I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

mystical dreams.....

She lay there numb and dizzy but there was no desire to get away. Being completely aware of her fate and also the fate of the man beside her in deep slumber some distance away.
she looked at him profoundly and immediately her mind flew off to the time she had first seen him

"Brida? Paulo? " he exclaimed!

"what?"  she lifted her head slightly and passed on a puzzled look to the tall gentleman standing in front of her. gentleman because of his well groomed appearance , dressed in a glossy black suit teamed with a navy blue tie, he appeared rather attractive to her.

" The book " . he smiled pointing to the novel in her hand.

she was now beginning to get annoyed at his uninvited remarks. " yes! It is brida by paulo coelho and I happen to read it , any problem"? ! she clamoured at him , shutting the book loudly.

" Brida makes a good read, and somehow I feel you'd be able to connect with it heavily". saying this he walked off and so briskly that she couldn't utter even a word!

"strange" ! she murmured and settled once again to continue her story.


She woke up breathing heavily , nauseated and drenched in a cold sweat. Immediately gulping a glass of water on her bedside table she pinched herself to convince on the fact that the reverie was broken.
It was not for the first time that she dreamt it all . 
The palace- adorned with precious, twinkling jewels , those silky shining red carpets, curtains that flung to and fro divinely, a beautiful bird in the golden cage, a throne so majestic that eyes forgot to blink and she, sitting amidst all the royalty.the princess of this kingdom.To her it all belonged and it was her aura that made it gleam even more.

but today her dreams had startled her,even in her own dream! today,the mystic lights around the palace couldn't trap the white haze, today the winds were gentle and hypnotic. Neither the royal curtains nor the carpets could hush up a presence.His presence,so strong that it was beginning to make her vulnerable! who was he? some traveler or maybe a king from a tribe of a far-way land? with a charisma so splendid that even the princess was spellbound, indifferent of her own royalty.

suddenly 'he' emerged out of a wavering mist dawning in front of the throne.Raising her dark hued eyes she let them meet his and went numb!

This was precisely the moment that had shut off the windows to a dream of hers. How was it possible? how could the mist descend to lay on a reality? a reality, yet so strange and unknown.
No, no! something is wrong! with these thoughts in mind she walked downstairs, aware of her steps, her surroundings but unaware that her world lay somewhere behind those cloudy appearances.

To be continued...... 

PART - 2 


  1. wowwieee! u finally wrote it!!!!!!! <3
    cnt wait to read d rest.
    n yesssssss wil keep opinion reserved until d end.
    kya pata u may change ur mind or sumthin na dats y :-)

  2. A novel types post. Good good.

  3. waiting for the next one. plz plz write soon i cant wait too long ;) loved ur expressions.every word seems very apt for the each line.

  4. So far so good...will wait for the rest.

  5. Super wow.. completely loved it..surely a mystical masterpiece ;)..could relate it to Paulo Coelho's writing style..:)

    Keep up the good work.


  6. brilliant start...can't wait for the next part...

  7. I love this post Sarah... Eagerly waiting for the next..

    Someone is Special

  8. Waiting for the next Sarah...Its beautifully penned, keep the readers glued :) :)

    And I loved the post, "A letter to my anatomy book".. Hehe wonderful :)


  9. i like the way this is going...
    looking forward to the next part :)

  10. You are an amazingly talented writer! I saw your link on BPOTW and now I'm glad I clicked on it. :)

  11. Sarah, this post is amazing :D You write beautifully, I swear...I am waiting for the next it quick! :D :D :D

    Blessed Be!

  12. Love the way u took a leap in ur writing style from an article writer to a story teller.. the mysterical touch surrounds ur write up.... u'r reminding me of Paulo .. really...
    Great job..proud to b associated with u..

  13. I'm trying to get up the nerve to do the 3-Day Novel Contest. Your writing is great. Have you ever thought about that or Nanowrimo? Just saying hell from Best Posts of the Week. -Lola from Lolarati and Buddhatropolis

  14. I am great fan of Paulo C and have read most of his books. I can see you are deeply influenced as well.
    Your writing style is the one that creates a solid scene in front of the readers eyes. So keep on with that. You are doing very well.

    Only thing that I felt you could tweak a bit is that I observed you use a lot of dots and do not complete the sentence with a full stop. If you plan to write a book one day, then you would have to make complete sentences with a full stop in the end. With the 2-3 dots, it gives the impression that you are still thinking and haven't thought through it completely. They come across as incomplete sentences.
    I hope you do not mind me making this comment. Since you do show so much potential and are doing a wonderful job of it, I thought it might work well if you could change this teeny weeny thing about the writing.

  15. @ sadiya - ur opinion is highly awaited madam :)

    @ prateek - yes, just a change from the usual stuff..hope i liked it :)

    @ some unspoken words - will try my best to do justice and bring up the best i can

    @ Alka - thnks so much

    @ Iram - tht was a hugee compliment yar..I m a great lover of his subtle writing style :D

    @SUB - thnks a lot!

    @ SIS - glad i could keep u hooked...

  16. @ Tanvi - welcome to d blog 1st of all...and a mention mention of the 'anatomy book' think u a medical it? :P

    @pri - thnks so much :)

    @krouth- thnks a lot for d appreciation and welcome to d blog..keep coming!

    @MSM - u for smilinggg :D

    @ rahul - tht was too much of a compliment as usual...khush kar diya hame :D

    @ lola - thnks..will try n participate!

    @slice of my life - I highly appreciate ur comment, will try and keep that in mind from nxt time on and edit this post as of now. welcome and keep coming :)