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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The 'pimple prescription' !!!

Its pimples that bring me back to my blog today!

 I know, some of you might be praying that 'Oh God..zap that painful pustule off her face so that we don't have to bear the pain of reading her' while others (those who wish well) would send in a prayer to the heaven to get me rid of this red spot ASAP! either ways..its my benefit ;)

So coming back to the tale! Well, to be very frank I usually pay not much attention to such things as pimples. I am not blessed with a spotless, glowing skin but its normally fine with a pimple or two popping up (just at the time of some party or meet-up). We all know how it is :-/

A few weeks ago however there happened to be an usual and un-welcoming arrival of these pesky spots in dozens. I was a little horrified :O but after a day, that feeling subsided and the optimist and devil may care attitude in me rejuvenated!

Yet all of it is no good when 4 of your friends pester you every 5 minutes to consult a skin specialist just because its not fair that someone like me should have such an out pour of pimples ( I got no clue WHAT is that suppose to mean) :-s
Anyhow they finally convinced me to the clinic and I went on the same day to a famous skin institute in south Delhi area. After paying Rs.200 as consultation fee I sat in the waiting area for like 10minutes before being called in finally.

Me - hi doctor! *told her my problem*
Doc - hmmm...Ye hormonal problem hai you see (Like I or any other person today isn't aware of it)
she then continued - Here get these blood tests done - 1,2,3,4... from a GOOD lab
use this face wash
a tablet
another tablet
a day cream
another day cream (now, how am I suppose to apply 2 day creams on the SAME day? )
a night cream
a shampoo
Plus avoid butter,chocolates,tea,coffee,chips,cold drinks and the list went on!

she wrote her prescription like a shopping list or maybe she was competing with the number of pimples I had on my face. I looked at her utterly confused and swore to NOT return back after 10 days!
And it was only later that I realized the prescription would have costed me around 2000 bucks for 10 days with hardly any relief coz there happens to be 'no miracle cure for pimples' and every sane person knows it! Plus, its not JUST about the money but also that the creams and tabs prescribed work only to suppress the pimples and its only temporary.

After coming back home obviously the sad and useless demise of my 200 bucks was killing me from inside so I decided to use the 'desi totkas'. And as expected, they DID wonders and why wouldn't they? For the creams and gels boast to use extracts of the same 'natural herbs'.
Sounds logical? To me it does!!


  1. I worry a lot when I get pimples :( All I use it Holy basil paste to cure them overnight :) :).. Nice post :)

    Lancy recently posted.. Acne scar removal at Home

  2. My sister has a policy for each and everything, "never allow these rascals to nurture."
    She's all about gharelu nuskhe". And to my surprise, they work.

  3. though i agree to the home remedies and swear by them when it comes to managing skin... I terribly cursed myself when I had an outbreak of pimples and did not consult a doc.. it was only when my gynaec noticed it .. i went in for more tests and found out how some cysts in my ovaries were the reason.. and then the medication just cured it all.. so if its not normal especially after 25 its better to be checked by a proper doc.. not the beauticians :D :D :D

  4. Uf! I wish I could tell you this sounded totally logical. but okay, to please you, I will say it does. -_-
    I have no clue as to what works cos I don't suffer from zitoattack! :O

  5. I never had pimples and my first one came few days before my engagement and now they are part of my existence. I drink 5-6 liters of water everyday and still I have pimples. Nothing works for me, so I have surrendered.

    The loss of 200 bucks taught you a lesson which many learn after shedding thousands.

  6. @lancy - Basil is indeed a wonderful herb for many of our everyday problems :)

    @prateek - definitely..gharelu nuskhe might take time but they work very well!

    @suku - I do agree with u on this! but then when u know its natural and with age they will subside, no point spending bucks and bucks simply to curb them for a lil while!

    @crystal - umm..err! i didnt quite get u..neways even if u disagree its pretty alright. u can have ur own experiences and viewpoints based on it :) and lucky that these pesky things didnt attack u!

    @saru - aaww..this sounds so ridiculous! try consulting a doc. maybe it can help:)

  7. I am fighting hairloss. Pimples are never my problem...
    I am glad that they worked for u!! Its hard to kill those rascals.

