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a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Magic of Greeting Cards :)

My winter holidays have just started and the first thing that comes to my mind apart from enjoying a good 10 hours sleep everyday is cleaning my cupboards..yes! that makes my mom happy too!

The first one, on which I lay my hands every time is a stockpile of my best-loved, most-treasured memorable possessions. It accommodates everything from those old-nostalgic smelling favourite books of mine to the lovely creations of home-science classes in school. On one hand there exists a neatly-made doll house for my childhood friends-Barbie dolls and on the other hand is a pile of cards...i usually don't open them because unveiling them runs a wave of nostalgia and bursts out all hidden emotions within me which either breaks or makes my day.

Cards , specially those hand-made ones have been my most prized possession. I love sending and receiving them. and who doesn't? 
Every year on my birthday I used to count ( I do it even now) the number of cards I received, each one with a different note and lovely quotes made me feel special and loved. For, it really takes a lot of time to go and search a card which perfectly describes the occasion and the person in question.

Sadly, the era of hand made greeting cards had ended long back now. No one has the time to buy a chart paper and then personally make greetings for anyone, or even buy one, attach a stamp and walk to the nearest post-office. 

In the world where time slips off so fast it is well understood and no one today complains.

Fortunately, technology greets us with an alteration ..the E-cards. Although, they do not bring in or out the same feelings as the old cards did but something is surely better than nothing. There are lot of sites like and archies own website which have an exhaustive collection of beautiful and meaningful cards for every occasion.I'm sure you wont be able to resist yourself from sending out at least a few E-cards every time you land up there. They are not just easy to send but also come with unlimited space to pep up the card with your own message and quotations.

Christmas and New year's round the corner, I urge all of you to check out these sites and as the archies tag line goes ' cards spread love. make someone feel loved today .' you never know, it might just make someone's day a little more warm and bright :) 

so, to whom are you addressing your love this New Year? 


  1. Cards do spread love.... more personal and nicer...

  2. a lovely thought!

    wish you the best of the cheerful season and more!!

  3. @ DG- they do for sure..thnx for visiting d blog :)

    @magiceye- thnk u and same to u :)

  4. Greeting cards! Just bring the good old sigh! I miss those times like hell!

  5. Yeah, couldn't agree more with your write...i used to love greeting cards...every festival me and my sis ,used to go to market to buy many cards and to send to our relatives and cousins....
    However after the advent of online cards its all just login and send a beautiful musical card....that too very rare....
    Overall a very good write...very well penned

  6. hey mango man, yes! those were the days :) welcome to the blog!

    @ fallen poet- thnx for sharing the lovely incident, i still keep those cards very safe with me. keep coming :)

  7. yes.. agree.. even i have this vast collection of cards from my childhood.. now a days i dnt get many... they are precious and have a great meaning to them.. specially the hand made ones... u made me nostalgic

  8. Cards never excited me as much as few real words said to a person, in person! And yes, I don't mind having them .. so in case you are wondering let me know, I'd give you my postal address :p

  9. @ deepika- yes, nostalgia is what made me write about it..thnx :)

    @ sourav- happy to see you hop over my blog...not all things are explainable, so at times real conversations fail to create 'thAt' kinda impact :)

  10. Here at my place every dear friend in the gang gets a card on every birthday titled "FROM ALL OF US"...and each of us add a special note...the card gets more whacky every year...this post reminded me of those wonderful message writing moments:)Thank you Sarah:)

  11. Yes hand made cards have that special effect on you... Unfortunately as you rightly said that is slowly dying out!!
    Have a Happy New Year:-)