I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Birthdays and celebrations....

The only good part about birthdays according to me are the in numerous calls and greetings. Unfortunately, with facebook colonizing our lives and minds this part too seems to be lost. Now all we see are mere half hearted 'wishes on the wall'!

Birthdays never excite me. Never got the feeling that this was 'my day' or anything remotely special. Not because I am traumatized by the thought of growing old but for a simple reason that what exactly be considered special in a day which comes again and again in each one of our lives? 

OK, you might defend me by saying that it marks our arrival into this world, in the lives of people around who consider you special yet I have my own beliefs which drag me to the other side.

This year however it was slightly different. As soon as the clock stuck 12, there was this episode of calls and wishes which lasted till 1.30 a.m.

As I hit my bed, pretty tired and 'least' excited sleep was no where in sight. Usually its my habit whenever sleep eludes me on a night I either sit up with my diary and pen, scribbling and rambling or if am too tired I simply lie down and introspect on mysterious paths of life. I chose the latter on this day too. My mind was conspiring with my heart of how to feel special about growing up or rather 'the day'.

It was quarter to 4 now and suddenly a thought hit me. (yes, such are the occasions when this phrase exactly fits in coz sometimes certain thought literally 'hit you up' !)

 I realized that our birthday is the only day which is FIXED yet TRANSIENT in our lives. Fixed not because it comes each year (all dates do) but fixed for it will always be a benchmark of all that I learn and become. Like a ray, with a fixed beginning but no ending

 And transient for it makes me realize that age IS time. It comes and goes and never comes back again. We can never so accurately and fairly take account of time and age as can we do on this day- our birthday.

It may sound contradictory to some. It may also appear as bickering to some.

But for me I don't celebrate my growing up instead I celebrate the fixed and the transient moments embedded in this day.

What do you celebrate on/about your birthday? Do let me know! :)


  1. ..instead of celebrating your b' should celebrate writing..
    ..b'day's brings us one year closer to our death..but writing can make us cage these moments through the power of your writing..and like a ' idea ' live forever.. :) ;)

    ..keep on writing..

    1. Celebrating writing is a great idea indeed. Infact writing is something that makes one feel special every time u read ur work! :)

  2. For me it's always a depressing one. No specific reasons. Just a reminder that have been so stupid last year and never cease to be any less.

    1. then you must search a reason to makes it a little interesting. And we are all stupid, I don't mind being stupid :P

  3. i m not really very excited about my birthday...but i really look forward to the smses and calls i get spl at 12 o clk night...and moreover my birthday is also my blog's birthday...and i think even if its a tweeny weeny addition its somethin that calls for celebration...:)

    1. same here! And you share ur bday with ur blog? thats so cool...and definitely calls in for a celebration :D

  4. Baaah...why are doctors so weird??? come on!!! its budday!!!! you can have gallons of beer and get the best piece of cake, hell you can have the whole can ask your friends to pay and say, "mera budday hai be.." you can do whatever you want and reason it with, "aaj mera budday hai!!!"

    tum logon ko yenjoi karne nahi aata... :P

  5. lo aa gaye engineer ji apni theory leke! The point i had was 'aaj mera budday what? sabka hota hai' what special element have YOU added to it? uff...inn engineers ko kaun samjhaye. bus docs ko criticize karwalo :P

  6. These days toh i fear that i am running out of birthdays....each ones hurries on so fast....I run out of a year in just 5 do u account for that :/

    PS- You are an intelligent person....i like people who are intelligent...i am subscribing to your blog...want to stalk your words :/