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a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Friday, December 17, 2010

Where are we heading to?- A toothbrush to let you know your 'marriage style' !

On one of these days, I was waiting anxiously for an important message from a friend, checking my mobile almost every 30 secs as the screen lit finally, I swiftly picked up my phone only to find someone else has messaged me, half miserable I pressed the view button only to get a little more miserable in fact pissed off at what I read.
 The message said- 'select a fruit and I will tell about your marriage'…what the hell???

When did fruits started forecasting our future?! I mean God just turned frugivorous or what?
And even if he did, wasn’t the nutritional qualities of fruits enough that he handled them another and that too such a crucial and momentous job? I know this seizes to make sense but what makes even lesser sense to me is how educated people can be so immature and moronic so as to -
1)      Create such messages in the first place (yes! Someone told me that  their exist people who create SMSes)
2)       Read, believe, vouch for answers and then forward them to others.

And of course the answers….they are even more obtuse and mindless.Coming across such things I see all the tech advancements and literary achievement fritter away, we stand where we were ages ago when malaria was supposed to be spread from bad air and banging a broom on head would unleash the devilish spirit within you. 

The world is still blind, still dumb and still in the darkness. We are still driven by things that somehow appeal us; it makes sense or not is none of our concern. And when these messages somehow reach people who have a slight part of their logical brain in place and working (that's important) they can do nothing but infuriate and vex at where the mindless world is heading too!

I got another of these 'mindless forecasting' message yesterday (which drove me against the wall, ceiling, floor and what not,finally landed me on my blog!) it was a step ahead and read something like this : 'Tell me your toothbrush colour and I will tell your marriage style'. (By marriage style it meant love or arrange or love-cum-arrange etc.) Truly speaking, I felt like shooting off that sender from the face of the earth or banging my head and killing myself. It fails to enter my mind how can any xyz create such an SMS? How?

This in my opinion is the lowest of the lowest height of being intellectually basal and foolish.
Can these empty-headed creators and propagators please realize that a toothbrush is for brushing our teeth no matter what damn colour it is (in any case we do not use a single brush all our life, that way our marriage style should change every 2 months) and fruits are meant to be eaten and relished. And stop over-anticipating your marriage and life live it just the way it comes without these sick forecasts! 

The era of chain SMSes did not disappoint and infuriate me this much because I felt that our society was over-whelmed by beliefs, religion and morals which tend to dim the reasoning lights inside us but this wave of insensible SMSes sure makes me fret on the ultimate black-out that it could lead to. And if that happens we will neither be left with fruits nor toothbrushes, only these muddle headed morons foretelling our future!


  1. In this world terrorism are of different types- getting pesky calls and messages too a part of it.

  2. LOL...i agree @ aparna...keep visiting :)

  3. I loved your intro.
    nice wording.
    Good luck Ms. Malik
    and yes

    you are lucky u had fruits predicting your future, when we were college students Stones, colors, cartoon characters and many others judged our life partners and other stuff.

    light read, enjoyed it.

  4. Take it easy Sarah.. they r just fun ways to interrupt already screwed life :P

  5. @ muddassir- it seems tht the most 'predictable' thing of all is our future, more so wen v r in college:P
    and glad u liked it, welcome to the new domain :)

    @ rani- i don't know but mindless stuffs like these don't appear fun or funny to me..they coagulate ur mind and ruin ur thinking capacity. nehow, welcome to the blog :)

  6. Hi Sarah, a very nice post.
    God knows, what the creators of such SMSs think? very annoying. Perhaps they draw their inspiration from facebook - the dhongi baba ki bhavishya wani, anita the psychic's predictions, paul the octpous, magic cookies...etc etc...

  7. thats something which i even fail to understnd, how and where do ppl come up with such SMSs..facebook could be an inspiration for sure :D

  8. Spam messages can be stopped only when anti-tele-marketing legislation is made in India.

  9. delightful read....well crafted introduction...and very informative and interesting article...i too have been at the receiving end of such sms'es and email chains....
    good write..

  10. @ blognostic- they aren't actually 'spam messages'..they are just the 4warded msgs created by empty headers.

    @ FP- glad that u liked it :)