I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Friday, April 29, 2011

Hope kills...

Hope kills
yes it does
a sharp weapon
that prods relentlessly.
moments ago
a momentary respite
you got up
brushing tears aside
all seemed well
in control
unlocking the door
bridling worries
you march ahead
nature soothes
bolstering you up
are trespassers
and slowly 'hope' crepts in
back and revived.
you loose guard
mistaking it for-ever
but vicissitude is inevitable
a blowing jerk
and its ripped off
throbbing beats slowing down
gasping for air
a momentary respite
moments ago
another jab
now no more
told you my friend
hope kills.......

PS : I have tried depicting a circle which defines 'hope' in our lives. Its actually a viscous one...killing us one moment and compelling us to 'hope' on the very next....but then thats my view point, you are welcome to let those imaginary horses gallop wild and free and interpret the words in your own way :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Its A Night....

It’s A night. No, not one of those lively good nights neither is it a gloomy one. It’s not an unusually darker one nor is it stormy. Its just one of those random nights..a comfortable mist of clouds, some stars and a moon. Nothing special nothing remarkable. Yet I am attracted towards it. There is something about the eerie silence that compels me to stay awake. To live it in its whole let the darkness dawn a little more…warding off the surrounding light, blossoming in full, with the moon and stars.
Its 2:14 AM precisely in my watch. Tranquility prevails. Maybe an occasional sound here and there and a periodic ticking of time but nonetheless it is serene.
The world lays in deep slumber with shadows guarding the moon and all that is hidden under it.
"Can it see me too”? I wonder. experiencing it...letting it seep within me...the darkness, the coolness, those gentle breeze that bring easterly winds of water? 
I hope it doesn't. Coz I m at peace. Hiding in its bosom and dwelling in my soul. I don't want to attract attention. I m me, in my own skin. Enjoying this night. Enjoying the things that are a part of everyday world. If I care about anything right now. Its those miscellaneous mysteries.unresolved.unperturbed.
The moon. It is silvery and the tints are beautiful. Shades unwind in it to show me the days bygone, some memories, people, places...all projecting in those silvery hues. All known to me yet i gaze in amazement.
Surprisingly stars don't attract me today somehow.
''Am I moonstruck"? A voice asks. "Of course not! Has there to be a reason for everything"? I protest to quieten it up. But somewhere I know, it knows too. That I am. I am here, sitting amidst it for my dreams. To know them. Those miscellaneous mysteries. To get them solved.Perturbed.
Now I desire the night to see, I seek its attention. I don't want to be embodied in it like everyone else. I want to grow and then outgrow those murky blankets of darkness, like the moon.
Finally I witness my dreams. Not all, not few. Just a glimpse but a vivid one. It’s not a fantasy neither serendipity. Its ecstasy. Pure divine ecstasy to me.
This night is mine. I am cuddling it up and ready to fly off in my delightful dreams!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The many shades of me :))

The many hues of life
all splashing unto me
a sprinkle here and there
or drenching wild and free

eccentric and vibrant
joyous and en- zealed
with careless laughter pouring
ORANGISH shades it reveals

passionate and intense
dawning turmoil and upheavals
I care not of lighter shades then
PURPLE is the colour I be

romantic and mystic
with powerful enchanting sways
love - the only cynosure
cherry RED emboldens me

a peaceful WHITE or fresh YELLOW
inhaling the morning breeze
or crisp like GREEN grass blades
sharp yet sunny bellows

suppressed with BLUES
maybe soft and gentle
or nightmarishly dark
dimming the SILVERY enthuse

bold, BLACK and sassy
tracing authority and Independence
or saintly WHITE and sagacious
shimmering purity and radiance

The canvas is me
and so are the pastels
I am the artist
stroking with poignant skills

incomplete and imperfect
like the crescenting moon
awaiting a Midas touch
pearly drops and dew

shining a medley of shades
infinite tones and tints
I fabricate a beautiful life
I celebrate a COLOURFUL me :))

PS : I am not sure if 'colour therapy' works but there is something I know "It is not the form that dictates the colour, but the color that brings out the form"
Wish everyone a life splashing with an array of innumerable shades! :D