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Sunday, October 29, 2017

"Ye Phone humse lele Thakur" !!

My husband works as a resident in the psychiatry department of a well known hospital in the city.
Psychiatric patients are those who have a certain mental illness or trouble being in tune with the realities of life. There are a myriad of mental illnesses and it's often disturbing to see fellow beings who look and appear quite capable being incapacitated by altered functioning of their minds.

Since I happen to be a doctor myself and my interest too lies in psychiatry, I take special interest in the kind of patients he gets to see. Their history, the problem, how they behave, how they act and react, the treatment and so on. I find each and every patient suffering from mental ailment extremely unique and special at the same time.
It feels like, beneath their disturbed mental faculty exists a hidden potential. They are peculiar and unusual.

About a month back, he came back from the hospital looking pretty worn out and upset as well. It can be quite draining to work with psychiatric patients but he is able to pull it off pretty well and does a decent job of not personalizing the behaviour and irrationality of his patients and bring them home.

So, I asked him, both out of curiosity and concern as to how his day was in the hospital today.

He faintly smiled and said, there is this extremely interesting case of Delusion that I am seeing since a week. He seems to be suffering from this strange delusion and I have not been able to help him, my husband added with a sigh.

Now, Let me first explain to you what exactly a Delusion is. Delusion in simple terms is actually a 'false, unshakable belief about someone or something'. It can be about anything. Like a person may have delusion that he is God or someone may have delusion that he is being followed by someone and will be killed soon, when in reality nothing like that is happening. Delusion is very often seen in many patients with mental disturbance and it might take a lot of effort to bring them to come to terms with reality.
Since they are false beliefs, they can be as strange as they can be quirky.

So, this patient named Gabbar Singh was suffering from a very weird delusional disorder.
He told my husband, Doctor saab, There is this person who comes to me every now and then and keeps telling me to dispose/sell off all the electronic gadgets I have or I see around me.
He tells me that I am sent here to save the environment by getting rid of all the E-waste around.

Doctor saab, I have collected as many as 10 phones, 50 laptops, another 30 kindles, so many old gadgets in my house but there is no one to buy them.

If I don't sell them soon, he will kill me.Please save me. Please keep this phone and every time I come to see you I will give you a phone as your consultation fee.

As my husband was narrating me the story of Gabbar Singh, I could understand the poor man's helplessness in-spite of his situation appearing rather funny.

Gabbar Singh used to come to the hospital daily and strike a coversation with whom so ever he met first. "Bhai phone khareed lo, Nokia 3310 sirf Hazaar rupay mein" (Brother, buy this phone, Nokia 3310, for Rs 1000 only)

Source :  here

At the Billing counter he would say, "Sir Ji, aaj iss Laptop ko lelo aur parcha dedo. Nahin? To Kindle? Acha Iphone 6 lelo na" (Sir, Barter this laptop for OPD slip for laptop, Kindle or even Iphone 6)

Everyone from the nurses to doctors, from ward boys to even the in-patients knew him well by now. Everyone had been lured by Gabbar Singh for trading his gadgets once or many times.

To my husband, he would narrate his problem, to which he patiently listened and then if he felt relieved, Gabbar would say "Doctor saab, aapko to mein laptop, tablet purane Nokia 1100 ke bhav mei de denga, lelo na" (Doctor, I would trade the laptop and tablet to you on the price of old Nokia 1100, please buy)

Gabbar Singh's problem seemed to be growing day by day, as was the amount of E-waste he had collected in his house as well as in his pockets but there seemed to be no solution or medicine for his problem.

A view of Gabbar Singh's house. Source here

Me and my husband both had become equally involved in his situation. It was a challenge for us and we were desperately looking for a way to crack this puzzling delusion.

One of those days, while I was reading an article on the net, this site caught my site.
'Cashify- sell used phones/laptops/gadgets in 60 seconds'.

'Cashify, Gabbar Singh' I shouted in excitement!

Gabbar Singh could finally get rid of his delusion. He could sell all his phones and other gadgets,  that too for solid, hard cash. He need not fear of being killed because he could not save the Earth from E-waste anymore.

Gabbar Singh needed not medicine or therapy or hospitalization, he just needed this app called Cashify.

As I gave this idea to my husband, he seemed skeptical at first but when the next day, he told Gabbar Singh about it all, the guy began running gaily in the hospital.

10 days Later:

Gabbar Singh came to the hospital again today. He had apparently earned half a crore rupees through cashify!

He looked healthy and sensible. After getting my husband, he told him "Doctor saab, Cashify ne to jaan bacha li meri". (Doctor, Cashify has saved my life)

Gabbar Singh is now actively engaged in disposing off E-waste and selling all he can on Cashify. He also urges others not to keep unused phones, gadgets in the house. Instead sell them on and get instant cash.

you can watch him here too :

Patient Gabbar selling his old phone on cashify in 60 seconds

Include the coupon code CLEANCASH in your post and you will get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your gadgets.

My husband came back home and guess what? He is taking me for an electronics shopping spree tomorrow but only after we have sold off the old ones at Cashify! 

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