I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Its A Night....

It’s A night. No, not one of those lively good nights neither is it a gloomy one. It’s not an unusually darker one nor is it stormy. Its just one of those random nights..a comfortable mist of clouds, some stars and a moon. Nothing special nothing remarkable. Yet I am attracted towards it. There is something about the eerie silence that compels me to stay awake. To live it in its whole let the darkness dawn a little more…warding off the surrounding light, blossoming in full, with the moon and stars.
Its 2:14 AM precisely in my watch. Tranquility prevails. Maybe an occasional sound here and there and a periodic ticking of time but nonetheless it is serene.
The world lays in deep slumber with shadows guarding the moon and all that is hidden under it.
"Can it see me too”? I wonder. experiencing it...letting it seep within me...the darkness, the coolness, those gentle breeze that bring easterly winds of water? 
I hope it doesn't. Coz I m at peace. Hiding in its bosom and dwelling in my soul. I don't want to attract attention. I m me, in my own skin. Enjoying this night. Enjoying the things that are a part of everyday world. If I care about anything right now. Its those miscellaneous mysteries.unresolved.unperturbed.
The moon. It is silvery and the tints are beautiful. Shades unwind in it to show me the days bygone, some memories, people, places...all projecting in those silvery hues. All known to me yet i gaze in amazement.
Surprisingly stars don't attract me today somehow.
''Am I moonstruck"? A voice asks. "Of course not! Has there to be a reason for everything"? I protest to quieten it up. But somewhere I know, it knows too. That I am. I am here, sitting amidst it for my dreams. To know them. Those miscellaneous mysteries. To get them solved.Perturbed.
Now I desire the night to see, I seek its attention. I don't want to be embodied in it like everyone else. I want to grow and then outgrow those murky blankets of darkness, like the moon.
Finally I witness my dreams. Not all, not few. Just a glimpse but a vivid one. It’s not a fantasy neither serendipity. Its ecstasy. Pure divine ecstasy to me.
This night is mine. I am cuddling it up and ready to fly off in my delightful dreams!!


  1. Hey, Hi
    the nights have their own aura of calmness and peace...its beauty lies in those eyes that perceive it....

    The Silhouette...

  2. I just loved this line>Coz I m at peace. Hiding in its bosom and dwelling in my soul.

    You know long back i wrote something similar to this and i too was may be moonstruck :) ..but nevertheless i deleted that piece cause it was way to vague for other people to read..

    You have written so beautifully and it's so absorbing..i can see the night through your eyes as i have witnessed these serene moments..and surely it's ecstatic..

  3. like always... lovely.. a treat for the reader.. :)

  4. Simple rumbling thoughts deep in the night!!

  5. EON - yes! nights r extremely mesmerizing some times, they instill the best in u and stir out most beautiful thots :)

    Alcina - to be ture, even i never thought of posting this on my blog...its kinda personal if not vague...but then i reallyy wanted to see what readers explore in it and so u r reading it! so glad that u admired it...means a lot :)

  6. Rachit - thnks so much for the this praise :D

    Vyankatesh - indeed..simple thought but the darkness creates an impact somehow..thnks so much :)

  7. Perhaps, there is something about the moon that enchants us all.
    Some call it moonstruck, but still, its an awesome feeling, to be watched over and yet not.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. This is something that I had written from my personal view or you can say for my love of night...and I'm reminded of it reading your wonderful post on night !

    "Darkness is so enchanting, maybe darkness has a beauty of its own which at times we fail to understand."

    And about moon gazing there are countless days when sleep is at bay and all I do is lie down in my bed and stare at the moon lovingly that is a witness to all of me!

    Take Care.

  9. Just 1 word for your work, no 2 words. "Simply Awesome" :)
    yar u'r just wonderful.. grt going...

  10. anshul - stars usually delight me more than moon, but that night was different somehow! and yes d feeling is definitely awesome :)

    fatima - what u wrote is beautiful and true :) I knw, sky watching comes as one of my favourite hobby! thnks for sharing ur thots!

    rahul - thnks a lot for ur compliment :D

  11. thanks for coming up to my blog , I liked ur placid theme, its calm and serene . and so far not read much of ur stuff but liked the night thing specially the moon part . I have a blog page also if u wish to stay connected

    Thanks :)

  12. Wonderfully written..Love your transformation from calm and composed to the attention seeker..

  13. I was transfixed by your night till you softened the grip towards the end. Beautiful, breathless writing!

  14. Saket - glad u liked whtever u read...And I love my theme too..thnks for appreciating that as well :) have joined ur page!

    Perception - yes..night has a power to tranform our thought! thnks :)

    Uma - All thnks to d mysterious moon, who finally gave me a reason to feel free...thnk u so much for d wonderful compliment!

  15. Wow! i love the way you describe these things!

    I've mentioned you in my blogpost here.

  16. Enjoy the night.And smile peacefully at the beauty of the stars.It will be a while before the sunrise makes a call.Tomorrow is a new day and a new reason to dream!

  17. Xeno - thnks so much for all d wonderful words on ur blog :)

    Dr.Antony - true. I liked these lines..btw, welcome to d blog! :)

  18. You have a soothing touch to your words sarah...

    May the divine ecstasy always be with you! :)

  19. The prose is beautiful.....Engrossing and soothing read.

  20. what a delightful read! that, to me, is what seizing the moment means. a night of tranquility beautifully shared...

    thanks for your visit. :)

  21. Beautiful lines pointing towards a beautiful character! Lovely lines and crafted excellently!

    Emotions in their true and direct form.

    Following you back :D
    and you deserved the blogjunta award!

  22. poonam di - thnks a lot for those lovely words :)

    Alka - It has to be special when appreciation comes from great bloggers like u..thnks so much !

    bing - glad u liked it...I was a bit apprehensive before i posted, but now i was worth it! :)

    red handed - thnks for all d appreciation, and BJ award was a surprise and motivation too :) hope u see u more often..welcome! :D

  23. Hey, thats a nice post, and interesting one!!
    Read a few lines about the
    Tragedy of moon,
    so near yet so far,
    so romantic yet so single.....

    Keep writing....n congrats for the latest accolade in the form of award, its great to see your writes getting acknowledged....

  24. @ animesh - thnks so much for the lovely commnt :) and yes..d award was a motivation indeed...keep cmoing!

  25. Love the photo and enjoyed reading the thoughts. However...."murky blankets of darkness" ...not really....darkness in its own way enhances the beauty of the moon...they complement each other...beautiful thoughts....sharing the photo..hope its ok with you...poornima