I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Her spirit is a Miracle :)

I went to meet her today like usual. Her words stumbled more, her head shakes vigorously and she looked paler and weaker then ever before. Yet none of it has oppressed her valour. The smile she wears on her lips could warm a whole winter month. she is my friend Ishita and she suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS). in case you haven't heard about it , MS is a disease in which the nerves of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) degenerate.

I met Ishita about 7 years ago in our school summer camp , she was a girl of numerous talents. Be it quizzes or dramatics ,singing or group discussions , she managed to enthrall everyone with her performances. A jack of all trades and a master charmer as i called her.
Today, my heart throbs to see a girl so capable lie on a bed 24x7 , completely reliant on others and incapable of hushing even a little fly that sits on her nose.
We had continued to be in touch even after the camp , her health began deteriorating but she never gave up - with a spirit as mighty as a mountain she not only passed her 9th standard but stood amongst the top rankers of her class.

Today, her misery casts a gloom on me every time I think of her deplorable state.
It was sometime in July the same year , she called me up one day and with a low voice told me about her disease.I like her, wasn't mature enough to foresee what faith had hurled on the innocent soul that time. 'you will get well soon' I said and she responded with a 'sure , thanks i will hopefully' in a cheerful voice.

Its been four years and i throttle everytime i visit her , more so because i have seen her dance , sing, speak and live life like a normal teenager.Her health has been declining each passing day and no miracles may happen. Neither is her survival a miracle. 
But her spirit is phenomenal. The way she bravely accepts it all is a 'miracle'.
she is not a mentally retarded patient. she remembers her Past , can judge her present and knows that her future rests on the same bed yet the vital spark I notice in her , chills the nerves and leaves me astounded - its a 'miracle'.

It may not be supernatural , but her zest for life , her desire to create and dwell in optimism - its a 'miracle'.
The love she intwines , making everyone around adore her, willingly spending time even if it means to sit near a stinking bed and patiently listening the words that fall apart - it s a 'miracle'.
Her face radiates with sheer beauty and her power packed smile even when she urinates on the bed itself - its a 'miracle'.
she is special , very special and that's why maybe God chose her, not to show miracles. He made her a miracle itself.
my friend Ishita is a miracle and I marvel her spirits. 

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PS : I would like add something here , A cousin of mine too suffers from the same disease and she is an equally brave and wonderful soul. This story is dedicated to her too :)


  1. God bless Ishita. Indeed, her energy is marvellous. I will say a prayer for her.

    Good luck for the entry Sarah.

  2. It is really interesting how little things can give you the supernatural feel.

    One just has to keep their heart open,
    I guess.

    p.s: thanx for visiting my blog.Although the theme might suggest otherwise, I am a saggi.

  3. Thanks for calling me here...
    My regards to your friend...
    She is a brave girl:)

  4. Ishita is a brave girl, I guess when you really wish for something, no matter how hard it is, you get the strength to fight against any adversity. Will pray for her, multiple sclerosis is not curable but we can always hope that science finds a breakthrough for it soon.

  5. Indeed A miracle!
    Wish her zest for life continues...

  6. always happy -I wish d same too , thnks :)

    amropali - yes, indeed! Not just d supernatural feel but also a ray of optimistic light too...welcome to d blog :)

    @ raksha - its a pleasure to have u here..she is :)

  7. Everything you defined about Ishita is so high on optimism. Indeed the girl is brave. And miracles, yes they do happen, all you need to put faith in it.

  8. the thinker - welcome to d blog ! I too hope v find some cure..i met two of the ppl suffering from MS..and it hurts to see them that way :(

    beyond horizon - welcome to d blog , nice name :)
    I wish d same too..thnks!

  9. @ prateek - yes, she is a girl of extremely high spirits. and thts exactly my can do miracles :) thnks for reading!

  10. hey!! the story touched me beyond words. My prayers are with your friend , may God almighty empower her with more miraculous spirit. you narration was amazing. keep it up !

