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Sunday, July 24, 2011


This post has been written for BLOGESHWAR and Anubhooti.

DISEASE BACKGROUND - Cultural shock has spread like a malaise in our society. Potentially the affects of western society on the eastern culture. People seem to be going gaga on anything which appears to make least sense and presents a sense of 'false' and 'temporary' euphoria. This intense thirst for 'fun' is associated with 'syndrome' that affects those who aren't ready to understand the 'changing times' which refers to absurd intermingling of cultures.

CONSTITUTION - usually affects older generation or people visiting metro cities from rural backgrounds.

SYMPTOMS - a terrible shock almost equal to a minor heart attack, the patient believes the other person is a sinner and atheist ( according to religious views).

May even shout at high pitched voice (in case of females) or recluse ( in case of elderly males). In rare cases, may even mold himself/herself to potential shock Creator! 

CAUSES - It could be classified into various types

TYPE 1 - mainly concerned with 'outfits and sense of dressing'

JEANS - mild shock
CAPRI'S AND SKIRTS - moderate shock
HOT PANTS - severe shock Creator

TYPE 2 - 'language based shock'

words like 'yaar , saale, abey' etc have been 'vaccinated' enough , so do not create distress anymore.

The 'F' and 'S' words have spread like 'epidemics' and NO VACCINATIONS what-so-ever seems to be powerful enough to eradicate them.

usually affects the middle aged parents of teenage/ 20 somethings children

there is no particular definition of any relation and confuses the shockers and creators alike.

SAME SEX RELATIONS - responsible for alarming number of patients now a days!

 includes spending long hours on phones, Internet, extra marital affairs  and MOVIES .


AGGRAVATION -  watching movies ( Hollywood and Bollywood) both can create instant aggravation of the problem

AMELIORATION - sitting in your room enchanting versus from holy books may help markedly.

TREATMENT - the only treatment I can suggest is understanding that 'In any clash between the east and the west, those who will suffer most are Eastern with a soul of West'! 


  1. you know what I just loved it so much, ur blog has a sense of freshness and anybody can relate to it just by ignoring those medical terms in between lol
    anyways I just loved it :)

  2. hehe awesome post...funny yet sensible...brought a super huge smile on ma face...n the treatment part amazin...:)

  3. And the prescription Miss doctor Madame plz.. :)

    Nice read,
    Weakest Link

  4. nice info. liked to read it throughout . thnx for sharing

  5. rahul - am glad u liked it and u cant separate medical terms from a student of medicine u c :P

    vaisakhi - thnk God it made sense! hehe...thnks for ur lovely comment :)

    rachit - u still want me to prescribe 4 u:O omg! cant u smell d approaching danger? :P

    some unspoken words - thnks :))

  6. wow.. doc.. you have aptly written on this topic with medical backgrnd.. liked ur post..

  7. Soon we are gonna read the epidemiology of this new disease ;)

    Nicely done sarah...Last lines are superb!

  8. Like Like, very informative. Had the same topic for my sociology assignment. :)

  9. I love this post. Quite innovative and creative.

    Heartily thanks for encouraging me. All the best for the post.

  10. very true..the symptoms & the medication too..enjoyable read..:)

  11. lol. dis is so cuuute!
    i doubt anybody els cud giv a more technical n professional angle to d culture shock theme.
    a very entertaining read n definitely out of d box thinking! :-)

  12. refreshing view to a topic discussed often. liked how you presented it. it was funny too :)

  13. SUB - yep...thnks :)

    varsha - haha...thnks a lot!

    poonam di - yes..and v need not even prove given the fact that so many people hve already done tht :P

    sonshu - was it really informative? i doubt it ;) btw..welcome to d blog!

  14. rachit - thnks to u too...welcome :)

    rinaya - glad u liked it!

    sadiya - i guess kuch zada hi technical hogaya...and happy tht have ur appreciation :)

    suraj - thnks so much :)

  15. Even a fully covered from head to toe...HRK created severe shock waves....ask the foreign mininstry...still recovering from Hinas shielded missiles.

  16. Alka - LOL..with such happenings..i guess it d flavour of d season..:P

  17. me likes your blog because i get to read a lot of things worth reading. :)

    cultural shock, yeah, i think i know how that feels like. everyone has been a university freshman here, i suppose. classic example.