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sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time- where art thou ?

While reading a book which spoke of pre-British raj India which also meant pre- modern, technology devoid days. When fans instead of mobile phones toggled in common man's hand and live 'mujras' supplemented entertainment in contrast of cozy T.V sets and multiplexes of today.

What astonished and amazed me was not just the simplicity of life then but also the fact that virtues like wisdom and concentration reigned as an everyday existence.
The people's day then could accommodate almost everything ranging from their everyday chores to flying pigeons and words like 'procrastination' or 'stress' had no meaning.

What stuck me was why can't we, the so-called impatient and super fast, ultra modern, tech savvy generation find 'real' time in the same 24 hours of the day? Why words like 'stress' and 'depression' are hovering even on the minds of a 12 year old? Going by logic and basic sense,our lives should not just have been turmoil free but also with an abounding of leisure time at our disposal.

Contrary to it we are sleep deprived even when Google does our researches for us, got no time to spare for our relatives or return back calls even when writing letters has been replaced by SMSs and instant messages.

My grandmother often tells me that during her youth people waited endlessly, counting day after day as to when a new week or month would arrive. While today an hour passes at a lightening speed and so does an year! Some 70 days left to bid adieu to 2011, whatever happened to the remaining 295 days?
It seems as if 'time' suffers from an auto immune disorder- gobbling its own self!

Where on earth is this 'commodity' called time vanishing?
And whats even more relevant is how can we hold it back?  
Wouldn't it be great if we could live in timelessness?

Well, coming to 'timelessness'. It indeed is a very complex subject in itself. But after much contemplation I realized that this is the only way to 'live effectively in time' and 'use time in the most effective manner.'

Literally speaking timelessness means - eternal , ageless or immortal. Although it has much more to offer just like alchemy and astrology had to offer to the human race.

To live is timelessness within time means to to live in moments and each moments separate of the previous or the next. All those who have some idea of quantum mechanics would appreciate that its nature is in similarity with the dual nature of light which comes in to us packets (the particle theory) , each one separate of the other yet we see light is a ray. That's how timelessness too connects those distinct moments.

If we try to concentrate NOT on the ticking of clock second by second but on moments we live, utilizing each of these packet (moments) to the best of our ability with the faith that whatever we have right now is what JUST exists we will see that not only will our productivity increase but our concentration spans will soar high too. Probably then 24hours if not enough, will at least give us a sense of accomplishment and fullness.
And 'time' will earn its true value in our lives once again.

PS : This post is far from over. The concept may sound weird to many of the readers. I will try and elaborate more on this concept in my coming post.And do let me know what is your idea of 'timelessness' and how do you perceive the existence of such a thing. 
Plus this analogy of timelessness to particle nature of light is purely my own perception so if you find any loop holes do let me know!


  1. hehe is it a coincidenc dat u refer to 'mujra' n 'concentration' so close at hand? :o

    ok ok on a serious note dis concept is too technical fr me to understand or mayb d wrd quantum sumthin scared me off.
    all d same it did remind me of wat i once studied in economics abt leisure n hw it has a monetary value cos dats wat evryone aims at eventually. ironically u keep runnin so much n so hard, yet u nevr really get dere!
    dere r a billion things u want to do in a million seconds n so d tym to bask in fulfillment nevr cums by. sad no? :(

  2. I completely understand what you say. Waiting for the next post. :)

  3. lot of thoughts embedded in one post....really waitin 4 the next one....hmm guess i m gonna go in a pensive mode aftr readin this...:)))

  4. True! Its actually when u notice time and give it high regard, that it slips away. Giving it importance but not making it the highlight of every act, makes us enjoy what we r at.

  5. world is getting smaller with bonds getting farther apart.. sad :(

    Weakest LINK

  6. @sadiya - no..its ur sharp observation madame! hehe!Talking of doesn't matter what work it is, what matters is ur 'devotion' to it. we today even while sitting in movie theaters are pre occupied with FB updates and smss on mobile. hope u get what i mean to say!
    And u said it all correct that 'we run so hard and so much , yet never get there'!