  11. God gives courage and we know about it more in our sufferings.

    May God bless ur friend.

    Truely a touching story.



  12. This is so touching...and sad. Reminds us to count our blessings.

  13. @ anonymous -hie! thnks for commenting, Ishita is very lucky to get so many blessings:) but y anonymous?

    restless - indeed..God is all-powerful and ever-helpful :)

    @ midhun- welcome and thnks for the appreciation :)

    @ Alka- It does, everytime i pay her a visit I thnk God almighty for all he has bestowed upon me. welcome to the blog :)

  14. Hats off to your friend!She is indeed a miracle.God bless her

  15. this was lovely. My brother has MS and it is truly an awful disease.

  16. @ uma - thnks :)

    @ lyndylou- sorry to hear about ur brother..May God bless him :) welcome to d blog!

  17. Life is so beautifully scary isnt it? but still life is a wonderful thing to let go ... and who else shall understand it better ...whose days are nnumbered... am bookmarking your site ... for more :-)

  18. Touched by this story, its not about the disease, its how we face life isn't it?

  19. @ dream peddler - indeed life is a bagful of all emotions and letting go or holding tight is all a part of how we live it..m glad u liked my work :)

    @ AS - :) God bless u too! welcome to d blog!

    @ bhagya - it is. Life brings so many circumstances to deal with and our attitude and spirit decides the turn it takes. I'm deeply touched by her spirits too. thnks and welcome to d blog :)

  20. Its an really touching... i have no words to express how i felt after reading this post. I will pray for them. :)

    God bless

  21. Hey thanks for visiting my blog.. You have got a nice blog here.. and I welcome you to The Haiku Challenge!.. Hope you join us here

    Someone is Special

  22. very tragic! my heart fells for her! She is truly a brave gal.. after looking at her spirit I thing all my problem r really very trivial!

  23. Very nice article.
    She hasn't given up on herself, why should we feel bad for her. She needs encouragement, not sympathy, and don't be broken hearted for her, she might feel bad if she came to know.
    They are miracles, let them shine, like they did and like they do.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  24. colours of boulevard - interesting name first of all :) All i can say is I m myself touched each time I pay them a visit. thnks for ur comment and welcome to d blog!

    SIS - I m so glad u liked my blog :) I ll sure be participating in the challenge..thnks for d visit :)

    pripat - I agree with u..v r actually so blessed and need to learn from them. welcome to d blog :)

    Blasphemous A. - It just hurts me to see her in this condition when she could actually have achieved so much. I knw, she expects people arond her to be strong and v do try our bests. thnks for ur thoughtful comment :)

  25. You know sufferings in this world actually saves you from the other world..I know it is hard but you know that's the only truth..matter decays..but not the soul.. and she is the example of that...

    and have vibrant colored blog..

  26. @ day dreamer - I agree with u that sufferings not only make us a strong individual but also bless us with a good life in hereafter.

    thnks so much for ur encouraging words and I feel extremely glad when someone appreciates my blog. so spcl thnx for tht :D
    welcome :)

  27. She is a miracle, Ishita and your cousin. Messengers of God on earth to let the world know how blessed we are. I respect their spirit, their will, their perseverance, their tenacity.....words are betraying me......

  28. God Bless your friend Ishita.. she will surely one day be cured of all this. Amen

  29. @ Animesh - that is such a beautiful thought...they r surely special beings of God! words betray me ach ti me i pay her a visit...thnks for the lovely comment :)

    @ rachit - I too hope the same.Amen :)

  30. Your feeling is too good. I think that, you are a poet. Is it correct?

  31. I think that, you are a dreamer and poet. Story is very nice. keep on posting.

  32. I m a dreamer definitely, and dreams do appear more beautiful wen explained poetically here i m :D

  33. It is really interesting how little things can give you the supernatural feel. And i am very sad to hear this information.
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