I walk on a road lush with dreams,
a road of forgotten and veiled dreams,
sometimes slowly, sometimes gaily,
sometimes lost, sometimes profound,
I walk a road of unknown mysteries,
fervently finding my way through the endless path.....

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Opinionated lot and the chaotic khichdi!

Opinions, opinions everywhere..not a single ear to listen them to! 
Ours is a tech savvy generation and we all know that. Children these days, cut their way directly through umbilical cords to iPods! Mobiles phones are our new best friends and gadgets an extended family.
Tech savviness has given birth to so many new social networking sites, discussion portals, instant messengers over the past decade. The result of which is an ever evolving and ever increasing number of opinions on any and every issue that finds a split second of a space on our mobile/laptop screens.

Humans have always considered judging their fellow species a birthright and with the advent of Internet where opinions afloat as freely and abundantly as mosquitoes in monsoons,our rights seemed to have received a stamp 'ISI purity'.
This opinionated generation of today cares  about everything and anything that seems to be occurring in the farthest of galaxies. Be it the #choices of a popular Bollywood actress or #losses of the Indian cricket team, we have been raising err typing our #voices, lour, clear, incessant and more often than not unnecessarily.

Pardon me for my bluntness henceforth and please bear my desire to wade through the same 'shallow opinionated waters'.

The issue that irks me most of the times is not why people speak out, but some inherent qualities that we possess as a Hindustani drive me crazily up the wall and I stomp my thumb, irritated, logging out of Facebook.

To begin with, we Indians believe in raising our voice. We have this preconceived notion that unless a man erects and upholds his #voice #number of lies #penis and of course the ever increasing vocabulary of #'Ch' words, no work or opinions can be sanely processed by another human mind listening to him on the receiving end. He does it with his children, his wife, servants, employees and he does it on social media. Happily throwing in a series of cuss words, proudly spitting out some more and also waiting to hear some more in the comments.

Secondly, Indians suffer from an array of eerie illusions! We certainly do! They range from illusions of grandeur to illusion of God's chosen to illusion of being a Mr. Right. 
Now when people with such illusions tend to judge and splatter opinions the outcomes of someone else being correct or wise is as rare is a tanzanite stone.
The story however, doesn't end here! We have been candidly passing opinions day after day and this infectious malice of vomiting out ignorant, baked and burnt opinions is becoming chronic by the day.

So much so that it has reached ad nauseam levels now. But our fellow social networkers and twitterati fail to realise or accept it. It seems that a trending news is religious chant that needs to be oft repeated in the form of tweets and statuses or you shall face God's wrath.

I am not against people sharing a piece of their minds or speaking up against issues that inflict upon us. I am only irked by the ever and increasing chunk of useless, half cooked, rotten and negative ones out there. And of course the repetitive ones. 

I seriously feel that now is the time to bring back some old adages to practice. To listen and analyse more and speak less. To De-connect and seek solace within. Or the day is not far when all our raised voices and agitations will bang those walls and die out. 
Unheard. Wiped out. 


  1. Too much opinions create a mess ... better to have a mind that filters unwanted stuffs :D

    1. And a mouth the gobbles and digests all the pathetic and poisonous stuff instead of spitting and vomiting it out every now and then :p