  8. i went through a time in college where i had a real problem with them & I've had my share of remedies/tips/solutions/cures suggested by one & all

  9. WHOOLA!!! Sarah for "optimist and devil may care attitude in me rejuvenated!" Keep that attitude going gal. cause I have seen people going into depression due to it.

    During my med college, they nagged me a lot, especially before friends use to guess "EXAMS!?" and I just used to let out a sigh... :/ even though i never used to take any kind of tension...I think they were dying to say hello to me :P

    Now when am bit anxious they crop out ;)
    Gharelu nuskhe working for you then its best :D

  10. Aaah, exactly!!!

    the ol' home remedies.. works like a charm :)

    My issue is blackheads.. tryin to get rida them :)
    but obviously nt gonna go to a doc in south dilli.. almost all of them hv blacklisted me :)

    Nice read, Sarah :)

  11. ha happens. n yeah desi totaks alz do wonder .. nice post

  12. Even a single pimple on the face spoils the grace. Ask a gal about it.
    Desi nuska works sometimes maximum it heals on its own.
    1) My mum suggests me to intake 7-8 glasses of water daily, it will keep the blood pure (impurity is the main reason for pimples if you are not a teenager).
    2) Frequently washing face with a good face wash.
    3) Apply multani mitti(don't know its english version :P )daily.
    4) Avoid dirt pollution,sweating on the face. Don't rub it...
    These are some precautions a gal should take rest we can't help with changing hormones :D
    huh ! 200 bucks :P
    Take care !

  13. lol...that was a strange doc u went to:p
    pimples troubled me a or two still pops up, even now :(
    what was the des totka?

  14. @ red handed - lucky u then! for hairloss, try eggs..I have heard it helps a lot (omg! my blog seems to have turned into a beauty blog right now) :P

    @sujatha - oh yes..advices keep pouring in from every where. Its really hard to choose the ones u find good enough for u!

    @poonam di - EXAMS r surely their party time.there is already a havoc going on with d metabolism then and pimples increase the stress level with untimely arrival :-/ and yes, i hardly give them a damn :D

    @R-A-J - can i simply call u Raj? :P btw..y have d south delhi docs blacklisted u? I m a doc in d making...u r welcome to join d 'waiting patients league' :D

    @Anu - indeed they do :D

    @Reicha - they do take time but works better than artificial products. btw, multani mitti is known as 'fuller's earth' in english. works well for me too :D

    @ SUB - yes, she was very strange :-S
    and there r a lot of desi totkas available.
    1) Neem paste with turmeric works well
    2) fuller's earth with rose water is good too
    plus for overnight clearing of those big,red zits- toothpaste (yeah u read it right) is amazing!
    hope it helps :D

  15. Pimples!
    Even I do not worry for them but when it's a time to get together I feel their presence on my face..
    Desi totkas are better than going to a doctor..
    as unusual a long list and some tests..

    happy to know that desi totkas are working..

  16. My comment was in reply to your "Sounds logical? To me it does!!" And since i don't suffer from them, I have no remedies. Shall update you if I do. and sorry if my older comment sounded retarded and vague. Happens with me. :D
    Take care.

  17. Hahahhaha! Desi Totka will definitely work ;) I was wondering, how and why the hell I never followed you! :| Don't kill me :D

    PS: I have thanked you on my Blog, a way of making up for missing your wonderful style, Sarah.

  18. @simran - yeah..absolutely right!

    @crystal - c'mon its alright..its sounded vague for u wrote the same line twice;) and u r one lucky person if pimples dont bug u :D

    @MSM - oh no! how dare u not follow me? supari dungi mein ab tumhari :P hehe! and u thnked me..on ur blog :O m excited! let me hop over to d post :D

  19. I don't remember having pimples till now. Hope I don't have it in near future as well. I rinse my face everytime I step in the house after being out for a while or so :) Nice post :)

  20. Consulting a skin specialist is one of the easiest ways to have your pimple treated. Yes it may be a little bit expensive but at least they know what to do to solve your problem. One of the many procedures they can do is diamond peel treatment.