I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The many shades of me :))

The many hues of life
all splashing unto me
a sprinkle here and there
or drenching wild and free

eccentric and vibrant
joyous and en- zealed
with careless laughter pouring
ORANGISH shades it reveals

passionate and intense
dawning turmoil and upheavals
I care not of lighter shades then
PURPLE is the colour I be

romantic and mystic
with powerful enchanting sways
love - the only cynosure
cherry RED emboldens me

a peaceful WHITE or fresh YELLOW
inhaling the morning breeze
or crisp like GREEN grass blades
sharp yet sunny bellows

suppressed with BLUES
maybe soft and gentle
or nightmarishly dark
dimming the SILVERY enthuse

bold, BLACK and sassy
tracing authority and Independence
or saintly WHITE and sagacious
shimmering purity and radiance

The canvas is me
and so are the pastels
I am the artist
stroking with poignant skills

incomplete and imperfect
like the crescenting moon
awaiting a Midas touch
pearly drops and dew

shining a medley of shades
infinite tones and tints
I fabricate a beautiful life
I celebrate a COLOURFUL me :))

PS : I am not sure if 'colour therapy' works but there is something I know "It is not the form that dictates the colour, but the color that brings out the form"
Wish everyone a life splashing with an array of innumerable shades! :D


  1. Wohoooo!! wat a colorful way of displaying life..
    portraited the canvass of life with true colors and emotions..
    just too good dear..
    Keep it up and God Bless!!

  2. Wow very awesome!!! I loved this one! thanks Rahul for sharing the link..I love when ppl celebrate life with colors...and what a beautiful colorful way to cherish one in this prose!!!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  3. awesome post... a colourful tribute to life...


  4. Wow!
    Beautiful post!
    Sharing this on FB :)
    Loved it!!!
    Keep Writing Dear!:)

  5. Too colourful. Perhaps the shades of grey in life could sometimes be turned into the spectrum of rainbow.
    And I too don't know colour therapy.

  6. your poem is as beautiful as the rainbow... i can say that RED defines me- all of me and my life experiences.

    thanks for the nice comment on my blog. :)

  7. its beautiful and wonderfully creativ.
    I mus say u write grttttt poems! :)

  8. I love colours, and the last few days have been pretty gray(with a splash of Blue due to a certain sport).
    this post brought a smile on my face.

  9. @ rahul - good to c u on d blog finally :) and even better that u liked my work(s)..keep coming!

    @ rachana - glad that u liked this colourful ode to life...wish u a colouful journey too and welcome to b blog :D

    @ sub- thnk u so much :)

  10. @simran - thnks for liking n sharing it girl :) have a blessed life!

    @ prateek - I purposely didnt mention any 'grey' here..its all abt a wonderful and happy phase of life i m nothing to spoil it up :D

    @ rachit - thnk u :)

    @ otter - yes! All thnks to God Almighty for such vibrant colours!

  11. @ pink lady - Going by ur name i dedicate this specially to u too :D Red is definitely a colour of many shades in itself!

    @ sadiya - thnk u dear! Now since the praise comes from u i think i ll happily take it ms. blogeshwari :P

    @ Amropali - I m so glad i would brighten up ur day..What if the springs r gone..the lively hues are all around us :) tk cre!

  12. ders sumthin bout dos colours...!!! a colourful post embodied in2 urself :D i like it.

  13. @ raksha - thnk u :)

    @ devilzangel - yes, colours have that attractive something in them...welcome to d blog :D

    @ geeta & vyankatesh - thnks! :)

  14. super cool post.... quite a way to describe life. Colours always entice me and this time was no different! Keep writing! :)


  15. Loved every color in your poetry.Beautiful!

  16. this is a beautiful thought indeed..keep splashing the colours of happiness all around!! :)

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  18. thats the loveliest way to express colors. different yet reconnects our own life

  19. Wow!! u made it :) I loved the poem :) :)

  20. You sure have a full color spectrum embodied inside of you. :P
    Jokes apart, each color has long been associated with some form of emotion of person, some you used like they have been, while others, you just gave them a radical newness. Nice work, I'd say.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  21. colors add meaning to art and words add meaning to thoughts... great work as words convey a message that inspires..dynamic and change gives new meaning to life....and different shades and facets add to the beauty of life....keep writing...

  22. @ Ankush - thnks and welcome to my space :)

    @ sanjeev - Its all coz of colours u c :D

    @ rohit - thnks a lot, glad u liked it and welcome to d blog :)

    @ pratibha - long time! thnks so much for the appreciation :)

    @ pri - yes! its all abt those smiles that brighten up days...glad u liked it!

  23. @ some unspoken words - thnks so much for the sweet compliment dear :)

    @ madhumathi - u have got a nice name :) and happy that u liked my wrk!

    @ Anshul - haha..Yes, its a colourful me before everyone else :D emotions r definitely associated with colours no doubt..thats wht they say in colour therapy too...glad u liked my work :)

    @Anuj - u have expressed a great thought out here..its all inter connected to make our life more joyous and inspiring..thnks! :)

  24. Hey brilliant artist, hope the beautiful colors of life splash, sprinkle on you!

    Colorful and zealous:)

  25. Very colorful poem. Enjoyed the poem. Incidentally I wrote a poem couple of days that is the sntithesis to yours.

  26. a very beautiful and a colourful poem...enjoyed reading it....

    Infact, thinking about colours, I wrote one, when i did the trip to Ladakh with my better half...

  27. @ poonam di - thnks a lot for ur lovely wishes :)

    @ the fool - gladu liked it...i ll surely read ur view point :)

    @ M - thnks so much , and welcome to d blog :) ladakh is a wonderful place, i ll read ur take too :)

  28. love colorful celebrations,

    you are the best.

    join us if you did not do it yet.

    missed you.

  29. Really a nice one,
    Enjoyed reading different colorful shades of u..:)

  30. Colorful post Sarah.. Loved it..

    Someone is Special

  31. was awesomely colorful..loved all the color-splash..

    Fabulous write-up!

  32. @ promising poets, monu , SIS and alcina - thnks so so much for d glad u all liked my colourful work :)

  33. I loved your poem! You are a colorful person!!!! Congratulation!

  34. Wonderful!!
    I loved the gulaab ka phool as well :D
    It is very well written. I never read a more colorful piece :D

  35. rimly - thanks a lot..and welcome to d blog :)

    gaurav - i loved that gulab too, but its not really 'LAL'! and thnks for the compliment...means a lot wen it comes from someone who himself is so good at poetry! :)

  36. How are you?
    Please consider making a contribution to poets rally week 43 today,
    A free verse is appreciated, you rock!
    See you soon.
    Happy Thursday!
    love your input at poetry potluck.
    Placing your blog link in Jingle Poetry Blog Roll by Sunday..

  37. i must say, your thoughts are very vibrant just like your painting the poem in a rainbow shade.

    keep up! share more of your shades. i will keep coming.

  38. awesome. this is great job girl. loved this one.
    u can follow me back on, sushmasgallery
    and http;//[here i post my daughters art]

  39. What a positive, vibrant, brilliant post. :)

    love your blog!
    how about we follow each other? :)