I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

90's and the radio

If you are 90's child like me, you would agree that radio's were such an important part of our lives at that time. 
If you were born earlier you will be able to identify it better but those born after year 2000 ( radio died a brutal death just like landline phones by then), this post would not resonate with them. 

Ah! The lovely radio days. I remember listening so eagerly to the RJs and participating in the contests and call sessions.
 The feeling of triumph when you requested a particular song calling on a live show and then dedicating it to that 'secret crush' , smiling and blushing as the song played.
When winning a small prize during a radio contest created such euphoria that we would proudly boast it to all friends at school and in the neighbourhood. 

During hot summer days, while we sat on floor amidst chart papers, water colours, brushes creating posters and completing the never ending summer holiday homework, my friendly radio was omnipresent singing away the latest songs or the banters of my favourite radio jockey. 

On cold winter nights,I remember curling up in bed with my headphones and secretly listening to the late night shows of 'love guru' who would solve problems of people in his melodious and serene voice.
There was this inert desire to call him whenever a crush broke our heart and share our nitty-gritty's too. Also, trying to imitate him when a friend would come in for a love advice. 

Somehow televisions with all its pomp and show, dance and drama never attracted me as much as the handy radio did.
The friendly neighbourhood jockeys would be imitated every now and then. 

I even recall growing up my adolescent fantasies listening to a program called 'between the sheets' by some RJ whose name I am unable to remember. 
Wherein lonely housewives would call to confess about their extra marital affairs and the teenager in me would be spell bound and curious wondering which part of India did such people belong to.

I often used to wonder what these RJs looked liked and I am sure there has always come a time in every avid radio listener's life when he too wanted to be a radio jockey. Isn't it? 

Special programs and endless songs on the eves of new year, Republic day, festivals would be long awaited and enjoyed. 

Radio days had so much of a charm and simplicity. My heart aches to remember the innocence wrapped in those days. Extreme happiness that little pleasures in life bestowed. The love for music and purity in hearts to cherish it. 

Today, Listening a song being played on a radio is such a rare sight. Even the smallest of shops and tea stalls have a television to entertain them. But, if by chance I catch a glimpse of radio being played somewhere, it brings a hundred old memories and enwraps me in deep nostalgia.
The radio days were indeed so carefree. There was no social media or buzzing what's app yet people were all connected by the love of music. 

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