I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In the name of "the DIVINE game"

FOREWARNING :  This post has been carved out of sheer madness. I have no intentions what so ever to hurt anybody's sentiments. However, if you feel offended in any way, my sincere apologies to you!

Cricket will be a religion
players demigods
a place of pilgrimage
will be 'THE LORDS'

toddlers will know
yorkers and spin
LBW and no balls
the gravest of SINS

match highlights will be 'chanted'
every single day
learn them you must
or you are sure to go astray

bat and ball will be sacred
and umpires be priests
before heading for crucial jobs
a six you must hit

two matches daily
on weekends six
watch,play and win
or be labelled an ATHEIST

WORLD CUP will be the 'religious month'
gulp as much as you may
auspicious to catch it live
all your troubles at bay

Sachin's achievements the HOLY BOOK
Ponting's- the lesser writings
'cricket ethics and morals'
school's will be teaching

all youngsters will be SAGES
acquainted with subtle nuances
young , dynamic players
eyed by mothers and their lasses

matrimonial will read
'should be a follower of cricket
can score at least two centuries
and run between wickets'

Government will swear
in the name of the 'CUP'
and country who wins
will be the most developed

each nation a SECT
captain as the leader
game performance will decide
your 'creed' and 'caste'

MATCH FIXING would be contemplated
to be a 'Satan's job'
whoever consorts with it
to be hell bound by the Gods

And I am sure this religion
will originate in INDIA
for our sentiments
sculpt it out perfectly

Look! I made you fantasize
of such marvellous cricket days
when hitting centuries my friend
will be a child's play :P

So whose going 'cricket-igious' ?


  1. Liked the way represented it :)
    Keep Writing !

  2. SIXER!!!!very well written...enjoyed every line...keep entertaining us :-)

  3. LOL, I'd rather be an Atheist than a follower of such an ardent follower, the routine is well, too tough.
    Nice one.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. well written ....enjoyed reading it ......:)


  5. :) very very very well done. A prophecy written like middle age articles.
    good jon

  6. doubt- y does d comment section always merge wid d posts u may like, on ur blog? dat way d frst 2 or 3 comments bcum a complete blur :((((
    or i dunno if its jus my system dat shows it like dat.

    acha cumin to ur post,
    lol! wowwiee! i mus tel u it was very entertaining n wat i especially liked were d creative ideas u came up wid.
    fevrets were matrimonial n match fixing.....super super ideas n dey rhyme too!!!
    *dats d thing wid poems...m far more intrsted wid d rhymin wrds dan d content n u so totally aced dat department* :D
    good luck princess! :)

  7. @ simran - happy to c u on my blog..glad u liked it :)

    @ SUB - Thnks for such a motivating comment..makes me feel good!

    @ blasphemous - arnt all good things in life hard to get? and yes, i made the criteria tuff so that people dont go about dreaming too far :P rest..time will tell :)

    @ omi - thnks a lot :)

  8. @ muddassir - I was very apprehensive while posting it..kuch gadbad na ho jaye..and u guessed it right..i wrote it in that typical poetry sought of way..glad u liked it :)

    @ sadiya - I lovee getting such long comments :) I guess the problem lies in ur system coz it is appearing all correct to me, maybe due to slow connection or something it doesnt get completely loaded!
    as for my post..thnks sooo much for the appreciation and for calling me a princess (hope u recieved d cheque ;)) even i m quite particular abt the rhyme schemes, if poetry looses its flow, the feel is lost too. and matrimonial wala part pasand aaya..kya hai baat ;P

  9. @Sarah: A well written post! especially in the light of the recent cricketing wonders (Read India - SA match etc).... And I can see what you meant by no necessary need for rhyming... will take more notes :D

    PS: Do read my piece at The Prophecy

  10. brilliant!
    well-written comic verses aren't very common.
    I am sharing it on twitter.

  11. @ ashish - haha...glad tht u read between the lines and comments as well :P and yes, cricket seen beyond the game vexes me a lot at times!

    @ amropali - I m overwhelmed to say the least..that for the motivation. so happy tht u liked it :)

  12. I don't understand cricket at all but thought your poem was well written. Visiting from BPoW and now following!

  13. Sarah, the way you written the poem was amazing..

    I loved it and "Sachin's achievement the HOLY BOOK", wow wow wow, I am a mad fan of SACHIN - THE GOD OF CRICKET...Wonderful..and thanks for your comments on my take.. I am sad you couldn't understand few parts and I hope you liked it..

    Best of luck, here is my take on Prophecy, the love prophecy

    Someone is Special

  14. Bravo!!! sarah, I liked your sheer madness ;)

  15. sharon - welcome to d blog...and it means a lot tht u liked my work inspite of being unkonwn to the world of cricket..hope to c u coming back :)

    @ SIS - ur love for cricket is clearly reflected in the comment :D happy tht u found my work interesting and yes ur story is a sweet tale as i told ya :)

    @ Alka - thnks a lot!

    @ poonam - Even i love my 'sheer madness' most of the time but in this case i was a bit apprehensive..glad u liked it :)

  16. superb sarah.thats written omgnly. i loved each and every line..wonderful work. and thank u so much for liking my post. keep writing dear frnd. :)

  17. "Now I know why they call cricket a religion...people fight in the name of both"....

    Thought provoking...
    Nice one Sarah....

  18. Aaah...Good ain't always different and beautiful...hamare adde mein aap ke liye kuch hai Sarah ji...zaroor aakar dekhiye:)

  19. some unspoken words - thanks for ur kind words...If readers enjoy my work..i think i have achieved the purpose..keep coming :)

    animesh - It sad but actually true..i too loved that work of art :) i guess u r new here, so welcome to d blog :D

    Raksha - thks so so much for that beautiful award :) and glad u liked my work..aapke adde pe to hamesha hi kuch khaas hota hai!

  20. Just one word "Wowwwwwwwwwwwww".. i think you are a huge cricket fan..

  21. @ varsha - everyone loves cricket...and I m much the same just that I treat is as a game and not take it to heart and mind !

  22. haha...true that!!
    the world cup fever is on..
    awesome detailed writing..loved it :)

    *goes away chanting a prayer for india to win THE match on the 30th* :D

  23. wow that's some negative sarcasm.. I am only wondering what you would have written had it been a critique of some "real" religion. :P

    obv I liked your sarcasm and tone. keep it up ;)

  24. You've said all there is to say and quite brilliantly too, I might add :-D

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