I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Sunday, July 24, 2011


This post has been written for BLOGESHWAR and Anubhooti.

DISEASE BACKGROUND - Cultural shock has spread like a malaise in our society. Potentially the affects of western society on the eastern culture. People seem to be going gaga on anything which appears to make least sense and presents a sense of 'false' and 'temporary' euphoria. This intense thirst for 'fun' is associated with 'syndrome' that affects those who aren't ready to understand the 'changing times' which refers to absurd intermingling of cultures.

CONSTITUTION - usually affects older generation or people visiting metro cities from rural backgrounds.

SYMPTOMS - a terrible shock almost equal to a minor heart attack, the patient believes the other person is a sinner and atheist ( according to religious views).

May even shout at high pitched voice (in case of females) or recluse ( in case of elderly males). In rare cases, may even mold himself/herself to potential shock Creator! 

CAUSES - It could be classified into various types

TYPE 1 - mainly concerned with 'outfits and sense of dressing'

JEANS - mild shock
CAPRI'S AND SKIRTS - moderate shock
HOT PANTS - severe shock Creator

TYPE 2 - 'language based shock'

words like 'yaar , saale, abey' etc have been 'vaccinated' enough , so do not create distress anymore.

The 'F' and 'S' words have spread like 'epidemics' and NO VACCINATIONS what-so-ever seems to be powerful enough to eradicate them.

usually affects the middle aged parents of teenage/ 20 somethings children

there is no particular definition of any relation and confuses the shockers and creators alike.

SAME SEX RELATIONS - responsible for alarming number of patients now a days!

 includes spending long hours on phones, Internet, extra marital affairs  and MOVIES .


AGGRAVATION -  watching movies ( Hollywood and Bollywood) both can create instant aggravation of the problem

AMELIORATION - sitting in your room enchanting versus from holy books may help markedly.

TREATMENT - the only treatment I can suggest is understanding that 'In any clash between the east and the west, those who will suffer most are Eastern with a soul of West'! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sabke 'bus' ki baat nahi....Degrading DTC scenario!

"Little deeds of kindness
little words of love
help to make our earth an Eden
like the heaven above"

We all have read these few yet extremely eloquent lines in our kindergarten days but growing up shoulders on bigger responsibilities and somewhere these untold gestures loose relevance in between the pages of a moribund book called 'life'.
I happen to be a daily commuter of DTC buses. Now, Delhi is a busy city. in fact, this is an understatement. its bustling with a huge flock of people running anxiously in all directions , at all destinations , all the time. yes, that's how it appears to be.
Morning and afternoons being the worst case scenarios ,with a population mounting up to a whopping 1.67 crore no wonder the buses are scanty in number and the number of commuters running hysterically behind each one of them 'to edge' a place are manifold.

this is a routine commuters life in DELHI!

And thanks to the 'phasing out' of old buses and bluelines the situation has degrade to the level of new 'low floor'.
 These red and green (and recently started orange) buses happen to be wider with automatic doors no doubt but what purpose they are to serve when those rash impulsive drivers speed them away in a 'devil may care' attitude while an old crippled lady stands helplessly for hours on the bus stop?

Let me add to your knowledge that the campaign for these giant size , low floor buses were initiated in order to favour the elderly and crippled citizens. Pedestrians were laid down and there were talks of providing wheel chair service too.

but what is the use of such campaigns and promotions, when the drivers, the very in charge of this running system are ill mannered and ill practiced?
the bus that should be stopped centimeters away to the bus stops is distanced metres away and at times not halted at all. They are sped away mercilessly while a young school child strangles with a foot in air.
It is this inherent disregard for the value of human life , upbringing to various precautions, it is this numbness to everyday chaos that actually holds away the very finger of the bus driver for the door to close and bus runs away.
To top it up , our system puts up a material gloss on its insufficiency and thereby brings momentary false hopes not just to its citizens but also gives a pseudo emerging India picture! The internal diagnosis would reveal how crippled we are in our really!!

forget about those unsaid , unselfish acts of kindness, we are unable to even handle our own jobs honestly!
when I see commuters blindfold themselves to this and many such mal practices each day, it instantly crosses my mind as to what purpose is our knowledge serving? 
We are so ignorantly busy in creating a heaven for ourselves without giving a a thought to the fact that what roads are we taking..will it really 'make our world a better place' or would it bring us to a 'hell unknown'?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the arrival of spring.....

It was a Christmas eve.Chilly winds and jingle bells clashed time and again to create a festive music that left the air cheerful.

The entire town was busy preparing for Christmas. Trees were adorned with colourful balls, bells, silvery stars and holly leaves in a ritualistic fashion. Children passionately awaited the arrival of Santa Claus who was believed to sleigh around bringing goodies and gifts.

Somewhere in the same town amidst all the festivities was a house...a small dark house.The crescent moon flowed silvery light on the glass window. A sound of weak coughing could be heard every now and then.

It belonged to an old , bed ridden lady living her final moments.
There was nothing dinky...with ragged curtains, unplastered walls , a bed with squeaking legs and some neatly kept utensils in a corner. The fireplace looked neglected, as if not been used for ages now and the only light was due to a candle kept nearby. It was a cold, bitterly cold winter.

"water...water.. " cried the lady. Struggling to breath.

A little hand poured water in a steel glass and with a spoon dropped a drop or two slowly in the ladies mouth.
"no more" said she and closed her eyes again.

This house belonged to two other creatures.

A little boy of about 12 years and a caged bird.

"jingle bell...jingle bell..." they heard a sound which symbolized it was finally time for Christmas, a time to celebrate and make merry but this house remained dark and silent. As if the God of festivities had forgot to paint it red.

another bout of cough...

"Today is Christmas eve and i long to meet my parents , my fiends" said the little boy to the caged bird.

"its been 4 years since i saw them" , he continued in the same unvarying habitual tone.
"my friends and siblings would have grown up like me. celebrating Christmas. I also want to go, let me go, let me go.."  he cried in a pathetic voice as if pleading to his own self.

the bird sat still and hushed, maybe it too sympathized with the poor child and desired freedom for itself.

"water my child...just one last time.." came in the horsed breathless voice.

the boy startled and in a fickle of an eye dipped a spoonful of water but alas! the breath had stopped and the heart had given up on beating.
the little boy stood there motionless and cold.
darkness grew intense and candle flickered confusingly on which place to project the light.

"we wish you a merry Christmas.."  another group passed by singing carols.

after a few moments of absolute stillness..the boy got up and grabbed the candle in his hand...and cupped the flickering flame. He moved towards the cage.

"you are free dear birdy and so am I...its time to celebrate freedom..and welcome the commencement of a new journey..." he said in a snivelling tone..and let open the cage...dragging his footsteps..he too walked through the door...

they were all free....the lady, the boy and the bird....'but when one journey ends, another begins......'

PS : And am finally back to my blog....although am not apologetic for staying away coz padhai bhi zaruri hai na :P but will surely be devoting time to this space of mine..hope to see u around folks! :))