I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2 hours- I choose 'living' over 'winning'

The very thought of procuring an extra two hours a day feels like a free dish on my platter or a prayer answered when you least expected it or maybe a surprise top -up recharge on my usually low on balance cell phone!
In a jiffy with an energy of a shooting star I found myself scribbling out various activities I'd do in those 'extra cheese' on my pizza hours :-D
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from Shopping to Sleeping               
Cooking to Cleaning
Reading to Roaming
Phone calls to Friends...

my list en wrapped NOT just everything humanly possible but also wild fantasies like Time travel and Tolerating the neighborhood aunt's rants!

However, as soon as the initial excitement and euphoria subsided I realized that we have always heard people say ' this world's a playground' although the only sports I observe people 'playing' now a days is 'athletics' (it includes me as well) . Yes, running, jumping and throwing! Running endlessly, mindlessly and often aimlessly day after day for months and years to reach the end of an infinite path.

In this era of eternal rushing when 24 hours cease to suffice, what difference will two additional hours make? what I will end up doing is a little more of this endless running!

So I decided to pursue something beyond monotony of everyday - 'to slow down a bit'!
For its better to 'LIVE' than to 'WIN' this race of life!

To let that athlete in me experience a whiff of wind, 
the green of tress and red of rose, 
the sound of lub-dub when my heart beats and millions of such marvels which go unnoticed each day.

I decided 
I will let people stand ahead of me in a queue,
wait patiently for the second bus and let an old lady take my seat in the first one instead. 
I will let a fellow customer get her billing done first,
talk to that child with special needs on the bus stand for there is no rush to reach college ,
oil my mom's hair,
listen patiently to my grand mom's late night stories, 
play with my younger brother for some minutes more,
chase the butterflies like in childhood days,
read even those 'longer than average' post on blogs,
water my plants more often,
relish even the second serving of my dessert,
sit beside the window with my huge coffee mug,
love myself more for proudly being me,
and just when those 120 minutes bid farewell- 
thank Almighty for blessing my  LONG day! :-)

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The 'pimple prescription' !!!

Its pimples that bring me back to my blog today!

 I know, some of you might be praying that 'Oh God..zap that painful pustule off her face so that we don't have to bear the pain of reading her' while others (those who wish well) would send in a prayer to the heaven to get me rid of this red spot ASAP! either ways..its my benefit ;)

So coming back to the tale! Well, to be very frank I usually pay not much attention to such things as pimples. I am not blessed with a spotless, glowing skin but its normally fine with a pimple or two popping up (just at the time of some party or meet-up). We all know how it is :-/

A few weeks ago however there happened to be an usual and un-welcoming arrival of these pesky spots in dozens. I was a little horrified :O but after a day, that feeling subsided and the optimist and devil may care attitude in me rejuvenated!

Yet all of it is no good when 4 of your friends pester you every 5 minutes to consult a skin specialist just because its not fair that someone like me should have such an out pour of pimples ( I got no clue WHAT is that suppose to mean) :-s
Anyhow they finally convinced me to the clinic and I went on the same day to a famous skin institute in south Delhi area. After paying Rs.200 as consultation fee I sat in the waiting area for like 10minutes before being called in finally.

Me - hi doctor! *told her my problem*
Doc - hmmm...Ye hormonal problem hai you see (Like I or any other person today isn't aware of it)
she then continued - Here get these blood tests done - 1,2,3,4... from a GOOD lab
use this face wash
a tablet
another tablet
a day cream
another day cream (now, how am I suppose to apply 2 day creams on the SAME day? )
a night cream
a shampoo
Plus avoid butter,chocolates,tea,coffee,chips,cold drinks and the list went on!

she wrote her prescription like a shopping list or maybe she was competing with the number of pimples I had on my face. I looked at her utterly confused and swore to NOT return back after 10 days!
And it was only later that I realized the prescription would have costed me around 2000 bucks for 10 days with hardly any relief coz there happens to be 'no miracle cure for pimples' and every sane person knows it! Plus, its not JUST about the money but also that the creams and tabs prescribed work only to suppress the pimples and its only temporary.

After coming back home obviously the sad and useless demise of my 200 bucks was killing me from inside so I decided to use the 'desi totkas'. And as expected, they DID wonders and why wouldn't they? For the creams and gels boast to use extracts of the same 'natural herbs'.
Sounds logical? To me it does!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Timelessness 'in' time!

I suggest you to read THIS post first to get a better idea about 'Time and Timelessness' .

There are hundreds of things that I want to accomplish within time but blame it on time for its presence is never enough for me!
Why can't this entity called 'time' exist from forever to forever? No past, present or future to crumble in into pieces that make living not just a harder process but eventually those crumbled crushed bits spatter all over leaving us dazed and lost!
Now don't be surprised when I tell you that we all do possess a capacity to live in such a way. For timelessness is a deep rooting yet simple process that connects moments like a mosaic.

Our brain have been designed to fluctuate from one incident to the other and shift the concentration from whats most important then and there to the next. Something that we refer to as 'prioritizing' in a layman term.
But such prioritizing not only makes us too much dependent on the past, present and future of events but also gives breaks or rather snaps the harmony of concentration making us 'restless' and then eventually 'depressed' and 'stressed out' on the in completion the that 'task' in the priority list.

I don't endorse the fact that prioritizing is bad but all I want to explain is that try and concentrate on the 'broader' view instead of meager tasks that seem to have little importance in the long run. This can only come by visualizing time as a whole.

An Urdu couplet by Ghalib goes as 

"ishrate katra hai dariya mein fanaa ho jana
dard ka hadd se guzrna hai dawa ho jana"

Its only when the droplet of water get immersed in the sea, its pinnacle is achieved. Ironical though it may seem.
Similarly only when we can let time be converted to timelessness can we achieve that real crowning point in life and beyond.

And now a quote that I found impressive and inspiring :

"Just as we envision all of space
as being really out there,
as really existing, we should also envision all of time
as really being out there,
as really existing too" -  Brain Greene