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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Navigate safe! 3 products you should avoid buying online

Online market is the latest fad amongst shopaholics. Everyday we see new online shopping apps being launched and almost all the brands joining in the bandwagon of online shopping. 
This whole process of buying things is so interesting that most of us are unable to resist and have used one or the other app to buy things for ourselves or our loved ones. 

Its so heartening to see a plethora of products available online. Some of the items which are not easily available in the market can be very much seen on sites like 

Some of the popular ones have great delivery timings, the quick tracking details, amazing and prompt return policy, good discounts, decent variety and a lot of ease make shopping online so every trustworthy and secure.
Yet there are some hitches to this too. 

And as I always mention that we learn from experiences, more so from the bitter ones. 

Initially, I was a little skeptical about this whole fad of online shopping and ordering things. 
So I took baby steps at a time. At first, I began ordering just the books. I was impressed by the prompt delivery, good packing, cute bookmarks. 
Next came the turn of accessories and electronics. 
Well, buying electronics was a good move but I can't say the same for accessories. 
Only after I ordered certain cosmetics that I realised, Online sites are not 'jack of all trades' and safe navigation is needed. 

So, today I am here to give you a piece of advice on where to draw a line and where to steer clear of this amazing era of online buying. 

Agreed already that a lot of cosmetics which aren't so easily available especially in Indian market can be promptly found while navigating on online sites. More so, at luring and genuine prices. But I step in here to alert! 
Buying cosmetics online is an extremely bad idea.
 Why? One, the tones and shades, be it in case of lipsticks or foundation tend to differ on the screen and in real. Online companies too accept this fact and warn you. 
This could actually be suicidal in case you are ordering a foundation or compact powder etc. Where shade makes all the difference. 
Secondly, when you are buying cosmetics in the real market you can always compare the shades of different brands on your own skin and it does make a huge difference believe me. 
So no matter how good the deal, I advice you to avoid shopping for cosmetics online. 

2)Dress materials
Some of you may disagree but buying dress materials online hasn't lured me yet. does come close to trust with good brands selling wonderful products and prompt return policies but still, the kind of satisfaction you get trying on ten different dresses before buying one can't be achieved online. Also,lets accept that returning-ordering-returning gets quite tedious at times. 

While buying watches or bags online is a good idea, I cannot say the same for sunglasses and spectacles too. The reason is clear, you need to really try the frames to know which one suits your facial features best. 
It may be a Dior or Ray Ban, uber sexy but that doesn't guarantee it to suit your face. 
Sounds sensible? 

Having said all that, both real and virtual have their pros and cons. 
It is for you to analyse and navigate safely. 
What are you thoughts and experiences about it? Do let me know. 

Enjoy shopping! 

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