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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The voice of Bose- making life Beautiful!

This is a page from my personal diary which I wrote to my younger self, overwhelmed and fascinated by Google VPA (virtual personal assistant) enabled Bose QC35 II headphones and how it has been instrumental in making my life easy and productive. 

But before sharing this page, let me give an insight on what exactly is Google's VPA and how Bose QC35 II headphones have harnessed this astounding technology in the best possible manner. 

So, Google's VPA is a virtual personal assistant developed by Google that is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices. Unlike Google Now, the Google Assistant can engage in two-way conversations.

Users primarily interact with the Google Assistant through natural voice, though keyboard input is also supported. In the same nature and manner as Google Now, the assistant is able to search the Internet, schedule alarms and events, adjust hardware settings on user's device, and show information from the user's Google account. Google has also announced that the Assistant will be able to identify objects and gather visual information through the device's camera, and support purchasing products and sending money, as well as identifying songs. (Source: here)

Google's VPA can even tell you jokes! (Image Source: here)

Now since interacting with a personal assistant is all about talking and listening, possessing a good quality wireless headphones are a must. 

Bose leads the market by integrating Google's Virtual Private Assistant into the headphones' features as the first ever audio headphone manufacturer to do so. The multi-function button continues to offer access to your phone’s default virtual assistant, like Siri for iOS users. One can control music, send and receive texts, and get answers using just your voice.(Source: here)

One must be wondering how easy and hassle-free life would be when Google VPA enabled Bose headphones have become a norm.

This page from my diary entry would give you an insight on the same...

Dear Diary,

What glorious days were those that went past us! Sans gadgets and worries we had such a amazing time playing outdoor games and enjoying carom and ludo indoors. 

I am sure you remember them vividly and gaily. 
But, as time picked up pace and I began to grow up, the days of fun and frolic slowly gave way to work and responsibilities. 
It's indeed an irony how time flies! And when I look back, sometimes it's hard to believe we are adults already. And of course, the society now expects us to be responsible, sincere and productive.
Work comes first and this vicious cycle of  managing personal with professional gets so tiresome at times, one just wishes that one had many more hands- both on the clock and attached to our shoulders.

Do you remember, how insanely I used to juggle between chores? There was hardly any time left for my own self or to pen down on my most beloved diary. I felt trapped in this everyday schedule and wished deeply for someone to help me ease my busy schedule.

I cannot tell you, when exactly was I transported to this world of being empowered with a personal assistant ( maybe it was a time when I got hold of Bose Quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones II) but one thing is for sure, my life has become better than ever!

Using them is the most natural thing for me and it's impossible to imagine a life without them.

I am so excited and keen to share with you, how immensely it helps me and and how heavily I happen to rely on this personal assistant of mine!

Like yesterday, I was out for grocery shopping.

I Wanted to locate cheap grocery stores, Bose enabled Google's VPA came to my rescue.
It patiently guided and answered all my queries from 'green teas for weight loss' to 'most loved perfumes for women'!

Then later when I was tired and hands all heavy with shopping bags, my VPA suggested me coffee shops nearby and we had a little chit chat too :D

Another way in which my personal assistant has helped me is when I am cooking and I need someone to direct and speak up instructions. Because you know how difficult it is to hold a ladle and grind spices and manually look up for recipe instructions. I tell you, it saves me a lot of time!

It has been helping me a lot in blogging. Be it translations or pronunciation, this personal assistant is a great Language teacher and Bose QC 35 wireless headphones II ensures highest voice quality!

Be it a book by any author or you need motivational/inspirational quotes to keep you grounded.

Interestingly, this lovely companion of mine keeps me entertained even when I am bored. Check out this conversation!

And I can go on and on talking to it and listening the suggestions for upto 20 hours at a stretch! yes, these wireless headphones from Bose have a 20 hours battery life. An advisory on lipstick shades as well. My makeup woes are sorted!

Do you remember how tedious it was to book tickets earlier? People had to stand in reservation lines early in the morning for hours, unsure still, if they will be able to get hold of a ticket or not.
Then online ticketing system came and things eventually became so simple and easy.
Any day, any train/flight and any time, one could easily navigate the ticket he desired and grab it.

But, with Bose enabled google VPA , you just need to speak out your preferences and voila, our tickets are confirmed!

Can it get simpler than this? Not only this much. It also suggests you lowest prices and can also keep a track on when the airfare is going down. All on my commands!
It will also search and book hotels for you and send you detail of various attractions you can visit at any particular place. 

Now, being a doctor, I happen to have a extremely hectic schedule. Managing between medical studies and seeing patients is quite a job you know.
Bose and google VPA has been extremely helpful for me here as well.

I just need to mention the name of any disease to start with and it can so easily narrate me the cause, symptoms and latest available research on the same. It also suggests related videos and cases, even before I can ask for it.

I so desperately wish, they had allowed these in the examination hall!

Also, I no longer need to write or type the details of my patients or search for long in the folders,trying to locate them when he comes for follow up. 
I just need to verbally feed the info through VPA ( which by the way, can be done even while taking the history of the patient and that too in his own voice) and then ask google VPA to reproduce it within seconds, as and when needed.
I can't even express, how much time that saves. And everything goes on so smoothly and accurately.

I really couldn't have asked for more. 

And obviously, having some free time means, catching up on entertainment. Suggesting movies, playing any song, booking ticket, playing videos, with Bose's unique noise cancellation quality, you can relax thoroughly.

Last but not the least, this amazing personality has a sense of humour too. Always ready to crack a joke or two!

Check this out..

I have no reasons to complain! I know, you must be curious to know, how do these astonishingly working piece of gadget looks like. Well, the wait for you ends here, go ahead and take a look

Beautiful, aren't they? Image Source: HERE

Interested in knowing more about them? Check THIS site. #BoseQC35

My lovely diary, it's time to part with you for now. But, I will be updating you frequently about these lovely companions of mine.

Much love and care! 

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