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Monday, February 1, 2016

Must haves for a fantastico Bridal Make Up kit

Wedding is the most important affair in every girl's life. 
All of us have this inert desire to look our best not just the D-Day but also occasions preceding and following it. 
We buy the best of clothes, Jewellery, accessories and make up. 

As important as anything else in these wedding preparations is your vanity or the make up box.
One needs to exercise great care in what make up products to buy and what not. 
Since there are a plethora of products available in the market, the costs soaring high and brands launching a new product almost everyday, it often gets a little difficult to make a choice. 
Then there are other factors too like skin tone, skin type, coverage needed etc.

But some products are literally hands down. If you know what they are, this work of compiling the whole make up box can get so much easier. Isn't it? 

However, reading detailed reviews and then selecting and deciding is quite a time taking job and wedding shopping doesn't leave one with so much time. 
So, I decided to make your work easier and present my list of make up products which are an absolute must for a fantastico bridal make up kit. 

Some of them are high end products and may be a little costly. But they sure are worth the price! 

1.L'oreal Paris base magique transforming smoothing primer. Price: Rs.875
2.Colourbar Perfect match Primer. Price: Rs.875

1.Make up forever HD foundation. Price: Rs. 2100
2.Mac Matchmaster foundation. Price:Rs. 2100

1.L'oreal Paris Infallible Compact powder foundation. Price:Rs. 800
2.Maybelline Dream Matte Powder light. Price:Rs. 475

1.Mac pro longwear concealer. Price:Rs. 1100
2.Revlon Photoready concealer. Price:Rs. 750

1.Mac ruby woo. Price:Rs 1500
2.Lakme 9 to 5. Price: Rs. 400
3.L'oreal Moist Matte Lipstick. Price:Rs. 900

1.Lakme Absolute Sun Kissed Bronzer. Price: Rs. 699
2.Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer. Price:Rs. 990

1.Maybelline Lasting Drama Studio Gel Eyeliner. Price: Rs.410
2.Revlon Colorstay Gel Eyeliner. Price: Rs. 690

1.Maybelline Colossal Kajal. Price: Rs. 175
2.Lakme Absolute Eye Pencil. Price: Rs.

1.Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara. Price: Rs. 250
2.Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara. Price: Rs. 330

Apart from this your make up needs these:

1.Make up brushes (Recommended: Mac brushes) 
2.Eye lash curler
3.Eyeshadow Palette 
5.Tinted moisturiser or BB cream (Recommended: Laura Mercier Tinted moisturisers with broad spectrum SPF 20)
7.Under eye cream (Recommended: Shahnaz Hussain shasmooth under eye cream)
8.Lip Balm (Recommended: The Body Shop's Lip Balm)
9.Make up remover (Recommended: Oriflame's Make up remover)
10.A variety of nail paints 
11.Tea tree oil( For quick fixing acne if you have oily skin. It will take away the redness.) Recommended: The Body Shop's Tea tree oil

I think that's pretty much it. That is, the make up part. 
I kept the recommendations to one or two's in each category since I feel that too many recommendations can again lead to confusion. 
However, other good products are available in the market too. 
And most importantly, It depends on your skin tone. So make sure you don't compile the kit in a hurry and end up wasting money on products which doesn't suit your skin tone. 

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