled with all the dorm mates and was enjoying her stay in the hostel. Saumya had become one of Raveena's closest friend, they shared adjacent beds and were in the same class too.
Geeta aunty was amongst her favourite ayahs. she would bring her food when off duty and she along with Saumya chatted with Geeta aunty on the weekends for long hours.


It were faint sobs that woke Raveena up in the middle of the night. As she glared around the long dark dormitory ,she saw someone sitting on the corner most bed just before the washrooms. She got up at once and walked towards the dark figure. The dorm was quiet and everyone was asleep.
As she marched forward she realised it was Geeta aunty, surprised and suspicious she called her from behind ' that you? what happened'? To her surprise Geeta aunty didn't moved. 'Why are you crying aunty'  she again called taking little steps towards her.
and she was 5 ft away from her.....the figure vanished. no one! no sound! Raveena was petrified...she stood their still and almost uttered a cry of horror. She ran back to her bed and immediately shook saumya still in disbelief and horror.
'Geeta aunty..geeta aunty...there...crying....vanished...'she was too horrified to make her words appear sensible. 'What happened Raveena, why are you so frightened' ? Saumya asked anxiously rising from her bed. Raveena was still breathing heavily and tears down poured her face as she finally caught her breath and narrated the whole incident to Saumya.
Saumya too froze hearing hearing Raveena but they both finally lulled each other to sleep and vowed to find out the matter the next day.

Raveena slept bad that night and was the first to wake up in the morning, seeing the sun throw upon its sunshine on all corners of the dorm she heaved a sigh of relief. Not long, Raveena narrated the complete incident to one of the seniors who almost fell in a state of shock. After a few moments of silence she told

'but Geeta aunty had left the school 2years back! I think you are mistaken'.
'how could i"? asked Raveena perplexed and frightened. I have joined the school just some weeks ago and she had been with us all through my stay here'.
to this she had no answer....on asking the warden and others this is what they came to know

Geeta had died six months back because of tetanus !!!

Raveena was shocked,horrified...she was not able to decipher anything, other girls couldn't understand her plight and they refrained from talking to her.Raveena stayed on her bed all day, Geeta's face flashed and clogged her mind and thoughts. Saumya was the only one who consoled her, she was trying her best to bring her out of this and did all she could to make her feel comfortable and happy.


It was a Saturday evening and Raveena and Saumya were enjoying a stroll on the pavement in their games time.Almost a month had passed since the incident had happened and Raveena was feeling much better, she was succeeding in forgetting that nightmarish episode.
In their talks they forgot to keep hold of time and distance and walked away too far, almost at the end of the girls hostel where data- office was located.

'oh no! its already 8;00 pm...time for dinner'. exclaimed Raveena as she saw her watch in the light of little bulb that shone in front of the small data-office's gate. 'let's run or else we will get late and that barbarous warden will scold us'. 'but am thirsty, cant walk even two steps. let me see if there is water inside the office. you stay here' instructing Saumya, Raveena tip-toed inside.

She found a tank in the right side of the entrance. As she filled her bottle, Raveena turned to see the board on the right corner that doned 'remembrances'. She rolled her eyes and suddenly....she was appalled.crashed! Raveena had fainted at what she saw on the board.
Saumya chatterjee
died of tetanus
the next thing Raveena knew was waking up in the hospital.she could feel her left foot numb. The doctor came up to her and smiled warmly.
'so you finally survived a major tetanus infection from spreading in your body but i am sorry we had to cut off your lower left limb'!!!

This post is purely a work of fiction.
image courtesy - Google image search
this post has been written for Blogeshwar and anubhooti


  1. You know what?
    Right from the start I had guessed that Geeta aunty ll be a ghost but what I liked was even Saumya was a ghost (Though my inquisitive mind would have questioned as to how come no one knew about Saumya) But then One gets so engrossed in the story after Geeta's death that such logical questions take back seat.

    And the ending bowled me over, I kind of felt she d be infected with tetanus but cutting off the limb sent chills.

    It is a very good story especially the second half. There are few spelling mistakes in the first few paragraphs else it is nice, shocker at end.

    Good job :)

  2. nice take on horror managed to scare me when Raveena saw on the board
    Saumya chatterjee
    died of tetanus
    that shocked me and shocked me even more when Raveena discovered that she was infected too with the tetanus.

  3. @ muddassir,

    sorry, i 4got to do the spell check!
    and geeta was obvious i know but had i related saumya with her it would become a lil longer and more then tht maybe u wud have guessed the same abt saumya too. so i kept it concealed. but am happy u liked it and so i have a 'scared' follower now...gr8 :P

  4. @ pratibha,
    highly appreciate ur words and m too happy tht i have managed to shock u :)

  5. Scary and Brilliantly written.. :)

  6. when i started to read, i thot its gonna b yet another lonnngg boring read as i see in readers around, bt must say, osum pice of writing, brilliant is n understatmnt, nice read dude

  7. hello sayed,
    glad u liked it..and welcome to d blog :)

    hie vineet,
    so happy tht u found the story worth reading and not boring but err... better call me dudette ;)
    keep visiting!

  8. it actually scared me and the worst part is, i am on my bed and its 1 in the morning (all the lights ae off).
    I agree with the rest of the readers that the SAUMYA part did bring a really shocking end 2 the story, but i still couldnt understand that how did raveena get tetanus...did the ghost give it 2 her.

  9. @ adi
    i sympathize with the fact tht read the story in the nite..hope all went well 4 u :P
    as 4 tetanus, it can be be got thru soil or rust etc so after falling down she wud have got infectd..the connection lies in the fact tht both geeta and saumya had died due to the same tetanus and it was her turn maybe!

  10. Damn I shouldn't have read this post. Now I am scared. :P
    Congratulations for your award and horrific yet beautifully horrified. :P
    Great going

  11. LOL...i hope saumya doesnt haunts u in ur dreams ;) glad u liked it!
    and wich award r u talkin abt?

  12. Well, the twist was nice.. makes for a good read.. a bit lengthy but still worth the read!

  13. Gripping till the very end.
    Loved the story.