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Friday, March 16, 2012

Each one, Teach one!

We live in a world that's constantly changing - accepting and rejecting, building and destructing ,creating and re-creating! Yet not all changes are beneficial. What we need is a 'positive alteration' to make our world a better place and undoubtedly education exists as the most powerful tool for bringing about this requisite 'positive change' within and around us. 

Education is the backbone of a well co-ordinated and smoothly functioning society.

A society cannot stand powerful until and unless its people are not aware of their duties, rights and responsibilities and will collapse sooner or later. Sooner perhaps than later. 

So, by simply logic we can conclude that a major share of our everyday problems breach out because of lack of education. And by education , I mean learning in its true 'pragmatic' form and not just what our Institutions boast to impart. 
From violence against women to road rage, from public hygiene to child abuse, from corruption to horrendous crimes- the real parasite is 'illiteracy'. those vacant, ignorant and unintelligent minds that have been let loose to wander. Ann Radcliffe says,
"A well-informed mind is the best security against the contagion of folly and of vice. The vacant mind is ever on the watch for relief, and ready to plunge into error, to escape from the languor of idleness". 
Last week, while strolling in a mall with my 8 year old brother, I suddenly looked behind to find him running towards the litter Bin. As I stood there to understand what exactly was he up to,I realized he had actually ran to throw an ice- cream wrapper lying on the floor.
That's when I envisioned the real role those colourful EVS books have - sensitizing the young minds towards their environment to make them turn into responsible and vigilant citizens of the country.

"The foundation of every state is the education of its youth". - Diogenes Laertius

So,instead of cribbing and complaining why not become a tool to weed out the diseases of a vacant mind?
Look around in your locality or even our own homes and educate to bring about a change. 
By education I don't mean the books or the languages. By education I mean the real purpose of learning.
As B.F. Skinner puts it,

"Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten".
Telling the maid why she should send her daughter to school is education.
letting the rag- picker understand how plastic harms the environment is education. 
Teaching a little girl about her sanitation and safety is education.
Informing the auto-rickshaw driver the advantages of saving fuel is also education.
Let each one of us, teach one of us. That's the change I want, Education for all. 
Each one, teach one
your maids daughter
or neighbours son

use your knowledge
to awaken the minds
let it not fade away

raise your voice
not to complain
but to shackle the faults

let your words travel
deep and ringing
in the minds of wrongdoers

you have the power
for a word taught
is a crime curbed

play it wise
and break the stereotypes
you have the strength


This post has been written for Indiblogger's 'Time to change' contest conducted by Stayfree.. 
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  1. I like the way you have written..and by the way its a right...Every child born in this country has the right to education. Well written and I agree to what you said...Despite being a common topic ,you have presented it differently...thats why i like it...good luck for the contest Malik!


    1. yes, but the education that i desire is not just the one we obtain at school or through books.
      Glad u liked it :)

  2. each one teach one....complete of luck 4 ur contest...n hope people who read this actually take some initiative...:)

  3. awesome post....
    i was thinking on a similar one...
    great minds think alike :)
    good luck for contest.

    1. haha..oh yes, great minds that v are ;)
      thnk u for the wishes!

  4. you have been tagged here :)

    1. thnks for d tag simran! will check it out!

  5. Beautiful post Sarah! Yes, it is the first step towards a better tomorrow, a better India. I am in awe of the B F Skinner quote! Totally agree! Good luck for the contest to you too!

    1. yes, ut can definitely create a lot of difference if implemented in the right way. so glad u liked it and welcome to d blog :)

  6. its nice to see something written which was on my mind too :-) , you explained what education is ? to at its atmost best. yeah education changes world, it teaches how to be human. good post and you did very nicely to highlight it :) Good Luck

    1. omg! so education has been on the minds of many. Am a mind reader then i suppose :P
      happy u liked it! welcome :)

  7. Very well written! Best wishes for the contest:)

  8. You made me proud once! :D
    Only you can bring up such posts :) good work..all the best!

    1. awww...thats so sweet of u to say that. thnks buddy :)

  9. For someone so young you sure have a lot of sense and intelligence Sarah. I really enjoyed reading this post of yours. So full of wisdom.

    1. thnk so much Rimly for appreciating me :) Atleast some people believe that m wise:P
      glad u liked it

  10. totally agree with you... education is the key.. wishing u all the best

    1. it is indeed :) great to have u on the blog! thnk u!

  11. i remember someone saying 'each one teach ten...why only one' :)

  12. Only yesterday was I writing a debate on how education has or has not helped me know myself. Education does indeed have the power to change the world, just like Mandela said, only if we don't distort the meaning of education and turn it into endless rot, scripts and text.
    Nice post :)

  13. Love the Egyptian proverb. And love your take on education – that it could be useful information. I think formal education as we know it now is overrated. The trades and the arts are looked down upon. If someone does want to become a person of letters, though, the trick is to teach them through whatever is relevant to each individual e.g. someone wants to learn to drive, teach them road signs.

  14. very well put up the points of real concern.

  15. True and I totally agree with you. Remember, we were just the same when we were school kids. I remember picking up things involuntarily and doping them in the waste bin. But as I grew up getting higher eduation, I lost that trait some where. I imbibed the faulty thoughts of dignity, professionalism, ego, prestige etc by categorizing what my job is and what not is mine. I learned that I should restrict to what my job is and leave the the rest to the people who are supposed to do it.
    So do you think it's the same education that ruined me?

  16. I know many people who have enrolled into or started such programs! Each one, teach one is a great concept.

  17. Congratulations....

  18. This is really true. I wish everyone'd think this way.
    Also, congratulations :D x