    @jyothi - aah..m so glad that u did..will be back with the next one soon :)

    @Vaisakhi - Even m a part of the same mode right now. And believe me , its good to be there :)

    @muddassir - omg..its u! long, long time! glad u liked it :)

    @Red handed - u got a point there..we often worry too much about what has past and whats passing instead of truly living it!

    @Rachit - The bane of technology it is ironically!

  7. I look at my calender and see it's already October and I start freaking out!! So many submissions, so many deadlines, so many exams to prepare for and so many decisions to make. And SO little time to do it in.

    What you write makes sense; they (the people of the past) had the same amount of time yet managed it better. But we prefer hiding behind words like perssure and stress and whatnot.

    Very though-provoking, Madame.

    And I like your name, if I may:)

  8. I was actually going to ask, Sarah where art thou?? :D :D...looks like someone was busy :) :)

    a nice and thought provoking post as usual... we make gadgets and networks to make our lives easier but it just seems to be getting busier and busier.. living in the moment just does not seem to exist anymore.. because the moment walks past our sight and we hardly stop to notice it.. (sigh)

  9. hey, here for the 1st time ....
    your blog is EXOTIC yes exotic is the word which il say, and so many awards..!
    whoaah..! thats awesome..!
    for the post yes i completely do agree...
    but do you actually think that we can not think of the clicking of the clock when we live in a world where competition is the motivating force ..strolling in parks have been replaced by attending coaching' s and extra classes... ahhh to be honest and practical i think this concept will never come in existence its like fairy tale and we are talking of the prince charming.. but i think you wrote a thought provoking article..!
    timelessness means sitting and chatting with family and friends with a steaming hot cup of coffee between your hands and some cookies and you all are on the same bed inside the quilts..! :))
    following you

  10. Interesting post. I guess the speed of 'time' depends on how we look at it.

  11. 'It seems as if 'time' suffers from an auto immune disorder- gobbling its own self!' A unique and apt description. Reminded me also of the phrase from the the Bhagavad Gita 'kalo asami - time devouring image'.
    Several facets to the theme of Time and interesting references to science and philsophy.

    Do visit my blog and read the first two chapters of 'Rebranding'- my novel-in progress - bringing in themes of time/indian philsophy/sci-fi and humour!


  12. @ peevee - am glad u liked it..and absolutely, its just endless and at times futile running that we seem to be doing!
    And ye bhi koi puchne ki baat hai? sure u can..i love my name too...thnk u :D

    @Suku - hehe! yes..been busy catching some time for myself but all in vain! I had planned to write in the consecutive part within a day or two but see still hanging mid-way m i. time..time..time :/

    @Suvaiba - OMG! m floored..*big teethy smile*
    And to achieve this in its entirety is definitely not humanly possible but v sure can try in bit by bit :) And i loved d closing lines of ur comment, indeed that a time fullyyy lived. welcome :)

    @bettyl - thank u :) more than looking its what we make and take out of it!

    @Kalpana - hey! glad u could notice that statement and thnks for pointing out the reference in Bhagvad Gita. will try and visit ur blog soon!

  13. Nice concept....but i hate psychology with quantum physics...
    Time is super sonic racer if you enjoy it, hell slow if you don't...
    Life would have been bliss if I had no exams...
    pehle sab achha tha, padhai naam ki cheez thi nahi, 9-10 saal me shaadi ho jaati thi, khet me hall chalao, taaza ugao taaza khao...
    Ab to saara system hi galat ho chuka hai!!

  14. Time is a slippery thing but it's us who can make the most of it.

  15. I have totally sucked at time management this year. I am organized, but these days, it is hard to understand where the hell did I spend my 24 hours. Mostly in blogging...I need a life I guess.....

    Quantum mechanics :D I have no clue!

  16. We just run after life.. with out realizing that life is running away like the time..! :)
    Lively post.!