I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

mystical dreams..... part -3

 "Its not just today
and never would a day come
when the world around
won't coerce me
that my existence is incomplete
without you besides me"

she whispered senselessly to her soul which appeared as insatiable as it had been years ago. 
yes! Many years had now passed but her relentless search only got deepened.
 Her friend had advised her to give it up and consult a psychiatrist however she knew well that no person by mere hallucinations or repressions could free her soul of it
A soul that was now completely drenched in that world of dreams. 
A soul that had now tasted the bitter sweet demeanour of forbidden magic.
she was totally possessed in it, of it and for it!! there was no way out except to wade in further.

This was NOT love, it had transformed into a limbo or maybe a state of trance which continued to get unquenchable each passing second.
she had left her job long back, her own house, family, belongings, whatever that belonged to her and to where she belonged was now simply a state...a state of nothingness and timelessness.

"the dawn is not distance, nor is the night starless;love is eternal".

she again murmured to herself trudging through by the glint of the night.

suddenly as if the whole words bedazzled or struck by lightening...she saw his face! 
It was really him standing on the other side of the road!
That same tall attractive gentleman dressed in a glossy black suit teamed with a navy blue tie..the same man who had stolen all her dreams to make them his own, that same man who dictated her entire being for years now!

She felt herself en captured by a divine spell in those long seconds, the world had widened much beyond horizons or was it shrinking onto hers?
There was pain , fright, desire, anger, impatience, irritation, excitement, pleasure all at once in her soul.
her quest had reached its brim and emotions ran like wild horses..'a few steps more and it will all be hers..this mystery would no longer haunt her soul' she thought.
He stood still at the opposite side staring at her even now.

1...2...3...she had galloped to the other side at an impulse!


Her eyes open, where is she? At the middle of a road it seems!
She can feel something is wrong with her, her blood seems to ooze out slowly but there is no pain.
She lies there numb and dizzy but there was no desire to get away. Being completely aware of her fate and also the fate of the man beside her in deep slumber some distance away.
she looked at him..but alas! He is NOT there...she can now see him EVERYWHERE! all around, in all direction, at all ends!
she dare not close her this an illusion? no it cant be!

Now he is beside her again, a faint smile lits her face as she finally closes her eyes. forever this time.
No more mirages.
No more mysteries.
Just the mystical kingdom of her dreams.

Illusions have accepted her soul in their world...realities could wait for another life now.

Hub( attraction) and Maut(Death) are but shades of an eternal journey called love!

xxx THE END xxx 


Ancient Arabic Literature says that there are Seven Shades of Love - 1. Hub (Attraction), 2. Uns (Infatuation), 3. Ishq (Love), 4.Aquidat (Reverence), 5. Ibadat (Worship), 6. Junoon (Obsession) and 7. Maut (Death) [ Read it as a friend's status on Facebook ]

Thanks to one of my sweetest friend in blog-o-sphere Sadiya Merchant for giving me the inspiration and much needed motivation to pen up something which was very close to my heart yet I had no idea how to put it up in words :-)


  1. Well Well Well, such beautiful description. The girl leaving all the materialistic possessions, leading a life much like a lover of a man-of-her-dreams who apparently is there. And that makes the girl turn poetic. Hard, it must have been for her.

    Here, I must also confess that those lines were beautiful, indeed!

    Good Stuff Sarah :)!

    P.S: I have already written the 12th part Sarah, perhaps you missed it :)

  2. uhhh uhhhh i dont kno wat to sayy!!!
    Wil try.
    For one thing it was unexpected.
    Also, although the end was sad, it wasnt tragic per-se, emotions beautifully brought out n i cant imagine a bettr way fr u to hav lived up to ur blog theme.
    An exotic tale wid grt depth, profound detailing n a beautiful setting.
    Thnx so muchhh princess! Uve been amaaaaazinggg!!! :))))

  3. love with seven sides of grey.. love the dynamic flow of the post. :)

    Weakest LINK

  4. Waow...wonderfully written...

    P.s. Thanx sadiya merchant for inspiring such an amazing post by a v.v.talented blogger:-)u 2 should team up more often:-)Waow...wonderfully written...

    P.s. Thanx sadiya merchant for inspiring such an amazing post by a v.v.talented blogger:-)u 2 should team up more often:-)

  5. Ah.. Sarah, love the way you have captured it all.. and glad Sadiya was the inspiration.. Beautiful one Sarah..

    Someone is Special

  6. This is amazing. I am moved. Beautifully expressed.. :) kudos! keeping it with me as for collections ;)

  7. this was beautiful n sad n the end completely unexpctd....reminded me of the movie "black swan" in a way....loved it...:)

  8. Well Well Well somebody had rightly sad you can peep inside a person through his/her write ups..
    Well done and the best part is the dreamer inside you which is coming out. Let the dreamer in you weave some more wonders for us :)
    Proud to have known you :)

  9. The human mind is a scary place.

  10. I had goose bumps reading it Sarah. Somehow it reminded of my search for that soul mate.

  11. @ animesh - thnks a lot for all those lovely glad u liked it :)

    @ sadiya - haha..typical 'sadiya-ish' kinda reaction :D well yes, ending wasnt supposed to be sad..her death justified all her searches and dreams!

    @ rachit - glad u liked it..and v all have those shades of grey in our lifes!

    @Israr- oh yes..sadiya shud inspire me more with her stories, so that even my talent comes out..warna to it will keep 'peeping' from behind d curtains :P

  12. @ SIS - thnks for d wonderful appreciation :)

    @ Iram - LOL..don n moved? sounds contradictory :P
    and jo mera hai..wo tumhara hai..keep it girl:D

    @Vaisakhi - have heard abt d movie..will makes t a point to see it ASAP!

    @Rahul - The dreamer inside me is content being in its own skin most of d time..but will definitely try to give d world a glimpse on and off :)

    @ purba maam - yes..scary and stubborn too!

    @ Rimly - Am soo glad reading ur comment..i wanted to inspire this very search amongst those who read and give a push to my own :D

  13. Just soo...I wish thr were words in the dictionary worthy of capturing wht m going through!
    Loved readign!
    Captured beautifully!

  14. It was beautiful...A bit on the grey side though. The flow was encapturing, it grasped my imagination and my mind was numb with the end. I wrote something like this, just a fictional story and attracted wrath of my blog friends :P :P But yes, it was nicely penned :) :)

    Pardon me for being late, wanted to be here since a long time :)


  15. @ red handed - thnks a lot..glad u liked it :D

    @ tanvi - v all have our grey and so called dark sides...and better late then never yar! happy that u liked it...u shud have shared ur story link too..keep cmeing! :)

  16. seven shades of love?! hmmm & the names for each - uh had never read about them before. nice post
    first time to your blog. m glad i stopped by :)
    keep writing

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