I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Of trains and passengers ....

OK! so I am back after a holiday but the hangover is yet to subside (as the title clearly models it).
I have always admired ( like many others) - train journeys. yes, the chuk-chuk gai ki sawari is something that dispenses out nostalgia and reminiscence . how so ever fast or super-fast the world may race, train lovers will always yearn for another journey in one of those coaches, amidst all the chaos  of obese aunties to crying children.

when we were younger, we prayed that our voyage would never end (specially the one which brought us back home,eventually dragging us back to school and monotonous routine). now having grown up (a bit) we shun our minds to hold onto such wishes but the journey is a pleasure for trouble makers and peaceful viewers alike.

now, now! As i adjusted myself securely in my compartment (and so did others) my mind couldn't help but notice the different kinds of people I had around me. and i have this extremely bad habit of walking up and down the whole coach for reasons unknown so i could had a wider glimpse and confirmation of what i saw.
so without any further nit grits coming straight to my observation of passengers :

The pesky callers - these are people who have this habit of dialing numbers non-stop to their relatives, colleagues, neighbours , servants etc etc etc. to inform about their safety, the stations passed , the stations yet to arrive and what not! It seems they are being paid by 'railway news' to transmit latest happenings round their phone-book .

The thief phobi'acs' - some people have this extremely irritating tendency of checking their belongings after every 10 mins (or less) . From hand purse to their water bottles , their eyes keep rolling to vouch out for thief and culprits...and if by any chance you happen to touch any of it, the loathsome looks you receive makes you search for a lawyer then and their to prove your innocence.

The hyperactive kids - kids are funny little creatures but when they hop and jump in the train till wee hours of the night ( in train wee hours means 12 or 1AM ) they are such a pain! To top it up ,their moms will continue to shout on every move they make inspite of the scornful gaze from poor , fed up passengers.

The silent sleepers- this class of people will sleep and sleep the day and night away. 'and miles to go as i sleep' is the mantra they seem to follow.

and finally,

The gossipers - who can miss them out? it all starts with 'where are you heading to? and ends on , hang on..does it ever END? ! from kids to their fathers , from clothes to cosmetics they jabber incessantly. and mind you..the saas- bahu era is over (relieved?) don't be!  Its diseases and health that comes as the new fad!

needless to say , travelling is in a itself not just a very refreshing but also a greatest of all learning experiences. as Dave Barry puts it beautifully And that's the wonderful thing about travel:  it provides you with experiences that will remain locked forever in the scar tissue of your mind :)


  1. Hey, Hi
    a nostalgic reminder of the long journeys, so many of them....all, a memory in itself...

    nice read...

    The Silhouette...

  2. Quite an observer you are and loved the way you narrated the whole scenario of journey via train .

  3. Love your template. That was a nice round-up of your train journey. You have not said which category you fall into, other than being an observer.

    Do read an oldy's reminiscence of train journeys of long ago at

  4. And what about the aroma of eatable packets when opened by travelers, the night long chatting in sleeper coaches,the traumatic experience when taps goes dry in toilets and the ever lingering foul smell...........etc.

  5. the silhouette and pratibha - thnks..glad u liked it :)

  6. @ zephyr - welcome to the blog maam , glad u liked my blog :D i prefer being an observer , although i fall into the category of wanderers like i mentioned in the post! will surely have a look at urs..keep coming!

    @ S.R Ayyangar - Had i decided to give a complete outlook and that too of our INdian railways , a whole new blog would be established :P so kept it short..

  7. Hi Sarah,

    thanks for your lovely comments :),

    hmm Welcome Back ..looks you have a got lots fun :)
    Journey by Train is like a treat , its very refreshing :).


    take care

  8. haha nice observation Sarah.. well if i look back to my train days then i was one among those masses who would eye suspiciously everyone who is going besides your luggage when i am awake.. :D.. usually i sleep through my journey (plane or train) so that the journey doesn't seem much longer !

  9. Ha Ha! I absolutely loved this one. Brings in ancient memories of thousands of miles spent on Indian railways! Clatter Clatter :)

  10. @ vivek , varsha and rajesh - thnks a lot ppl :)

  11. Nice.
    I have written sth about a train journey of mine. Do read if u don't mind:

  12. I missed out the 'thief phobiac' aspect completely... glad you covered it :)