I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a love not forgotten....

Twenty stairs
a perching bird
I stand here
behind the church
one misty morning
you caught my sight
I still remember
that blue shirt with red stripes

again we met
in a party
destined it was
began our story
time flew off
in its habitual way
silent whispers
yet volumes they'd say

parched roads turned lush
wildflowers bloomed
moon crescented much
as our love groomed
I knew not
we created memories
someday it will
be my prized victory

you stole my soul
reasons unknown
my heart still yearns
distressed, forlorn
the places we strolled
the songs we sang
those long happy drives
on city's outskirts

and then suddenly
you had to leave
a bitter reality
to believe
called you were
to the war-front
axing my dreams
you walked off dear soldier

the day you returned
I was euphoric
running wildly
untrammelled and free
you stood there
a proud warrior
your smile shone
charming like ever

but..who was she?
I stepped back to know
maybe his mistress
the crowd implied
still and tizzy
I stood and watched
our past memories
dismantled and dislodged

you held her hand
and went inside
people followed 
ignoring my plight
you took oaths
of marital bliss
the church bell rang
uncertain of my grief

long years have passed
seasons flown and drown
oft-returning birds
yet a sturdy me
still stands there
twenty stairs
a perching bird
unforgotten you....undying love!!

PS : The image above is what inspired me to pen down this poem!


  1. Awestruck... Very well thought story. It's difficult to write stories in verse. Good work.

    but..who was she?
    I stepped back to know
    maybe his mistress
    the crowd implied
    still and tizzy
    I stood and watched
    our past memories
    dismantled and dislodged

    I read it thrice to understand :P

  2. Hey, Hi

    beautifully woven...the flow is perfect...loved it...
    and honestly, the thought was amazing...if i were to write on that pic, i guess i would have described the food in the kitchen..

    jokes apart, beautifull penned... :)

    Eon Heath

  3. ouch!!
    This is touching and direct

  4. Thank you for this useful information.I will share it with my friends.

  5. amazin thought...perfect flow...intrstn story...a super perfect write...i could have never thought of nethin like this with tat pic...simply superb...:)

  6. Why undying love for someone who trampled all over your heart?

  7. u write omg. perfect lines and stories. liked it so much

  8. jidhu - hey, thnks..and welcome to d blog :)

    gv- were those lines so difficult to comprehend or were u too shocked at the revelation of d climax? but glad u liked it :D

    rachit - thnks!

    Eon - hehe...yes food isnt a bad idea after all :P
    and good to c u commenting aftr a long time..:)

    red handed - thnks so much :)

  9. somsi - hey..err...i guess there is some confusion but thnks for reading nonetheless!

    prateek - :)

    vaisakhi - thnks for the lovely comment...and even I dont knw how come the thought took its place with d pic :)

    sush - glad u liked it and welcome :)

    purba - U are right but u dont have control over some emotions in life!

    some unspoken - glad u liked it dear :)

  10. u proved once again that you're the best when it comes to expressing smthng subtly.... u'r superb gal..
    Great work :)

  11. You really are one subtlescribbler :)

    I might read the rest of your work too soon :)

    Love :)

  12. Sarah.. Best.. I love this post to the core.. You are rocking girl.. ~ Happy Frendship Day ~

    Someone is Special

  13. touchy...beautifully written...i agree with Purba...but then easier said than done :)


  14. How mean of that soldier to break her heart like that???.. Good triggering of imagination with those flights. I have never known undying love, mine is most of the time a terminal case ;)

  15. great flow...well penned...!!!

    Bets wishes,

  16. Most of the lines ended with a rhyme...nice fast paced style...I reached to your blog by the name..."subtle scribbler"!

  17. Very apt usage of words. And the picture painted with words was impeccable.

    good one...

    Somehow, it reminded me of 25 minutes - MLTR

    keep it goin;)

  18. rahul - tht was too much a compliment..will take some time to gulp it down :P

    serendipity - thnks..and u r welcome :)

    SIS - glad to c u here after a long time..thnks!

    SUB - yes u r rite..its easier said than done!

  19. farila maam - reality even I share a similar view ;)

    Irfanuddin - thnks and welcome!

    nasnin - well, Nothing spcl abt d name...couldnt get any other so randomly chose 'subtle scribler'..good to have u here btw :D

    Amit - really? thats cool! welcome aboard :D

  20. Awesome writing. A heart wrenching story.

  21. First time here - Following - will be back. Great poem. Shah. X

  22. Amazing soul stirring words. Very beautiful poem indeed! :)

  23. Very very nice :)
    Happy Potluck to you.

  24. Blue shirt and red stripes :) This was a good read indeed. Thank you for visiting my blog <3